How can I keep my faith strong in God?

Most people in my life know my family is experiencing a challenging season…I am personally experiencing a challenging season, too. It’s LITERALLY a matter of life or death, and I’m working hard to keep faith in God. But, each day I endure a new day of struggle, I ask myself: How can I keep my faith strong in God when everything seems so glim? How do I walk by faith in Jesus instead of listening to doctors and negative people?

Why is it easier to believe “them” and not God?

It is a curious phenomenon that makes it easier to believe in the negative aspects rather than embrace trust in God. I think there are several reasons for this.

Let me share my thoughts.

First, I believe the human mind is wired to be cautious and vigilant, always on the lookout for potential risks and uncertainties.

It’s completely natural to experience moments of fear and doubt, as they serve as our internal defense mechanisms. God wired us that way. I think it started when people had to hunt in the wild. They needed this critical way of thinking.

Anyway, these negative thoughts and beliefs may feel incredibly real and palpable, often leading us to prioritize our safety and ability to control our circumstances.

As a result, our trust in faith and the surrender to a God may be hard and, at times, waver a bit. It’s perfectly valid to question and seek understanding for your own peace of mind. It’s our first gear as humans. But, we can’t stay there, we eventually have to trust God and rely on His character and His word.

Secondly, society has conditioned us to be skeptical and critical thinkers.

We are surrounded by information and opinions that scrutinize religion and question its legitimacy. The constant exposure to such skepticism through just interacting in the world or even watching an evening TV sitcom can, over time, erode one’s faith and make it easier to doubt the existence or relevance of God.

We have to be careful what we watch and listen to for this very reason.

Additionally, personal experiences can play a significant role in shaping our beliefs. Disappointments, hardships, and tragedies can shake our faith and lead us to question why a loving God would allow such pain and suffering. This is definitely a reason it is easier not to trust God immediately and consistently.

For my final reason, I think it’s hard to trust God in these times is because embracing trust in God requires humility and surrendering control. Whew! That’s hard, isn’t it, Christian Woman?

It can be daunting to let go of our perceived autonomy and place our faith in the Lord.

The fear of losing control and vulnerability can make it easier to cling to negative beliefs rather than embracing the uncertainty and surrender that come with trust in God.

Given these factors, it is understandable why people may find it easier to believe in the negative aspects of life rather than trusting in our one all-powerful God.

So, if you are wondering, “How can I keep my faith strong in God?” It is to do the opposite of all these things I mention. Remember that having a strong, mature faith in Jesus requires effort, introspection, and an open heart.

How can I keep my faith strong in God?

I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell you what I’m doing.

In spite of what the doctors are saying, I choose to believe in life – not death. I am hoping against hope and trusting God more than doctors.

My goal in keeping faith in God is simple: I want…no, I need to look for God’s hand (His blessings) in the current tribulation.

I also want to glorify Him now in spite of what is going on, which is very hard to do.

That’s not all! I want to walk through this trial worthy to share my experience and testimony with someone else in the future.

How can I keep my faith strong in God?

There’s no doubt maintaining a strong faith in God is a journey that requires consistent effort and dedication. In addition to the effort and commitment, it’s also working on everything I mentioned before, so you don’t lose faith. Surrendering control, not taking on the world’s way of handling things (and not trusting God) to be your own. And understanding you can be a critical thinker, but faith requires you to check it at the door and trust God.

Here are a few other and more practical steps you can take to figure out your own answer to the question of this post: how can I keep my faith strong in God:

  1. You have to be a woman of Prayer: Communication with God is vital in nurturing your faith. Take time daily to pray, pour out your heart, and seek guidance from God. Openly share your thoughts, hopes, and concerns with Him, knowing He hears and responds to your prayers.

  2. Reading Scripture every day: The Bible is a rich source of wisdom and inspiration. After all, it’s GOD’S actual words!! So take the time to read the Bible regularly to deepen your understanding of God’s word and His promises. Reflect on the stories of faith, find comfort in the Psalms, and study the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels.

  3. Go to church, Girl! Surrounding yourself with like-minded believers can strengthen your faith. Consider joining a local church, attending prayer groups, or engaging in Bible studies. Being part of a church provides fellowship, encouragement, and support opportunities. No church is perfect, but neither are you. Go to church, and when you ask, “How can I keep my faith strong in God? you’ll have tons of people who can offer some answers.

  4. Seeking Spiritual Guidance: Sometimes, you may need additional spiritual guidance. Pray for mentors, pastors, or spiritual leaders who can offer counsel and insights. They can help answer questions, provide guidance, and offer a fresh perspective on matters of faith.

  5. Practicing Gratitude: Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is essential for maintaining a strong faith. Take time each day to recognize God’s blessings in your life, even amidst challenges. Expressing thankfulness helps shift your focus from difficulties to God’s goodness, strengthening your faith in the process.

  6. Evaluating Your Beliefs: Regularly assess your beliefs and ensure they align with biblical teachings. Examine any doubts or uncertainties you may have and seek answers through prayer, studying Scripture, and seeking guidance from trusted sources. This process of self-reflection can help solidify your faith. It can illuminate areas of your faith that are compromising your spiritual walk, in my opinion.

Remember, faith is a personal journey, and everyone’s experience may be unique. It’s normal to have moments of doubt or struggles along the way, but by actively engaging in practices that strengthen your faith, you can find reassurance and draw closer to God.

A moment of real talk…

Sure, I want to fall apart when my faith is tested. Boy, do I want to! But I can’t. I need my faith resolute and stubborn. I’ll save my moments of collapse for my personal prayer times.

How can I keep my faith strong in God when everything is going crazy??

I have to resign to the fact that I am a Christian; because of that, I am to obey God and believe Him and His word. This posturing – this way of thinking – encourages me to stay pinned in praise. It forces me to regulate my atmosphere through this dark time in my life.

It also helps me focus on the timeless, miracle-working power of the Lord.

Worship activates my faith and minimizes my fear. I’ve posted about that time and time again. Now, it’s my turn to ‘walk it out’.

Staying in a place of praise reminds me His banner over me is love and that He is forever with me – no matter what.

After a rough evening at the hospital tonight, I thought I might find comfort in a hot cup of tea.

Everyone in my home was asleep. The house was quiet. Then, I heard a faint, soft whimpering as I stirred my tea. A few seconds passed before I realized it was me! My heavy heart was releasing itself without my awareness.

how can I keep my faith strong in God?

This fascinates me. Think about it: if my pain can subconsciously release itself without my knowledge, then so can my praise.

I pray that my love, passion, and connection to God are so strong and deep-rooted that I will praise Him, adore Him, and worship Him without my natural mind knowing, analyzing, or qualifying it.

I can go even further! May my spiritual reflexes be so tuned to His heartbeat that I speak His words, love the way He loves, and walk in the confidence of knowing He is in full and complete control of everything.

Then, when you and I abide in Him, His love chases us down and overwhelms us in peace. We will get “caught up” in comfort – not even fully aware of it. Yet, experiencing it just the same.

Sometimes, His love will enrapture us with a supernatural fervor. Other times, He will lead someone to bless us naturally…as He did today. I was blessed with a beautiful bouquet from a family of friends I love very much. I was caught up and wrapped up in joy and gratitude.

The atmosphere changed and shifted.

No one may actually send you a bouquet, but the Lord is near in your hardest times. He’s already got the gift of comfort, strength, and power waiting on you. Think about that gift and shift the atmosphere to praise when life becomes too much, OK?

 Whichever way He chooses to comfort you, rest assured. God’s close enough to you to bring enduring peace and shift your atmosphere from sorrow to worship! 

He loves you so much. He’s going to carry you through this. Keep your atmosphere praise-worthy.

Here’s what else is getting me through:

  1. Permission. I give myself permission to feel whatever I feel at the moment. When you’re hurting is not the time to wonder if your reactions are “right” or “wrong.” It’s survival mode. Allow yourself to just “be” and let the Holy Spirit carry you through.
  2. Eat! As you go through your rough season, the last thing you need to do is compromise your health. Find nourishing food to “push” down if you have to do so. You will need physical strength to go through this trial. Take EmergenC or something to keep your immune system going.
  3. Decompress. Allow yourself time to decompress and just “be” during your hard time. Just like I got alone with my cup of hot tea, you get alone and just chill a bit every day. Give yourself time to relieve the pressure and simply be in still, quiet moments to cry, pray, think, or even stress out a little.

That is exactly how can I keep my faith strong in God?

Update: It’s been almost 10 years since I wrote this post. My brother was told he’d die within 2 weeks of me writing this. He’s still alive, strong and working. God is the ultimate Decision-maker. Never forget, Christian Sister!

Keeping faith in God

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