God, I need you now!

God I need you

Ever wondered why it is so hard for people to believe in Jesus Christ? They will believe in a sports team. People will believe in little pills in a brown bottle that comes from a person they ultimately do not know, but they can’t believe or trust God for help when time gets tough. Sure, they may think, “God, I need you now!” However, they won’t turn over the reigns to God or learn how He operates in scripture. It is really sad because everything we need is found in Him. Peace. Comfort. Joy. Love. Companionship – He has provided it all.

Crazy, humans never ask God for help!

If we do ask for God’s help and cry out, “God, I need you now!!!” We don’t let Him be God and handle it His way. We don’t approach Him humbling – trusting him completely with the outcome. We want to come to God on our own terms, fellowship with Him how we choose, and create our own little “bible” of ‘right and wrong’ based on our own limited views, comforts, and perspectives. If only we would trust Him to be God.

Instead of trusting the Lord with our lives and saying God, I need you now; we want to do our own thing. Further, we want to define which lifestyles are “right,” what to do with “our” own bodies, and determine (by ourselves) how to treat others based on our own logic and feelings.

We want to handle it all. Yeah, right.

On a good day, we can’t even explain how a brown cow can eat green grass and produce white milk! But we want to develop our own plan of redemption. Gimme a break, Sis!

It's plain we need Him.

Jesus clarified that He is the only “way, truth, and life”. To come to the Father, you gotta go through His system, which begins with Jesus Christ and ends with obedience to His Word. Plain and simple.

OMG! Help, Lord!”

He loves you so much. Sweet Christian lady. All you have to do is reach out to Him. He will be there for you. God is a Provider. He’s a Comforter. He’s everything you need.

What He is NOT is a secret Santa waiting to do your bidding.

That’s not how this thing works. You ask Him what you want.

You make your request known to Him. Just like an earthly Father, he will answer you based on what is good for you, what you need, and what works for the “big picture.” Plain, right?

An earthly dad knows you can't handle what you want.  So does God.

“Dad, I need you now!”

If you ask an earthly father for $14,000 when you’re about 13 years old, you won’t get it. You shouldn’t get it. An earthly dad knows you’re incapable of handling that much money.

He also knows you will someday need that money to fund your education. In other words, he will say NO! Does that make him unreliable? No. It makes him a good father. It makes him smart.

Same goes. Your heavenly father is not a spiritual jukebox waiting for you to push whatever button on what you want.

He wants you to have the best at the best time.

In saying, “God, I need you now,” you’re humbling yourself. Pray and ask God to reveal Himself to you. He will.

Next, you read your Bible to find out who He is. Learn about Him. I recommend starting with Matthew. Oftentimes, you find the help you need in the word of God.

Finally, you need a church. You must get around other Christians and have a Bible-believing pastor who can teach out. In the meantime, you can listen to preachers like David Jeremiah, Rick Warren and Steve Furtick.

God I need you!

I said (and say often) “Father, I need you!”

I am not a theologian, but I am proof of a life changed, renewed, and restored by the life-giving sacrifice of Christ.

The question that nags so many has been answered for me.

I know it! That “Is this all there is to life?” question.

No, it’s not!!! Praise God! There IS more!

He’s real in every breath I breathe because I could have been (and should have) dead many times over. In so many ways and so many times, He redeemed my life from destruction.

Guess what. He didn’t need my help at all! I had to submit. I had to relent, and He made my life something beautiful.

He’s real in every step I take because I should be crippled from a bone condition He delivered me from in childhood.

He’s also real in my view of death. It’s not scary because I know where I’m headed and Who I’ll see.

The only God that died and rose again does exist whether you like it or not. And I’m not the only living proof of His power, love, and compassion.

Plain and simple Christianity

Yes, there is a God. He is real, and if you call out to Him, “God, I need you now!” He will answer. But not on your terms. Only on His because He loves you too much to leave you to your own devices. Check Him out!

Recap: What to do when you need God.

Say, I need you, Lord!Pray
Do what He saysRead Bible
Find a church Ask around, and just go to church!
What to do when you need God.

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  1. I heard it said that there is really only one drama going on in life: our walk away from God and our walk back – I think there is much truth to that, all of my successes and failures in life can be attributed to that one simple fact……there is no other stream that quenches our thirst but the ONE who gives Living Water!

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