Guest Post: Contemplation

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Not long ago, I figured GodsyGirl(tm) readers could benefit from a different voice, experience, and Godly woman’s journey. We can learn so much from one another.  After much prayer, I invited my cousin to write a GodsyGirl post. Boy, she blessed me and I’m sure she will bless you too. So, please meet my wonderful cousin, Gayle.

by Gayle Price

As I sit here at my keyboard the day before my birthday I am contemplating where I am in my life. Turning another year older puts your mindset on things of your past as well as things to your future but your steps are already ordered and its your responsibility to be obedient and guide your feet in His ordained path.

Burning questions are at the center of my focus; why am I not financially stable, why am I still struggling (emotionally, mentally & financially), is there more in store for me?

Often times you will hear from your fellow warriors that ‘your season is coming’ and my 1st thought is “how long is it gonna take, jeez I aint getting any younger”. The “I wish” is always at the forefront: I wish I had more money, I wish I had a better car, I wish my children were perfect angels, I wish the gas prices would go down, I wish I could stop robbing peter to pay paul, I wish I wish I wish.

When we get into the contemplation mode, all we need to do is go back to the instruction manual….He gives us everything we need right in the Bible. I am not a Bible scholar and don’t have scriptures to quote but I do know that the desires of your heart, that are pleasing to the Father, will always be granted to you. There is a scripture for EVERYTHING your heart desires it’s like the information superhighway I tell ya! All your questions are answered and then some.

Whenever you are contemplating your life, how ’bout you contemplate standing on God’s promises instead.