Super cute gray crochet braids

Gray hair journey with crochet braid hairstyles for older women

Hi there! I can’t wait to show you my pics of gray crochet braids! First, let me share what has been swirling around in my head on this transition. Embracing the transition to gray hair is a journey that symbolizes both change and self-acceptance. I’ve been going gray since my twenties, and it has been a long, hard fight. It’s a battle I’m ready to abandon. For many, the decision to let their natural gray shine through can be a powerful statement of confidence and authenticity. For others, it can be a sign of defeat. I’ll talk more about that later. Anyway, this transition, often accompanied by mixed emotions and societal perceptions, represents a shift towards embracing one’s true self and the beauty that comes with age. As more people choose to forgo dyes and celebrate their silver strands, the conversation around gray hair is transforming, highlighting the elegance and grace that this natural progression brings. Since I love braids, I want to share my journey and the cute gray crochet braids I’m wearing these days!

As you know, I love, love, love the hairstyle often referred to as crochet braids. 

It’s a simple way to interlock hair into your…well, hair and get a whole new look. This is super fun for women embracing curly or natural hair textures. Why? Well, because our hair can require lots of work. 

The hairstyles often called “wash and go” are anything but. They are wash, twirl, pray, dry, and hope. 

Gray hair is as relentless and stubborn as a teenager begging for a later curfew even though they forgot to wash dishes the night before.

It’s like that guy you met at a church event who keeps trying to get your number.

It’s like that cousin that keeps asking to “borrow” money even though they will never, ever pay it back.

Gray hair won’t give up.

Despite my best efforts with dyes and treatments, those silver strands eventually make their appearance, undeterred by the latest trends or beauty regimens.

I’ve tried so many things to hide it.

From black tubes of stuff that look like lipstick to fake mascaras designed to hide grays (why didn’t I just use an old mascara?).

I also tried that stuff you spray on your gray that makes you look like that politician sweating black sweat.

gray crochet braids

I’ve tried it all.

The process is a testament to my body’s biological rhythms, where melanin production slows, leaving behind a canvas of white, silver, or gray.

This persistence of gray hair serves as a reminder of life’s inevitable changes. It’s urging me to accept and even appreciate the unyielding march of time etched into my very being.

With that, I’m giving up. I’m going to try growing out my gray hair…and looking cute the entire time.

So many of my friends have seen my new hair and expressed the above sentiment. They are not quite ready to relinquish the colorful tresses that symbolize youth and vitality.

Some women may choose not to go gray for various reasons, including personal and societal preferences.

The cultural perception of youthfulness often plays a significant role.

I think since gray hair is commonly associated with aging, many women prefer to maintain a youthful appearance.

That’s okay. No shade at all.

Additionally, professional considerations can influence this decision, as certain industries and workplaces might have implicit biases favoring a more youthful look.

As a person with a career, I’ve been hesitant to wear my gray hair because I don’t want to seem archaic or out of touch.

Personal comfort and self-expression also matter; some ladies simply enjoy experimenting with different hair colors and styles and covering gray hair allows them to continue doing so. That’s me, too!

I’m not mad at them. Shucks, who knows? I might dye mine back at some point. Or I might try something fun like burgundy. 

Either way, when I installed my gray crochet braids, I was nervous for folks to see them.

I was scared to wear them to church because I’d just installed them and some people will say just about anything to the pastor’s wife. haha

The funny thing is even though I was a little scared, I did it. 

I’ll be honest: I haven’t gotten many compliments on my gray crochet braids, but that’s one hundred percent okay.

In the final analysis, you have to love yourself – regardless of the package.

I have a great example. Maybe you can relate to it.

Right now, I’m chubbier than I am usually. I’m learning to love myself anyway.

Notice I said I am learning. It is a journey.

While I still work to lose weight, I’m accepting that I am a woman in my mid-fifties who has done a lot of living.

Plus, I’ve had two horrendous years as my mom declined and I was responsible for her well-being and sense of comfort.

With that, I am forgiving myself for not monitoring my size – while I continue to work on it.

Along the same lines, I’m accepting myself for being a silver-head because that is part of my journey, too.

Thankfully so are these snazzy gray crochet braids!

Before I decided to install my gray crochet braids, I considered adding more gray hair to my own hair to speed up the transition.

I had no intention of dying my entire head, but wanted to add a “skunk” streak along with a few highlights.

The inspiration was from a pic I found on Instagram. Her Instagram name is below, if you would like to check her out. She shows so many pics of her gray hair and it is beautiful!

gray crochet braids
gray crochet braids

I wanted my hair to look like the above picture so badly!

So, I found a YouTube video of a woman bleaching her hair and then dying it gray.

Time after time, I watched her do the process below.

Although I watched her, I shortcutted my process and got the pic below. 😀

Ok. It is more blonde than gray.

So I got mad and decided to install my gray crochet braids.

Grey crochet box braids

First, let’s talk about the hair I used for my grey crochet braids.

I found a really cute crochet hair for my crochet braids. The brand was Model Model.

Model Model Hair Company is a top name in the hair and beauty world, known for its awesome hair products that suit all kinds of styling needs.

I’ve done a little research and they’re all about keeping things fresh and top-notch, offering a wide range of synthetic and human hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces that boost natural beauty and allow for endless style options. Model Model Hair Company takes pride in delivering products that are not just trendy, but also durable and super easy to take care of. I love the array of colors you can find in their lines.

Grey crochet braids

Since I have naturally thinner hair, the next time, I’m going to skip the “LARGE” braid hair. Or should I just use fewer of them?

Click here to see the hair on Amazon.

Grey crochet braids

In case you didn’t know, their “Glance Braid” collection offers high-quality synthetic hair extensions known for their versatility and natural appearance.

These braids are designed to resemble human hair in texture and shine, providing a realistic look and feel.

I agree with that!

One of the popular products in this line is the Glance Braid 3X Jamaican Loc, which features tightly wrapped locs that create natural crinkle waves without unraveling. Each pack contains three times more hair, making it a cost-effective option for achieving a full and voluminous hairstyle. You can learn more from their site – as I did.

Great hair and a HUGE blessing!

The local beauty supply store was where I found my gray crochet braids.

They were priced at almost $12.00 a bag.

I really liked these because they were not one hundred percent silver or all gray.

They were more salt and pepper. I like that.

The only problem I had was that my edges were bright silver. So, I purchased some gray coloring spray to blend my bright silver with the Model Model hair.

Let me know what you think in the comments. You can click the image to see it. I’m an Amazon affiliate.

Grey crochet box braids spray

Now for the blessing.

As I went to check out, the lady wrung up my order, which totaled around $90.00. Then she exclaimed, “WAIT! I think these are on sale!”

She darted from the register and went to look. Turns out, she was right!

The braids were hugely discounted and I got them for about $35.00!!!

I couldn’t help but testify right there, and the lady behind me said, “Amen!”

God moves in big ways and in small ways, doesn’t He?

Either way, I got a great bargain and God showed me that He is so true to His word.

This is why you couldn’t pay me to skip tithing! God doesn’t need my money, but I need His favor and His blessing.

So, here there you have it.

My photos – all taken this evening.

I’m sorry, but I can’t give you any variety of settings.

I’ve been sick with some yuckiness the last few days.

I think I may have to start wearing those masks again!

Grey crochet box braids
Gray crochet braids
Gray or Grey crochet box braids
Silver or Grey crochet box braids

The below pic the VERY DAY I began feeling yucky. Can you see it in my eyes?

Grey crochet box braids
gray croche braids

Do you like the gray transition? Do you think you’d ever go completely gray? Why or why not?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! Remember, you’re beautiful no matter how old you are, how young you are, or whomever you are!

God makes no mistakes in how He forms us.

Psalm 149:4 
“For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: He will beautify the meek with salvation.”

Natural hair grey crochet braids

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  1. Thank you so much, Sweet Sister. My dad had a silver streak, too. Now it is a “thing!” All the youngsters are wearing it! 🙂

  2. I started my silver journey in high school. I had the silver streak in front. Every one asked if I dyed my hair. My response was, I would not have chosen the silver color! But now I embrace it. Yours enhance your beauty! I love it and I wish I could afford the box braids and the upkeep. Love you and take care of yourself!

  3. Thank you so much, Gail. I’m going to try! Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for stopping by!

  4. I sure will try, Sis! Let’s do it together!!! 🙂

  5. Harriet "Doogie " Smith says:

    Terri, I love the hair, and your transitioning, I keep saying I’m going to let my gray come thru. I am this time 😁❤️

  6. I think you look very beautiful with your gray crochet braids! I have embraced my gray for several years now, no going back! It is very liberating! I walk in confidence with a little sassiness too! You look awesome and you wear it well!

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