Green Personality Description

About the Green personality type

In a recent post, I shared some terrific information about the True Colors Blue temperament.  Did you read it?  If not, check it out. In this one, let’s explore the mysterious True Colors Green Personality Description – ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP personality. The letters reference the Myers-Briggs research/model.

If you didn’t know, I’m a certified trainer for both Myers-Briggs and True Colors. With over 20 years under my belt, before this pandemic, I’ve trained in business and companies. I taught workplace teams to leverage the power of temperament research to minimize conflict and build a sense of inclusion as it relates to personalities. I’m so in love with this area of research I feel I’m on a perpetual honeymoon with it. It has so many life implications – all of which I find useful. You can use this information to build stronger teams, heighten your sense of self-worth and relate well with others who see the world differently than you do. It’s so useful!

Before I continue, I’ll say two things to you. First, this is a long, exhaustive explanation of the Green personality. Don’t try to read it in one sitting. Either print it, bookmark it, or Pin it. It’s a lot of information for you. Secondly, a person is more than one temperament. I believe we just use one to navigate the world according to our natural strengths and preferences.

People with the Green personality are pensive, analytical, big-picture thinkers with an innate ability for problem-solving and conceptual thinking. They are independent, focused, and contemplative.

How I personally use personality psychology

Personality research helps me understand how people (other than me) experience the world around them. It also helps me be a bit more considerate and tolerant of others too, I think.


I’m calling “BS” on myself. OK, I also love this research because it helps me get what I want from others. A benign example is when I communicate with my kids.

I know my oldest son is more logical than the free-spirited younger one. So, I interact with them completely differently. True Colors shows me how.

For example, when I make a request, one “kid” (my 29-year-old MBA) wants explicit details and background info while the other one (15 years old) would be bored silly with all that extra data.

Another way of looking at it is this way: one needs to know why I need something done, and the other just needs to know when it must be done. The “why” kid is my Green personality. The other is TBD or to be determined. But I think I know which way he’s leaning.

The point is this: I’ve learned through the years if I pose the requests the right way, things get done quicker.  Mom’s happy, there’s no confusion, and no one gets hurt. 🙂

How it all started

Don’t worry, I’m getting to the descriptions, but you need background – especially if you’re a Green!


Nothing in my undergraduate studies alluded to this almost cult-like interest I have in human behavior. Well, people, in general, have always fascinated me. Nevertheless, nothing like this! My passion for personality psychology has been my secret power for years and years. It can be yours too!

It all started when my organization sent me to a True Colors facilitator training.

The research evolved time and time again. This cool area of human dynamics didn’t start when I learned about it.

No, it’s been around since about 400 B.C. and continues to reinvent itself time and time again. For instance, you’ll find personalities associated with words, letters, animals, and domains just to name a few.

Back to the Green Personality

This is the most naturally analytical of temperaments. The Green personality loves processing, analyzing, and discerning. Each of these comes easier to them than others.  In fact, my lengthy intro was an attempt to answer all the questions that might pop into their heads while reading this post. Now that they know a little about me and the research, I hope it frees the cognitive “Green” mind to take in the data I’m going to present.

If you are not a Green “person,” keep reading because you may be in contact with one, and it helps to know how they might interpret the relationship, processes, and the world, for that matter.

You’re Mysterious…You, Green person, YOU!

The Green personality (ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP) is one of the most mysterious of temperaments. They often process the outer world from the inside. Some are what you’d consider classic introverts, others are not. Either way, they are thinking and diagnosing all the time. As a result,  people don’t always know what is going on inside them [or with them], so they come off a bit enigmatic unless the Green lets them into their inner core – which is not often. Friends are chosen very carefully and methodically for these folks.

They tend to be rather calm-natured – even in the middle of chaos. Rarely overly emotional (which I’ll talk about later) or exceedingly expressive, sometimes people can tag the Green personality as being unfeeling, uncaring, or even arrogant. Nothing can be further from the truth (usually).

Boxes are for moving, not for people (unless it’s a Dateline episode)

Note: No boxes exist in True Colors or Myers-Briggs. People are way too complex to fit into any one area of research 100%. So please accept these as generalizations for the most part.

With that said, the following statement is not always true, but it is often. This temperament leans toward the loner side of the social spectrum. Not always. Most of the time, they’d prefer to be alone in their thoughts rather than attend a noisy social situation. Not always, but sometimes.

The Green personality tends to lean towards introversion due to their innate inclination for deep thinking and introspection.

These individuals are often drawn to the inner world of ideas, where they can meticulously examine complex concepts and solve intricate problems.

The analytical process thrives in solitude, away from external distractions, allowing them to engage in critical analysis and thorough examination.

Introversion offers them the tranquility and mental space necessary to dive deep into their thoughts and research, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and produce comprehensive solutions.

While not all Green individuals are introverted, this preference for solitude and introspection often aligns with the traits commonly associated with introversion.

If this is your temperament, let me know how you feel about that statement.
It’s ok. I won’t be offended if you don’t agree. I didn’t make this stuff up last night in my basement.

These “deep processors” observe the environment and decide exactly how they want to interact within it.

They are always watching, always observing, and mentally calculating. In meetings and in social settings, they’re likely scanning the room, trying to read facial expressions to understand what people are thinking. 


The truth of the matter is you never really know what someone is thinking unless you ask them directly and IF they choose to share.

Do you have an “ugly” face too?

Some people, like me, might have a resting “ugly” face. I’ve been told I look angry or upset when I’m really not. I usually just ponder what was said and evaluate what it all means.

Sometimes, when asked how I feel about something, I don’t even know at that moment! I need to think about it for a while.

I’m thoughtful that way.

I often intentionally choose not to share how I feel until I’ve been able to reconcile everything in my head. Oh well, that’s a whole other blog post – or maybe an entirely different blog altogether! I would call it the “Read a book, Not my face” sentiment. You can rarely tell how I feel by my facial expression. Don’t try to read it. I’ll bet many people with my temperament feel the same way.

Ok. Back to the topic.

This temperament almost can’t help themselves when it comes to thinking about how to fix situations. Problem-solving is as natural to them as breathing. The Blue in me helps me balance that, but it’s hard.

Being critical is also a common trait of the Green personality. They approach just about everything with some doubt and a degree of skepticism. This is part of their desire for all things to be logically sound. If they don’t understand something completely, how could it be logically sound for them?  Does that make sense? Well, it has to for them.

Learning about the green temperament traits
A Christian lifestyle blog talking about everything

She’s so Green!!!!

I was talking to a colleague in a one-on-one meeting.  She basically said “engaging with people who do not make sense” is maddening for her. With a broad hand gesture, she said “I’m like… I cannot even deal with you”.

The act of reasoning is a deep-seated core value for the Green temperament. If they cannot understand you, they might disengage for the sake of their own sanity. On the other hand, you might be a puzzle for them to solve so they stick around.

Sometimes the Green logic only makes sense in their own heads, but to them, it’s logic just the same. This is why communicating effectively with this temperament is extremely important.

Tip: share your point of view with comprehensive explanations.

Hard-core evidence moves them more than emotion. Still, in the end, they will rely on their own analysis more than your gut feeling, intuition, or even your tears. Come to them “correct” to get a positive result. In the same vein, Greens are not very easily swayed by group dynamics or peer pressure. They do their own thing and are comfortable doing so.

You’ll make them mad…

Raggedy systems and unsubstantiated processes can stress out this temperament completely!  Half-baked plans and policies ( my typos) create a mental chasm that needs to be filled with reason.

And they won’t be quiet about it either. Nope.

They will be visibly vocal and challenge the status quo without a second thought. Never count on them to “go along just to get along.” Instead, these “hand-raisers” will spot systemic weaknesses and work to figure them out and improve them. I call them “hand-raisers” because they will do so in a meeting and challenge, probe, and question what does not resonate with their reasoning.

Speaking of fixing, expect them to always have suggestions or ideas to improve anything and everything.  Again, all goes better if they have lots of data and information at the onset.  Having it enables them to move to the next stages of contemplation.

True Colors Green Personality in Relationships

I sort of feel bad for this temperament. They get a bad rap even though I’m one of them.

Folks pen them as “know it alls” or intellectual snobs without really getting to know them. Even after they do, some folks assume Greens automatically label others to be stupid or dumb.

Most of the time, this is far from the truth. Greens are just perfectionists trying to understand underlying causes, historical contexts, and the peripheral factors in life.

They actually do quite well in relationships because they identify problems and want to find solutions to them. Other times, they are just over-analytical and tend to drive their mates crazy.

Innovation Nation is the Green Personality Description – ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP all day long!

Greens, for the most part, love technology and anything innovative.

I think they like it for different reasons than the masses. Their captivation may be linked more to their need to be competent and good at what they do rather than to have the latest gadget.

“Who cares?”… The Green Personality doesn’t.

Never say the following to this temperament: “We’ve always done it this way” because they will immediately “chuck it” and try to find a new and improved way.

Oh yeah…titles and power don’t impress these folks; intellect and skill do.  The president of the United States is a bum to the Green unless the Green sees him/her as smart, logical, or cognitively sound.

My husband is a perfect example of the Green personality (and an MBTI INTP). Ever since I met him, he has spouted his life maxim: “I detest being ineffective”. 

The Green and emotional stress

The Green temperament is not easily stressed out. Remember, this is the cool as a cucumber personality.  I would say one likely has to work very hard to really get them discombobulated, but it is possible.  

Anyway, understanding our strengths is an imperative idea for helping us be better and serve the world with our natural gifts.  However, it’s also a good idea to understand our most common stress points and those of others as well. In this case, I’ll present the stress points of the Green way of thinking.

This valuable information helps us minimize nagging stress in our lives and help us not generate it in the lives of others. In my opinion, anyone with a heartbeat needs to understand personality research to some degree.

“Temperament research, in general, can help us discover and act out our truest selves. We’re affirmed by it. It reminds us we are actually some version of “normal”  in how we perceive the world around us.  If pondered properly, this research also celebrates our natural “bent” without boxing us into a set of behaviors.  I think understanding our personality (and that of others) is the key starting point in how we relate to one another – regardless of age, ethnicity, etc.”

Before we discuss the stress points for the Green personality… 

In just a bit, I’ll take a deep dive into what really bugs this temperament.

First, let’s let me remind you that the Green temperament or ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ INTP needs to feel skilled above just about anything else. For them, all meaningful and worthwhile roads lead to proficiency and mastery.

I could easily sum this up and assert this temperament is bugged most when anyone or anything prohibits them from conquering a system (being competent) or mastering a strategy. Anything that does either will definitely cause the Green personality emotional stress. Does this sound like anyone you know? Does it sound like you? Let me know below!

More stuff to ‘fry their cheese’…

Distractions and Disturbances

Do you want them to shut you out, both literally and figuratively? Find illogical ways to interfere with their program. I’m being sarcastic, but what I’m really saying is: don’t do it. Instead, give them the freedom to figure things out in their own time, supply the resources they need, and get out of their way. If not, they might close the office door so they won’t hear or see you.

This may be why working independently usually works best for them.  The need others may have to talk unnecessarily or worry about small, inconsequential details serves to frustrate them. So, working autonomously brings this temperament the most joy.

Don’t get me wrong.  They can work as part of a team, too. Can is the ability to do it, and they can do it. However, working alone gives the intellectual “wiggle room” to really solve problems without interruption or interference. They like that most of the time.

Doing the same old thing the same old wayUGH!

Redundancy is not their favorite thing, either. Their brains and creativity are most peaked when they are able to discover and solve fresh problems.  

The repetitive tasks are best suited for the Gold personality who may likely enjoy the art of rote and mastery by redundancy. Let me crack you up. The Green personality is not only bugged by doing the same jobs over and over again; they are often just as irritated by having the same conversations more than once as well. That is why small talk may stress them out a little.

After they have discussed something or issued a directive, the thrill of the chill is gone. They are always ready to move on to the “next” thing or topic or next thing.

Micromanagement sucks!

Because they are among the most creative of temperaments, Greens need the freedom to create on their own terms.

In my opinion, this temperament can come up with a multitude of possibilities when given the room to brainstorm and discover new things. Think of a scientist (which most Green temperaments may be); they need to be able to test, problem-solve, try new things, and examine all avenues before they come to a conclusion.  

Putting unnecessary limits on them does more than irritate them. Irritation convolutes progress. Their personality spectrum ranges from being quiet introverts to unyielding outspoken skeptics.

Since they are data-driven, they abhor being in the “dark” to any degree. They will often fire a thousand seemingly innocuous questions during any conversation.

“What color was it?”

“Where did it happen?”

“Who was there?”

“What did he say?”

“What happened next?”

The data they accumulate is immediately processed in the systems of their minds and calculated for worth, validity, relevance, and accuracy.

Want to drive them crazy? Leave out tons of details. I must admit, I sometimes do it just to bug my Green INTJ husband. Sorry, but it’s true. Hey, I find my entertainment wherever I can get it! Ha!

People who do not listen/learn…that’ll bug ’em too.

As a training consultant, it blows my mind how much I see the term “stupid people” or “dumb people” during debriefing or sharing sessions with groups of Green.  They may feel a little bad saying it, but they wholeheartedly dislike people who do not value knowledge. People who do not take advice often fall into this same category as people who don’t learn from their mistakes. Either one is a “Boooo!” for them.

The elaborate use of flowery, unnecessary language

These folks are “get to the point” type personalities. Save all the sugary words and tell them what is going on. The Blue temperament are incessant communicators who may choose words catering to emotional responses. The Green temperament has no time for that; they want you to get to the point and move on so they can commence solving the next problem.

How they respond to annoyances…

We all tend to respond differently to stress or nuisance, and it’s largely based on our personality. I think how we were raised or socialized also plays a role, but there is no doubt temperament does as well.

The Green temperament reaction can often be missed, in my opinion. It can be subtle.

They may not exhibit emotional displays as the Blue or Orange temperament might. I think that, more often than not, they will simply disengage or become uncooperative. If pushed, they will get snarky and are good at put-downs. Yeah, they may show their anger openly and recurrently.

Honey, this personality has mastered the art of the “cold shoulder” (ask me how I know), and no one can match their flair for sarcasm. This personality might insult you in French or Latin, and you do not even know it! Ha! Dragging their feet and slowing processes could also be a common form of protest.

So, are you a Green temperament with either an MBTI type of either ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, or INTP?

My Crazy Husband…(I mean that in a positive way) LOL

Seriously, this really is so true of him. He works to be the best in everything he does – whether big or small.

Today, as I write this post, our little guy isn’t feeling well. So, I asked hubby to get some items from the market. After all these years of being his Mrs., I know the drill all too well.

I’ll text him a list of items, but if it isn’t detailed enough, he stresses over which brand to buy or how many to get. Consequently, he ends up calling me from the market…every single time.

To be clear, he’s not an unintelligent person. He’s the polar opposite. I think he borders on genius and was accepted into Princeton University when folks discounted him as a young, urban statistic. He kinda a big deal, and I don’t say that just because I love him.

Back to hubby’s crazy side…again, he is a smart, highly educated Green personality in a relationship with a person who shares his temperament but also leads from the other end of the spectrum. Notice that I said “lead”. Green is actually my secondary color.

Now, having been married to this Green for so long, I know better than to just give him pithy information.

Want an example? Here’s my first draft of the list of items I needed him to get for our kid:

Here is the one I actually sent:

Exploring the True Colors Green Personality Description - ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP
Green Personality Description – ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP

See the difference? Do you see how I could have caused him stress without giving him clean details or expectations? Yes, understanding temperament and personality psychology make for a happier life and marriage. 🙂

Before I close, allow me to share some skimmable characteristics commonly associated with this personality.

  • Innovative
  • Prolonged “Why?” Askers
  • Deep thinkers
  • Competence
  • Interest in the “Big Picture”
  • Loves fresh challenges; moves from solving problems quickly
  • Closed doors ensure they can think and process
  • Enjoy People-watching and observing the dynamics.

Does this fit you like a glove or someone you know? Share why in the comments!

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