A Godsy Girl Update

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You pray for something and it comes; you’d think you’d be exhilarated, huh? Well, for months, my business had slowed and I prayed and prayed “God send me more work.”

He answered my prayer (and then some) and now, I’m busier than I’ve been in years! I’m a professional training facilitator for workplace teams. In the last few weeks, I’ve been at a community college, a hospital, a nonprofit consortium, a company and even MC’D a women’s retreat.

Oh yeah, in the meantime, I’ve taught two classes at my church, attended 1 baseball game and provided technical assistance for a youth organization! Oh yeah, I’m learning ASL sign language in my spare time! Ha!

I’m still a Godsy Girl and I miss you soooo much. Please hang in there and I’ll be back soon with tons of encouragement, love, support and Godly exhortation!

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  1. whew! that is a full plate indeed bella…praying for an extra measure of strength and courage to walk the path set before you….hugs!

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