God’s gift of grace

God's gift of grace

God’s gift of grace has kept me from so many situations. Like this scripture:

For You are my hope; O Lord GOD, You are my confidence from my youth. By You I have been sustained from my birth; You are He who took me from my mother’s womb; My praise is continually of You.”(Psalm 71:5, 6 NASB)

God is and has been your hope and salvation your entire life. In the silly days of your youth, He shielded you from danger, guarded you from your own choices, and preserved your life from death more times than you even know. God’s gift of grace reaches past salvation.

Sure, He saved us by His grace, but we couldn’t merit it or earn it. He just did it because He is wonderful. But that’s not it! He continues to “save” us from so much. God’s gift of grace saves us from pain, grief, heartache, illness, and so much more.

I found a cool article on BibleStudyTools.com where the gift of God’s grace is broken down in segments. Click here to check it out.

Take a moment to just “think” about all the things that could have happened in your life…but they didn’t. It was all because of God’s gift of grace and His tender mercy, Christian Woman!

Without Him, who knows where you would be right now? Who knows what state you would be in? Do you ever think about where you’d be without the Lord? I do, and that’s exactly what motivated me to write this. Wow. I’m so blessed. You are, too. He loves us so much.

Regardless of what is going on in your life today, do know His grace kept it from being worse. He’s always been behind the scenes working on your behalf, protecting your destiny, and conforming you to His image. The best news is that…you didn’t even know what He was doing!!!

Trust Him with your today and your tomorrow. He’s up to something good in your life. Know He is your Keeper, Protector, and Sustainer….just as He’s always been!

Have you opened the gift God has given you?  

In His grace, He’s provided you peace.

If you’re worrying, you haven’t. He’s provided you with confidence.  

If you’re walking in fear, you have not opened your gift. He’s gifted you with eternal salvation.  

If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as Lord over your life, you have an unopened gift.

Have you opened your gift?  Or just barely revealed pieces of it?


What are God’s gifts of grace?

The infinite gifts of God’s grace are truly immeasurable. The divine grace that God bestows upon us is boundless and encompasses various blessings that bring meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to our lives.

It is fascinating to reflect on how these gifts of grace can indeed vary from person to person. Just as each individual is unique and has their own strengths, weaknesses, and calling in life, so are the ways God’s grace manifests in their lives.

The gifts of grace can be thought of as ACTUAL gifts. Let me explain.

For some, the gift of wisdom may be predominant, enabling them to discern and make sound judgments. Others may be blessed with the gift of compassion, revealing their capacity to empathize and offer love to those in need. There are those who possess the gift of creativity, allowing them to express beauty and inspiration through art, music, or literature. And, of course, there are many other gifts, such as healing, leadership, discernment, and faith, that can illuminate our paths and contribute to the greater good.

It is important to remember that these gifts are not bestowed upon us for selfish gain but rather to be shared and used for the betterment of others and to reflect God’s grace and might to the world. Each person’s unique combination of gifts contributes to the rich tapestry of humanity, and when we embrace and utilize them with humility and gratitude, we can truly make a positive impact for Jesus. Don’t you think?

The countless gifts of God’s grace remind us of His love and kindness. They can lead us toward a purposeful life where we serve others and experience abundance.

I also believe God’s grace is evident in what He provides and does for us.

Let me take a stab at those expressions of God’s gift of grace! Examples include:

Forgiveness and Redemption:

We have experienced the profound grace of forgiveness and redemption in our lives. Whether it’s reconciling with estranged family members or finding a new purpose after making mistakes, the grace of Jesus often leads to opportunities for renewal and second chances.

Healing from Illness:

Stories abound of individuals who have faced serious illnesses and, against all odds, experienced miraculous healing. For those who attribute their recovery to faith and prayer, it’s a powerful example of God’s grace at work in the realm of physical healing.

Transformation of Character:

Some people undergo significant transformations in their character and behavior through their encounter with Jesus’ grace. I know I have! The stories of individuals who once lived destructive lifestyles but, through faith, become sources of love, compassion, and positive change are powerful examples of the transformative nature of grace.

Navigating Life’s Challenges:

Everyday challenges, such as financial struggles, relationship difficulties, or career setbacks, become opportunities for God’s grace to shine. People often share how their faith in Jesus provided comfort, strength, and unexpected solutions in the depth of adversity. I certainly know what that is like. Don’t you?

Acts of Compassion and Love:

Instances where individuals show extraordinary compassion and love, often in the face of adversity, can be seen as reflections of Jesus’ grace at work. Whether it’s helping those in need, caring for the marginalized, or forgiving in the face of betrayal, these acts embody Jesus’s selfless love.

My last word on God’s gift of grace…

Hey, in moments of uncertainty and challenge, it’s reassuring to acknowledge that God’s gift of grace has kept things from being worse. Whether facing pain, grief, or unexpected turns in life, God’s gift of grace is the silent force working behind the scenes, protecting our destiny, and molding us into His image.

I may not always comprehend the depth of His grace, but I trust in His role as my Keeper, Protector, and Sustainer. How about you?

Here is a list of practical examples of God’s grace – some I’ve already touched on.

Certainly! Here are some examples of God’s grace:

  1. Salvation: Through His grace, God offers salvation to all who believe in Him, regardless of their past mistakes or shortcomings.

  2. Forgiveness: God’s grace extends to forgiving our sins when we repent and turn to Him, offering us a fresh start and a clean slate.

  3. Unconditional Love: God’s love for us is unconditional and unwavering, regardless of our flaws or imperfections.

  4. Guidance: God’s grace guides us through life’s challenges, offering wisdom, strength, and direction when we seek His guidance.

  5. Strength in Weakness: God’s grace provides strength and support in our moments of weakness, empowering us to overcome obstacles and persevere.

  6. Comfort: In times of sorrow or distress, God’s grace comforts us, offering peace and solace beyond understanding.

  7. Blessings: God’s grace bestows blessings upon us, both big and small, reminding us of His goodness and faithfulness.

  8. Mercy: God’s grace shows mercy to us, withholding the punishment we deserve and offering compassion and forgiveness instead.

  1. Eternal Life: Through His grace, God promises us eternal life with Him in heaven, where there will be no more pain, sorrow, or tears.

  2. Transformative Power: God’s grace can transform hearts and lives, bringing about redemption, healing, and renewal.

These are just a few examples of the countless ways in which God’s grace manifests in our lives, demonstrating His boundless love and mercy toward us.

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  1. Wonderful. He is truly to be praised. I am sure He is pleased with your praise. “But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.” (Ps. 3:3) He is truly the Lifter of our heads.

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