Becoming more like Jesus

God's Best PR Agent

What Christian doesn’t want to be more Christ-like? 

That’s the goal, right? The aim is definitely becoming more like Jesus. 

Recently, I happened upon one of “those” scriptures that really resonated with me. It gave me pause. 

You know what I mean, a scripture that just stops you…arrests you and won’t let you go. You try to continue reading, but you just can’t. You’re frozen in that very moment- staring at the same words on the white page until they become blurry. Some call that a “rhema” moment.

It prompted me to say to myself…”Teri, God’s Best “PR” Agent….YOU!”

Anyway, I was reading about King David. I love reading about his life. I so relate to it.

As you know, he had an affair with a married woman, got her pregnant and put a contract out on her husband.

Nathan, the prophet, declared David’s punishment would an end to the baby’s life.

That part I’d read before, so I wasn’t terribly moved. What I read next floored me.

In 2Samuel 12:14 (NASV), it says the child died because David had “given occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme”.

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I couldn’t move on.

Allow Me to REALLY Use My “I” Voice in my journey to be more like Jesus

My own life came into view and my desire of becoming more like Jesus.

Like you, I strive to live a life of holiness. Also like you, I often miss the mark and fall short (i.e. mess up).

When it happens, I’m careful not camp out there. I ask for forgiveness, help and change my action. Then, I move forward. This formula is so important. It’s basically repentance.

Repentance is huge. If I don’t repent (really repent) and move on, I start to feel bound.  It hurts my ability to worship and can make day-to-day living a burdensome chore.

As you know, sin separates me [and you] from close fellowship with the Father. It leaves the Holy Spirit prodding my spirit time and time again.

My peace diminishes and I even become anxious.

When I was a “baby Christian” in my early twenties, I would drink alcohol for the purposes of dulling my senses and to feeling a “high buzz”. I knew it wasn’t God’s will for me to use alcohol in this way – especially as a proclaiming Christian. A Christ-follower.

It’s all about Jesus in the end, Christian Woman

God got NO glory from me being in clubs with my girlfriends. Those places don’t feed your spirit, and worse, they position you for situations that can lead you into even worse situations. A part of me knew all this and tried to silence that still, small voice convicting me of it.

We’ve got to represent Him well!

This scripture reminds me that I wasn’t the best representative.

Until I read this scripture, I never considered how my “missing the mark” back then impacted God’s ministry.

For instance, I clearly understood how my sin hurt me, sometimes I understood how it hurts others; but I didn’t think about Him or His image in this world.

It never dawned on me that when I “camp out” in those things that are not “expedient”, I give the enemies of the Lord opportunity to say things like:

“See, there’s nothing to Christianity. I knew it!”

“See how Teri acts!  She’s just  like us! There is no power in being a Christian”

“She’s drunk and then will try to talk about Jesus tomorrow.”

Look. No one knows better than me that we are not perfect.

However, a person who studies their Bible knows we are to strive for it. We are to try for it. That’s the mark we aim to reach.

We don’t just camp in mediocrity going through the motions – stunted in our growth as Christians.  Even a baby knows some behaviors that feed our carnal nature do not bring God glory. They do not please Him. We all struggle – but, some give up and don’t struggle. The result is living raggedy, undisciplined lives that give people a chance to think God is powerless, weak and just doesn’t care how we live.

Back to “US” Again

You know, there are a lot of things we cannot change about our sin condition, but there are a few areas we can work harder to conform to the image of Christ.

I am a living testimony of God’s regenerative power in a “raggedy” life. He’s delivered me from countless areas of bondage and sin.

I have a long way to go, but I’m committed to the process. The many times I mess up, I can see God dealing with me; struggling with me; reprimanding me; disciplining me.

I can’t live in the sin any long.  I want to change, I work to change, and I allow grace to change me.

So, I often have to say “I’m sorry” and confess my sins to my Father to receive fresh mercy and strength.

I want to live to bring glory, praise and people to Him.   I never want to bring shame to His name. Do you feel that way?

God’s Best “PR” Agent- Represent Him Well  

When we continually live lives of confession, humility and holiness; we attract attention to God’s grace and forgiveness.  Likewise, as we are set free; we demonstrate His ability change lives. People see up close and personal: ‘I know God is real, because I see what he’s doing in her life”.

Isn’t that amazing?  It gives people a chance to say things like:

“Wow, a single person really can live abstinent for God’s glory”.

“I have never heard her say a curse word. What’s that about?”

“She never gossips like other people. Hmmmm.  Instead, she’s nice and re-directs the conversation.  She’s the real deal.”

“I don’t get it, I would have told that man off, instead she showed love. It must be something to this Christian thing”.

So many folks don’t know there is “another” way to live life. They’ve never seen it. They don’t what allowing God to be not only Savior but Lord really looks like in a normal person. Show them.

I pray my lifestyle doesn’t “give occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme His name”. Instead I hope they want to know Him as a result of seeing Him active in my life.

Yup. God’s Best “PR” Agent….all day.  

How are you becoming more like Jesus in your day-to-day life?  Share below!

God's Best PR Agent - Remember, we represent God everywhere we go, all the time. My drinking wasn't doing a good job.
God’s Best PR Agent – Remember, we represent God everywhere we go, all the time. My drinking wasn’t doing a good job of it.
Becoming more like Jesus
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