How God teaches us grace

Wondering how God teaches us grace? Well, I’m a perfect example. The other day, I had a tough day. No, week. I was tired and just fed up. Work was particularly demanding, the home was chaotic, and my body was beyond tired. Do you know what I mean?

In my family, I handle 98% of the household duties and work full-time, too. Sometimes, the walls just begin to cave in, ya know? It all becomes too much.

Well, on this particular day, I’d finally finished a long 8 hours at work and was in a mad rush to pick up a few groceries, fetch up my little person from daycare, and start dinner.

Well, once we got home, I began unloading the grocery bags. Not soon after I started, I noticed several items were missing.

Still, in my work clothes, I hurried downstairs and headed to the garage in order to find the items I had left in my trunk…but the truck was empty.

Then, I darted back upstairs to check if I had overlooked the items.

Nope, they weren’t there either.

Geez. When I woke up that day, I had no clue I’d be in for a lesson in how God teaches grace, but I was.

One way God teaches us grace is when people mess up.

Then it occurred to me the bagger didn’t give me all my groceries. So, I grabbed my receipt and dialed the store’s number. You know when you’re bad and you “angry dial”? I was pushing those numbers on my phone hard and fast!

The cheery voice said, “Thank you for calling Hyvee with a helpful…”

I interrupted.

Sorry, I was tired.

“Hello, I was just at your store, and I think I left my gro….”

The person on the other end of the call then interrupted me and began calling out my grocery items one by one. She had a slight chuckle.

I was tired, mad, and frustrated. I curtly responded, “Geeez, I’m on my way.”

The clerk quickly interpreted my mood and apologized, but that didn’t help. I had to put my heels back on, gather my preschooler, and return to the store I HAD JUST LEFT!

So, I responded with a rushed “hmm-mmmm” and hung up.

I had purchased several frozen items and chicken. I had neither the time nor energy to chase through that store to replace those things, nor did I want them after they’d been sitting at room temperature for 20 minutes. “No!” I complained to myself, “They better replace my items with fresh ones.”

As we piled into the car, my little guy whined about being hungry.  Then, he whined because it was hot. Then, he said, “I don’t wanna go back to the storrrre.”

Hang in there; I’m still talking about how God teaches grace.

This was shaping up to be a HORRIBLE EVENING!

Yeah, with all this, I was getting angrier and angrier at the imposition this store had caused us both.

En route, I mentally rehearsed precisely HOW I would complain to a manager and lament the inconvenience this careless sacker had caused.

Then I heard that voice in my spirit…you know the One. It was His voice.

The voice of God categorically reminded me of the countless amounts of grace I had exhausted in my lifetime.

Suddenly, in my mind’s eye, I recalled the worst mistakes I had made throughout the years of my life and how God “fixed” them for me.

I thought of the many times I missed the mark and how the Lord made those crooked roads straight for me with His forgiveness and grace.

I pondered the numerous times “someone” could have complained about me, my mistakes, and my failures, and still, I suffered nothing for them.

Needless to say, by the time I arrived at the store, I was no longer angry.

In fact, I wasn’t even irritated but determined to show the same grace to the store staff that God has shown me time and time again.

God teaches us grace

The Holy Spirit humbled me.

Remembering my assertion that the store would ‘have’ to re-collect my items, the Holy Spirit told me (made me) to go and replace each one of my items myself. Now, that’s humbling.

When I entered the store, I went to the desk with a smile and went about the business of replacing my stuff.

I actually did it with joy and gratefulness in my heart because I am blessed to know a God that speaks to me, reprimands me, and loves me so much.

At the customer service desk, the assistant manager apologized. My response was, “No, problem. When I think of how many times the Lord was patient with my errors...” She looked confused (and a little weirded out) by my statement, but I got it.

Boy, do I get it!

What is grace, anyway?

Have you heard the definition of grace? Let me share it, and then it will make more sense how God teaches us grace.

Christian grace is commonly defined as the unmerited favor, love, and mercy that God freely bestows upon humanity, particularly in the context of salvation and forgiveness. It is often seen as a gift from God that cannot be earned through human efforts or good deeds. Grace is at the core of Christian belief and is a foundational concept in Christian theology.

While the concept of Christian grace is not explicitly defined in one specific biblical verse, it is a theme that runs throughout the Bible. Shucks, it’s a theme that runs throughout our lives!

Ephesians 2:8-9 (NIV) is a commonly cited passage that emphasizes the role of grace in salvation: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.”

This verse highlights that salvation is a gift from God and is not achieved through human efforts but through faith in God’s grace. It underscores the idea that Christians are saved by God’s unmerited favor, not by their own works or righteousness.

Why God teaches us grace?

God wants Christians to show grace because He desires for us to be like Him. Grace is a divine attribute that embodies love, forgiveness, and compassion.

When God calls upon Christians to demonstrate grace, it means He wants us to treat others with kindness and mercy, even when they don’t deserve it.

Grace is not contingent upon the actions or words of others but is a genuine expression of God’s character within humanity.

God teaches us grace becasue He wants us to have compassion for those who are struggling, and to be lenient with those who make mistakes.

When we show grace, we reflect God’s love towards others and create an environment of acceptance and healing. Grace is a gift we have received and should share with others, for it is through grace that we can hope to transform lives and bring positive change to the world.

Example of how God’s grace in everyday life

So, I’ve talked about how God teaches us grace. Let’s think about how it looks in our lives. How does God’s grace show up? Get ready to praise God with each one!

God’s grace manifests in countless ways in our daily lives, often in subtle and profound ways. Here are 40 examples of God’s grace in daily life:

  1. Waking Up Each Morning: The gift of a new day is a manifestation of God’s grace.
  2. Loving Relationships: The love and support of family and friends are blessings.
  3. Health and Well-being: Our physical and mental health is a grace.
  4. Daily Provision: Having food, shelter, and clothing is a sign of God’s grace.
  5. Safety in Travel: Safe journeys, whether by car, plane, or foot, are blessings.
  6. Natural Beauty: The beauty of nature reminds us of God’s creative grace.
  7. Sunrises and Sunsets: Each one is a work of art and a gift.
  8. Kind Strangers: Encounters with kind strangers can brighten our day.
  9. Laughter: Joy and humor are forms of God’s grace.
  10. Peaceful Moments: Finding moments of tranquility amidst busyness.
  11. Forgiveness: God’s forgiveness and the ability to forgive others.
  12. Comfort in Sorrow: God’s grace comforts us in times of grief.
  13. Guidance in Decisions: Wisdom to make the right choices.
  14. Opportunities to Learn: Education and personal growth are graces.
  15. Acts of Kindness: Experiencing or extending kindness is grace.
  16. Inspiration: Moments of inspiration and creativity.
  17. Hope in Difficulties: Holding onto hope during tough times.
  18. Supportive Community: Fellowship with like-minded believers.
  19. Prayer: The privilege of communicating with God.
  20. Strength in Weakness: God’s grace empowers us when we’re weak.
  21. Restful Sleep: Finding rest and rejuvenation through sleep.
  22. Joy in the Little Things: Small joys that brighten our day.
  23. Opportunities to Serve: Serving others brings grace to both giver and receiver.
  24. Protection from Harm: God’s protection in various situations.
  25. Financial Blessings: Unexpected financial provision.
  26. A Listening Ear: Someone who truly listens when we need to talk.
  27. Growth in Faith: Growing in faith through life’s experiences.
  28. Reconciliation: Restored relationships through forgiveness.
  29. Encouragement: Uplifting words from loved ones or mentors.
  30. Rain After a Drought: Physical and spiritual refreshment.
  31. Good Health Reports: Positive medical updates.
  32. A Sense of Purpose: Discovering and living out one’s purpose.
  33. A Loving Church Family: Supportive church communities. Yaaaaz!
  34. Steadfastness in Trials: God’s grace to endure difficulties.
  35. Miracles: Supernatural interventions in life’s challenges. We don’t even know about or see some of them!
  36. Comfort in Loneliness: God’s presence in solitude.
  37. Safety from Disaster: Protection from unforeseen disasters.
  38. New Beginnings: Fresh starts after setbacks. That fresh mercy every day!
  39. Strength for Challenges: God’s grace to face adversity.
  40. Eternal Hope: The promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ. AMEN!!!!!

These examples remind us that God’s grace is constantly at work in our daily lives, often in ways we may not immediately recognize.

Do you? What do you think about how God teaches us grace?

God teaches us grace in the weirdest places.

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