God restores, Girl

God restores family

Well, I had lunch with my super adorable cousin and her dear husband recently. I know I make them sound like they’re seven, but I just fell in love with them today. They were proof of God’s ability to restore what we thought we lost. Yes, Girl. God restores!

Let me explain.

In a strange twist of fate, I happened to meet her through a professional contact. Go figure!

I was calling a man named Lonnie who was over my local government minority business division.  He told me I “needed to talk to this lady who happened to be a successful consultant in the area and a former exec at AT&T.”  

That’s cool. “A potential mentor,” I thought!

I was like “ok.” Before I called this perfect stranger, I told my mom about the conversation. 

She responded, “She’s your cousin!!!!” Ironically, this consultant woman was no secret to my family, they all knew her!  

Long story short, I called her and we just meshed!  It was marvelous! Since then, we’ve been in close contact.  Our relationship fast-tracked into friendship and then … into family – real family.

She- herself – is a gift (and proof God restores)

Amazing how God chose to bring her to me later in my life.

She’s proof of His ability to restore what we think we lost. In my case, so many of my family members died. So, this “new” cousin is like a “restoration gift” God reserved until just the right time!

God is very good at giving these types of gifts.  

Just when you think something is …well…what it is, He surprises you with a new reality only He could create! 

I’ve received several such gifts throughout my lifetime. I’ll bet you have too.

Meeting her for the first time was an experience I’ll never forget. It rendered many blessings. Let me tell you about them. 

Gift one – lunch with my cousin.

Upon entering her gorgeous home, I was struck by the spicy aroma of pumpkin (my favorite thing in the world), warm spices, and just…well, happiness.

Although it was my first time in her home, I felt remarkably comfortable and welcomed by the soothing, cozy colors on the walls and the elegant decorative pieces throughout the rooms.

Making lunch particularly significant was the chance to meet her husband.  OMG!

His kind, gentle, and loving spirit mirrored that of my cousin. 
I guess birds of a feather, huh?

They are the type of people who bless you just by being around them.  Do you know what I mean? 

Someone whose very demeanor just hugs you by the way they smile, speak, and just “be”. I love being around people like that. Don’t you?

Gift 2 happened shortly thereafter. 

Well, after we settled in, I discovered her husband, his name is Ron by the way, knew my late father. How is that for 3 degrees of separation… or whatever it’s called! 

It blessed my soul to hear stories about my dad’s life at work. It touched me to learn he was as wonderful out in the world as he was with me. 

Gift 3 happened then – Ministry!

After we enjoyed lunch and some relaxed conversation, my cousin couldn’t wait to share a scripture the Holy Spirit used to bless her that morning. With almost child-like enthusiasm, she read Isaiah 30:15. Wow! It blessed me almost as much as it did her. 

“Then He said to the man, ‘Stretch out your hand…it was restored to normal, like the other”

Matthew 12:13

That verse both fed and rebuked me at the same time. Truth be told: all afternoon that scripture has laid (rather heavily) on my spirit. God spoke to me deeply and intensely through that Word. Hey, did she do that on purpose?

She didn’t know me that well. Hmmm.. I dunno, either way, I needed that reminder. *smile*

Gift 4 – Death didn’t win. Nor could it!

You know, I thank God for blessing me with my “new” family members.

It’s as though He saved the best of my life until now. They are gifts that confirm to me His might, sovereignty, and endless compassion. They also confirm Joel 2:25, which is: 

 “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten—
the great locust and the young locust,
the other locusts and the locust swarm[a]—
my great army that I sent among you.


Well, as I mentioned,  by the time I was twenty-three most my family members had died.

By the time I was 34, almost all of them were gone.

But, look at God, who in his brilliant love and wisdom is restoring what I thought I lost – family.

He’s giving me gifts that I didn’t think were possible.

Ironically, I have several such gifts. 

You’re not going to believe this…but, I have other family members that prove God restores!

Susan, my second cousin, found me on the internet. Wild, right????

A Jesus-loving psychologist God sent me in her person. You’ve gotta laugh at that. She can quote scripture while analyzing me at the same time! Plus, I guess I can get free therapy to boot! LOL

After her, came Eileen in my life, my poised, anointed cousin that shared lunch with me today. In her, God sent a woman with the mind of a theologian and the heart of a loving servant. She’s a madcap mixture of girlfriend, big sister, spiritual mentor, and life coach (yeah, life coach). Check her out here.

Then there is Solomon, my paternal grandpa’s namesake, God brought him by way of another cousin researching our family’s genealogy. I’m incredibly thankful God deposited Solomon into the landscape of my life. I look forward to many years with him.

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts, Yes,…God restores!

All of these people are gifts. Proof that sometimes God saves the best until the second, third, and fourth seasons of life.

Be encouraged today, Christian woman! Remind yourself that your best years are ahead of you and not behind you. God is very creative and clever in restoring what you think the enemy, life, death, or bad decisions stole from you.

Keep on living and watch Him be faithful to you (and me too!)

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