God give me peace

God, give me peace

God give me peace and remind me in your Word, it’s available. If I get up early enough in the morning, I have this glorious pocket of time alone. I relax in my sitting room with my Bible in hand, listening to the sound of silence – just me and the Lord. It replenished my soul.

I so needed it.

This particular morning is two days after the Thanksgiving holiday, and my body is sleepy and tired. I’ve cooked labored, and now the holiday is in the rear-view mirror.

Everyone in the house is blissfully sleeping, relishing the joy of a turkey-comatose holiday weekend.

I admire my Christmas decor as I glance around the room but think about how quickly I’ll need to finish Christmas shopping. “Dangit! I have so much to do! Oops! I’ve lost that peaceful moment. So I think
God give me peace!!!!”

It’s intentional I leave the comma out because when I have my “GOD GIVE ME PEACE!” moments, I usually say or pray it in one rapid breath or thought. NO common needed.

I’ll bet ya that’s how Peter exclaimed, “Lord, save me!” in Matthew 14:30.

It sounds more like “GODGIMMEPEACE!!!!”


About that time, I remembered a terrible winter storm was coming our way in Missouri. So, I turned on the news to get the latest weather report. Why in the world did I do that? If I didn’t need peace before, I was sure to need it after 2 minutes of watching the morning news! Frankly, the “News” should be called the “Boos!”

Honey!  The morning news broadcast is the anecdote for any good mood! Everything on the news makes you say, “BOO-OOOO-OOOO!”

One right after the other. Sad stories, bad news. My stomach was sinking with each passing second.

“The weather report. 

If I can just hang on for the weather report,” I thought to myself.

Chrisitan Sister, my heart grew heavier and heavier with the coverage of fires, mall shootings, kidnappings, murders, and even worse. I was like, “God give me peace! Now!”

Do you think that’s why God led me to the somewhat
obscure book of 2 Thessalonians early this morning?

After the news fiasco, I was tempted to run to Psalms for some calming, soothing spirit food.

Without even thinking about it, I began reading 2 Thessalonians. Remember, my mind was burdened with all that bad news. It was definitely a God give me peace moment.

I’m glad I did.

It lifted my heart and reassured my spirit. Here’s what blessed me. I hope it blesses you, too! It comes after the cookies.

2 Thessalonians Chapter 1:6-7 says:

“God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you and give relief to you who are troubled, and to us as well. This will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven in blazing fire with his powerful angels”

Christian women’s point 1:
Hey, don’t worry. God will get those wicked folks. It just may take a minute.  

Don’t misunderstand. 

God will handle the horrible people down here on earth and when He returns as well. They will get what they deserve unless they take advantage of His grace NOW!

Yes, indeed, I believe He can still issue a “smackdown” in the here and now just as easily as He did when the children of Israel needed Him to defeat opposing armies.

He halts the wicked; He repays them for what they propagate.

He’s still very present and deals with matters that concern us down here on this troublesome earth.

A day to beat all days is ahead!

However, an ultimate day of reckoning is coming …a glorious, awesome day. A day worthy of us staring up at the sky saying “WOW” as He returns in “blazing fire” and with a powerful army of angels!

Go, Jesus! He will once and for all handle those who lived wickedly.

Glory to God! An ultimate day of reckoning is coming.…a magnificent, awesome day. That day is looming. It’s closer than when our parents spoke of it.

Cool huh? I know for me, it makes watching the news a bit more tolerable. It makes dealing with any of life’s troubles more tolerable, too! IT GIVES ME FRESH PEACE!

I got peace knowing God is the premier Vindicator. So, I continued reading with excitement.

Then, I happened upon verse 15 in chapter 2. It also stuck in my mental “craw”. Here it is:

“So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter.”

This, too, is a good reminder for us today, right? Right?

Christian Woman, we can’t let the world affect us. But, sometimes, I do.

Have you noticed how today’s culture bends reality and twists Biblical truths to a state unrecognizable to the average Christian?

Sometimes, I get anxious observing the corruption of Christian values. I see it, hear it in music, and witness it play out in day-to-day life. It robs my sense of peace.

Say I try to watch a television sitcom. Geesh! It’s not long before I see how things God called wicked are now commonplace and even “normal” today.

As I think of future generations, my heart aches. It troubles my spirit. I feel a “GOD GIVE ME PEACE” moment coming on!

Don’t you think this means that we, as Christians, have to hold tight to the teachings of the Bible even more vigorously than ever?

We have to teach our babies God’s ways.

While God is a forgiving God, He has a plan for us. He established laws we must follow as Christian women.

He created a way of life for His children. Remembering that gives me peace in what seems to be chaos. It calms my “God give me peace” stress.

This way of life is the right way we should live.

The world is so twisted it almost seems archaic to say there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way. But, there is.

Don’t mess with God’s laws…

God’s Word is a law. It doesn’t matter how you “feel” about it.
Just like gravity doesn’t care how you feel about its principles. It’s a law…it’s called the law of gravity.

Gravity could seem archaic in your estimation, but I dare you to jump from a 10-story building. I don’t care what you believe about the laws of gravity; you will go “THUMP!”

Similarly, don’t mess with God’s laws either. You will go, “OUUUUCH!”

In my opinion, we can never abandon Biblical teachings regardless of what popular culture tells us is “normal”.

We can’t get what I call spiritual “blurry eyes” and cease to recognize sin when it shows up on our televisions or in our own lives. Peace comes from sticking to His plan and His way.

Do you agree?

Second Thessalonians reminds us of the significance of seeing things clearly and holding on to what We know to be right by Biblical standards.

Christian point #2: As I follow God’s plan and His Word, I will be calmer in the midst of this sinful and wicked generation.

Christian peace

The third thing that popped out to me this morning is “purpose”.

Ironic, huh? What in the world does “purpose” have to do with peace?

Before I tell you, let me ask: are you tired of hearing about purpose yet? If so, Girl, find another blogger to read. If you’ve been doing “life” with me online or in real life, you know I’m all about life purpose and pursuing it with intensity.

Purpose is so important to fulfilling your God-given role. I gotta talk about it!

Part of your purpose is rising above mediocrity to live your fullest life NOW and not simply going through the motions of one day after the next. You won’t have peace doing that.

To be clear, I believe we have two areas to fulfill.

First, the “Group” Purpose

We have a corporate purpose to spread the Gospel.

That’s why we’re here, right?

Sharing the good news of Christ coming to save the world is our job as Christians and disciples.

Secondly, we have our “personal” purpose.

Although they may be linked, I’m not talking about a job or career. The. Again, they may not.

You have an individual purpose – a gift that is yours. I want you to discover your individual purpose.

Why does God have you here? What value do you provide? What comes easily to you and seems to be God-ordained when you do it?

The answers are connected to your specific purpose (or definitive role) in the Kingdom of God.

I call it our “micro-purpose”.

He uses this micro-purpose to bring glory [to Himself] and to bring people to Himself…THROUGH YOU!

How your purpose may look.

See, as people are blessed by what you can do like none other, it’s an “open door” to give glory to God.

Your micro-purpose should draw others to Him so you can equip them, lead them to the Lord, and/or encourage them.

Your purpose can be singing, writing, organizing, ordering, planning, encouraging, teaching, motivating, analyzing or more.

Well, in 2 Thessalonians, Paul said he was performing His purpose in the first part of chapter 3.

Knowing your purpose in God will give you peace in your life.
Every Christian is to spread the Gospel. But, we each have a “purpose” role in doing it.

He was laser-focused on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ – up close and personal. He went from pillar to post and traveled many miles doing it.

While we are not all called to be traveling preachers, we all share Paul’s purpose for spreading the Gospel. How do we do it, and to whom is it linked to our life purpose?
Paul asked the Thessalonians to pray for him as he did his work on this earth.

The enemy cannot stop you!

Yes, we gotta pray for one another as we do our purpose-work, but ultimately, we know God is dependable and faithful. Know: God is going to ensure purpose-work moves forward.

He is our Guard and Strength against whatever the enemy tries or attempts to do to hinder us.

Peace comes from know this and reminding ourselves of this!

That’s why we should be about our corporate purpose as well as our personal purpose with white-heat passion—knowing that God is covering us and protecting us along the way.

As a result, we can continue forward in the perseverance of verse 5 below:

“May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.”

God give me peace

Point Recap 3: Follow your God-given gifts and passions without any fear knowing God is faithful!

The next time you feel like praying, “God give me peace” because of the craziness in your life, think of 2 Thessalonians and be reminded how completely and comprehensively your heavenly Father has you covered, hemmed in, and protected.

So, no worries about the evening news stories. God will handle all that in due time. I just need to hold to Godly truths and embrace my purpose – do my work on this earth.

Who knows. Maybe my purpose can prevent an evening news situation. Maybe I can pray and motivate in a way that inspires hope in someone who feels hopeless. Maybe you can, too! Who knows

Oh well.

When you need God's Peace

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