Sometimes God allows us to go through difficult times

God’s no protecting me

I was deleting old posts and came across the “oldie” but “goodie.” Hope it blesses you! It began with my kids asking me: “Mommy, did God put Noah in timeout?” My three-year-old asked this strange question during his bedtime story. While reading, we happened upon a page where the big-eyed cartoon Noah looked nervous and scared because he hadn’t heard from God. The children’s book depicted his horror in light of the torrential rains about to flood the earth. The story said God was silent in heaven as this big old, fluffy, blue wave approached Noah. It made me think sometimes God allows us to go through difficult times and he’s not mad at us. Maybe he is protecting us.

I know you know the story, but I’ll give you a rundown.

So, way back in the day, things were getting pretty bad on Earth. People were all kinds of wicked and corrupt, and it was really ticking off God.

God decided to send a massive flood to clean the slate.

However, there was this guy named Noah, who was actually a decent man. God saw that and chose him to build this massive boat, or ark, to save himself, his family, and many animals. Even though everyone thought he was nuts, Noah listened to God and followed His instructions.

When the flood came, guess who was high and dry in his ark? Yep, Noah! All the other folks who thought he was crazy were destroyed. But God saved Noah, his family, and the animals.

But, just like the cartoon Noah, we often don’t know everything will be okay in life’s challenges.

Have you ever felt that way?

Maybe you’ve served God with your whole heart, and the storms of life seem to thrash against your faith time and time again.

It may seem like one thing after another happens and brings trouble to your calm life.

I know that feeling. That feeling when the trials of life can seem relentless, and you begin to wonder if you are in some sort of “timeout” or chastisement.

Plus, to add insult to injury, you can’t seem to get a solid “word” from God to save your life. The scriptures only seem to be words on a thin, busy page.

It can be incredibly disheartening and challenging to navigate when things keep going wrong. But remember, God allows us to go through difficult times.

It’s like being caught in a relentless storm, where each setback or adversity feels like another heavy raindrop. It’s natural to question why life seems so unrelenting and difficult during these times. Don’t forget that sometimes God allows us to go through difficult times.

However, it’s essential to remember that even in the darkest storms, there can be lessons, growth, and a chance for resilience. Maybe that is what God is doing.

These moments of adversity can test our character, strength, and determination, ultimately shaping us into more resilient and empathetic Christian women. Then, we wonder WHY God allows us to go through difficult times.

I think it’s about finding the silver lining, seeking support, and holding onto the belief that, just as storms pass, so too will the challenging times, making way for brighter days ahead. The best part, in my thinking, is until they do, God will take care of you and give you the strength to make it through the storm.

sometimes God allows us to go through difficult times

Please, don’t give up when things go south – Remember, sometimes God allows us to go through difficult times.

Regardless of your struggle, hold on and keep walking in the obedience of His Word.

Never forget this: whatever is going on in your life, God is close and still loves you.

Whether you have more months than money, are dealing with a tormenting broken heart, or even experiencing loneliness that renders you emotionally numb – just stay on task. Don’t give up now or ever.

In the face of life’s trials and tribulations, Christian woman, remember that your faith is your anchor and empowers you to keep going.

When circumstances seem insurmountable, and the world’s weight presses down on you, take refuge in the promise that God is with you.

The Bible says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

Your struggles are not in vain; they are part of your journey.

Keep trusting God’s plan, even when it’s hard to see. Lean on your faith community for support and encouragement. Remember the stories of women in the Bible who faced incredible challenges, like Esther, Ruth, and Mary, and found strength in their faith.

Your endurance and unwavering spirit are testaments to your faith and a source of inspiration to those around you. So, Christian women, don’t give up; keep moving forward with the assurance that God’s grace will carry you through every trial.

Reasons why God allows us to go through hard times

My active little kiddo hates the popular punishment called time-out. He detests heading to that dreaded corner for those 3 minutes without the ability to move around, wiggle, jump or play with his toys.

I’ll be honest, it’s hard punishing that cutie, but it works.

Whoever came up with that form of discipline should have a street named after him or her. Maybe if they had timeout back in my day, I wouldn’t have had such a smart mouth. Ha!

As much as I hate allowing him to be unhappy in timeout, I know it is good for him. Just like at times God allows us to go through difficult times, sometimes, I have allowed my sweet little boy to go through difficult times, too, for his own good.

Sometimes, it may feel like YOU are in a spiritual “timeout,” but God isn’t disciplining you more often than not. In fact, He may be rescuing you from pending pain and difficulty – just as He did Noah.

Allow me to some imaginary freedom here.

What if your current struggle is because God is taking you away from something much worse that is heading your way?

What if you broke up with that guy because he would most certainly shatter your heart into many pieces – or worse – one day?

What if that loved one died because God knew Satan would ambush them in a much worse way?

My own painful example of possibly how God allows us to go through difficult times.

I have the perfect example for you relating to how sometimes God allows us to go through difficult times. It’s a supposition, but I think it applies.

My older brother died of a heart attack in his thirties. This particular brother struggled with mental illness and lived wildly due to it.

His temperament was actually mild, inquisitive, and gentle. That’s when he was on his medication.

When he was on his meds, he was the same sweet person I grew up with in childhood. Oh, the memories we had – playing, running, arguing, and fighting over the last soda. He was my best friend growing up.

On the other hand, when he wasn’t taking his meds, he behaved like a totally different person, taking risks, horrible risks, being mean, and acting aggressively. It was like he was a totally different person.

I always worried someone would hurt him in those streets. Each phone call ushered a piercing fear someone had killed him violently or horribly because of something he did or said in a manic state. They wouldn’t know that whatever he said to anger them wasn’t part of his real character.

He gave his life to Jesus.

Before he died, I’m thrilled to say he had begun to turn his life around. He joined a local church and gave his life to the Lord. Our family was so happy!

Not two months later, he collapsed in the church parking lot after Sunday service. His enlarged heart failed him.

I was devastated. My entire family was crushed.

“How could this happen now?l I thought.

He had just turned his life over to Jesus, and then he died?

What sense did that make?

Years later, the wise Holy Spirit prayed to me about my question.

He told me of all the horrible scenarios in which my brother could have died. You see the news stories all the time. He could have been brutally murdered. He could have hurt someone else and caused pain to that person or their family. The possibilities are endless.

Instead, the Lord took him gently, quickly and quietly. That gave me peace. My mourning took on another form of grateful acceptance. Sometimes, I genuinely believe God allows us to endure pain because He diverts another enemy’s plan.

God had His plan for my brother’s life to end. If he had to go, I thank God He took him the way He did.

It’s quite possible God could have been protecting us all from the lasting torment of something much worse. Does that make sense? Could it be God allows us to go through difficult times because something much worse is in the future?

What I’m saying…

All this to say, you’ve got to trust Him. His stop signs are often protection and His silences mean nothing more than He’s at work in your life.

Just like He was with Noah.

He sees you; He hasn’t “dropped” you, and He’s sending you everything you need.

It may not seem like it, but this is going to pass. It will soon be over.

You will smile again.

Your destiny is not to suffer, just to endure.

Read this article by Dr. David Jeremiah that will give you strategies when life is rough:

Update:  my sweetie is no longer 3. He’s a teen taller than I am. Ironically, God still uses him to teach me lessons.

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