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FungGame for women's ministry

Looking for a fun, easy game for
women’s ministry events? Perfect!

You’re going to love this one!

You know, I love a fun game for women’s ministry! A really fun one is to build a concept chain in which women share their experiences or insights about a specific concept or category.  The concept can be life-based, like an experience, or even centered around scripture.  You can make the activity as simple or as hilariously complicated as you like. 

What is a game for women’s ministry? 

A game for women’s ministry should be fun and easy to play and help women build or deepen relationships with other women. 

One disclaimer: this game for women’s ministry will not work well with an exhaustively large group of women. 

In fact, very few activities do. 

The dynamic changes when you have an enormous group of women. I find this especially true for women’s ministry games. I certainly hope this game is helpful. If not, be sure to check out some more activities I’ve created on my companion blog called Women’s Ministry Resources.

The women’s ministry activity becomes more of a large group activity or a seminar. Seminars are fine for delivering information. On the other hand, if your goal is interpersonal connection, you need a vehicle for the women to …well…connect.

True magic happens when people connect. 

Connection leads to relationships. 

Relationships lead to friendships. 

Friendships lead to sisterhood. 

Sisterhood reduces loneliness and isolation. 

Sisterhood gives you a person to go to when you feel the pangs of life. 

It all begins with connection. 

That is where meaningful relationships start. 

Think about it: when women in the ministry group actually see one another and begin to understand one another in new ways, bonds can form.

These sorts of bonds are virtually impossible to cultivate when you have activities with 200 women in a large, sterile room. Sure, you can interact with one another on some level, but you will miss out on the depth of relationship and connection that transpires in a small group activity.

So, what is the solution to a large group of women at your event?  It’s simple. 

If you have a large group of women playing your game for women’s ministry, break them into smaller groups!  Here is a good post with ideas on how to break larger groups into smaller ones for your women’s ministry game. 

Frankly, I recommend groups of no more than seven ladies. In my experience, the ideal number of women in one small group is five women in total.  This number seems to be magical because it creates an audience for extroverts while allowing the perfect little audience for introverts to observe and be entertained by those extroverts.  

Another benefit of this size for introverts is that they cannot get lost in the crowd. They will easily have an opportunity to jump in and participate when they are ready.

Remember I mentioned this activity could be as complicated or as simple as you would like? Let me give you an example of a very simple variation of this activity.

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My Example of a Super Simple Concept Chain Game for Women’s Ministry Events!

  1. Choose a category for the concept chain. Ideas could be food, TV shows, stores, sports teams, fashion, makeup items, etc. 
  2. Advise your small groups to gather in a circle.
  • Share a word that matches or fits into the category you chose.  For example, if the category is food, the first person would say “burgers” or something else that fits in a food category. 
  • The next woman in the circle would recite the first person’s word and add their own word to the concept/category.  Continuing the example above, the next lady would say “burgers plus lasagna.” 

Then the next woman goes. She recites burger plus lasagna and then adds her own to the concept list. Continue until every woman has had an opportunity. Expect lots of flubs and giggles.

This is a very simple and easy “take” on concept chains.  You can make it slightly more complex by narrowing the concept further. 

For instance, if food was your concept, you can narrow it to specific foods like fruits, baked foods, cold foods, red foods, spicy foods, no-cook foods, vegan foods, or whatever. 

Any game for women’s ministry should be fun!

Scripture Concept Chains

I love anything that helps me think about scripture.  

This version of a concept chain includes scriptures on specific topics or scriptures in general. 

Say something like:

“I will say a scripture, and each woman will recite one as well.” 

Clearly, it is not necessary for them to recite the scripture of the lady who went before them. 😀

But, they can add a scripture on their own.  You can make this an “open bible” (like an open test) activity or encourage them to share a verse they memorized.  

Beware: if you have new Christians in the group, avoid the memorization requirement.  

I also like to give the ladies 2-3 minutes to find a scripture before starting. No game for women’s ministry is fun if the players feel ill-equipped to play it. 

 To set up the women’s group activity, I won’t give too much away, I’ll just say something like “we are going to do a fun activity in which you will share one scripture on comfort. I’m going to give you two minutes to find one. Open your Bibles and GO!”

Category Ideas for your game for women’s ministry.

FruitSports CarsLipstickWarning scripture
Canned foodHybrid cardsEyeshadowComfort scripture
Frozen foodLuxury carsEyelinerQuestioning scripture
Red foodModels of carsBlushWisdom scripture
Chinese foodMakes of carsBronzerAngry scripture
Italian food Cars in moviesConcealerWomen of the Bible

Another Idea for this game for women’s ministry!

Want to spice things ups? 

Make this a fast-paced timed women’s group activity. Do you remember Concentration or the “clap and snap?” You can add some dimension by making your concept chain fast and/or rhythmic. 

I particularly like the idea of making this activity similar to a game the women might have played growing up. This makes the game reflective and reminiscent of a simpler time in their lives. It’s familiar.

By chance, have you noticed how so many games for adults are just variations of games we played as children? As a professional training facilitator, I love these kinds of games because they are like a pair of warm fuzzy slippers. They are comfortable and can remind us of what it was like to be a child.  

What do you think about this game for women’s ministry?  Do you have any ideas to jazz it up? Please share below! 

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This video shows how the “Concentration” game can be played if you have a group of chill ladies who would enjoy the livelier version.

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