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Pastor’s wives’ lives are far from glorious most of the time, isn’t it? In fact, it’s plain dull mostly. At least mine is – it’s blissfully normal. Sure, like every other wife, my hubby “fries my cheese” and can work my nerves at times. The title “pastor” does nothing about that. LOL

For example, mine forgets to take the garbage out like most husbands.  Yeah, that’s what’s it’s like being married to a pastor. *hehehe*

And, it still shocks me that a man who sits among dignitaries and preaches to hundreds still has a hard time loading a single dish into the dishwasher after he uses it.  I give up on that one. It’s never going to change. LOL I still love him though. ?

Make no mistake about it, it’s really tough for us most of the time. Its a life of constant sacrifice. Few can relate to our journey and the ones who can don’t often talk much about it beyond “rainbows” and “sunshine”. In other words, a lot of pastor’s wives are fake with one another and with the world. Its self-preservation I think.

It seems a lot of us like to keep up the proper “appearances” when we’re together (with other pastor’s wives) and cry like a dickens when we are apart.

Do you know what I think the problem is? It is because we don’t have a scripture to build our experience or ministry on. Deacons can go to the Bible and find out exactly what their role is. So can pastors. Nothing in there about us though.

I talk about those struggles pastors wives face and more.

God bless you and pray for pastors’ wives today!


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  1. i found u via MBC but now I know it is PROVIDENCE! The good Lord led me to your blog and I am a happy follower and subscriber –

    would love to have you follow me at

    and would love to hear from you, i’m a relatively new blogger, i only have 5 posts so far, but very heartfelt posts indeed

    keep shining sweet bella – gonna go read more of your blog!!!

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