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greedy pastors

I’m keeping it moving, sweet Christan Woman! I’m on my fourth reason people reject Christianity and honestly, it makes me laugh a little. It’s all about the money, Honey! If you missed it, my first installment of this little series was about how we “run-off’ potential Christians with our less than stellar lifestyles (i.e. we live like dummies and folks don’t wanna be like us). This post is actually about how greedy pastors keep people from Christ, but first, let me tell you about my other previous excuses. 🙂

After that, I concluded people don’t accept Jesus because they feel they are already strong enough to get through life on their own. As though anyone is, right? Then, I wrote before that one just before this one. It was about how some misguided jokers think they are already saved because they were raised in the church. Booo! Wrong answer!

Well, here is my fourth reason I think people resist the Christian faith.

They say: “I don’t go to church because those greedy pastors just want your money.”

My answer: This excuse always cracks me up. Why you may ask? Because it’s so true! You didn’t expect that from a preacher’s wife, did ya? Or maybe you did.

Anyway, here are my humble thoughts:

People are more than willing to give money to Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Nordstroms for what they feel enriches their lives. They will drop that debit card in a second!

But when it comes to strengthening their spiritual “muscles”, they want everything to be free!

Now, if you’ve got a greedy pastor that wants ONLY your money, you have a problem. He’s a jerk. Yeah, I said it.

I’ve always said any pastor asking for money should use the money in ways the congregates can see the results of their investment. If he’s been pitching a building fund for the last five years, at some point, something should be built. If not, the pastor should give regular updates on the progress and process. Again, results are important. Does that make sense?

Many people don't come to church because of greedy pastors.

Money is still important for pastors though.

On the flip side, if you desire a pastor who will stand by you in trouble; come to see you when you’re in the hospital and counsel you through difficulty – he’ll need to be one hundred percent supported by the church. Otherwise, the next time you need him…he may be busy….at work.

Pastors who need jobs

Secondly, you go to a church building to worship, right? Well, you need lights when it’s dark outside, heat in the winter, and air conditioning during the summer months. Girl, that all costs money.

So, don’t be angry when your pastor encourages you to give. The Word of God tells you to support the house of the Lord; not to judge or wonder beyond basic critical thinking.

You are smart enough to recognize greedy pastors when you see them. I just want you to give your pastor the benefit of the doubt, ok? No blanket judgments.

Think about this: if you cannot trust your pastor with your money, how in the world can you trust him with your soul? Think about it, Christian woman. This is what you have to understand when you’re witnessing and someone presents this excuse.

Disclaimer: I am not advocating for the pastor “pimps” of the world and I know they are out there! I understand that some pastors parasite off of the congregants. That’s sad and dangerous. God will deal with them. A responsible pastor will have regular business meetings with easy-to-understand financial statements and disclosures to build confidence and have accountability. That’s the type of pastor you want.

Not a tither? Shut it!

Last point. Most of the people complaining about pastors asking for funds usually are NOT regular tithers and/or go to church just “sometimes.” To them, I say “shut up.”

It’s like people who never vote, yet they complain about political issues. Again, shut up!

Back to greedy pastors. Look, all churches require money to operate.

No Pastor “Ballers” allowed.

The Urban Dictionary definition for those who need a little clarity. 🙂

On the same point, I do not believe in supporting a lifestyle for a pastor. I’ve already covered that in the pink box up top. Pastor pimps are terrible and should be very careful. God does not like that mess and He will not tolerate it forever.

Churches should not support wealthy lifestyles

Given these points, you’ve got to be fair. If this is an excuse for not converting to Christ. Further analysis is required.

For example, is it possible the pastor is an honorable person just trying to serve God? If so, he will need money for food pantries, church expenses, and church operations.

pastors can earn millions with their talents - it's better than greedy pastors living off the church

Millionaire pastors…

Another consideration is the pastors who have brands. Some pastors can sell books and earn millions. What’s wrong with that?

If they do and can, they should be able to have nice things and drive nice cars. Shucks, they should even be able to have a helicopter as long as the church doesn’t have to pay for it.

Note: the church should never have to pay for a personal lifestyle. Not under circumstances whatsoever.

Money from the church for ministry – Good.

Money to live a blinged-out life – Bad.

What do you think?

(Thanks for reading!)

Don't let Greedy pastors be an excuse for not going to church.

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