Why people eschew Christ

rejects Christianity

I’m on a roll…or at least I am in my own head. In a previous blog post, I already shared the first reason I think some reject Christianity. Lots of folks reject Christianity because they think they are strong (in their own head) and don’t need God all up in their business.

The truth of the matter is their business is a mess anyway…they are limping and don’t even know it.

Excuse #2: “Christianity is a crutch, it’s for weak people.”

My old Christian lady Answer:

Okay. First of all, let’s chat about what a crutch does. A crutch is a resource used to provide support when someone has a weakness that prevents full functionality.

Get where I’m going? I’ll bet you do.

Human beings, even those who reject Christianity, are weak.

With that said, they’re exactly right about [us Christians]needing a crutch. I wonder if they would be honest enough to admit they need one too? I doubt it.

We, as human beings, are incredibly frail, feeble creatures. We require (and long for) the sort of supernatural stability and support that only God can supply.

Here’s how it plays out: in order to be genuinely strong, we must rely on and trust in God completely. We’re designed to need Him. That’s why so many people feel an “emptiness” when He’s not in their lives.  More about that later.

It takes nerve to be a Christian and faith too. Only a chump will reject Christianity.

Christians are not punks. I’m just saying.

You know, so many people don’t have enough courage to believe something they cannot see or touch.  Yet, they breathe air (can’t touch or see that) every single day.  

On the other hand, those who do understand how much we NEED Him tend to experience the joy and comfort and security that comes along with being His child.

After all, in Him we live, move, and have our being.

We are nothing without our “Crutch” and those who reject Christ are even less. No way around it. Read John 15:5 below:

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

Without the energizing power of Jesus, you are destined to stumble through life saying “There’s just something missing” and asking “What is it?” It’s because you’re designed to crave Him!

A lot of people mistakenly assume money will satisfy that worrisome void – but it doesn’t.

Other folks try one relationship after another to feel fulfilled – that doesn’t work either.

Some of them  rejects Christianity becuase they are dumb
I love the joy I experience with my Crutch.

Then there are those who try personal achievement to remedy that enduring emptiness – but they are soon disappointed too. Who will reject Christianity when they know they have been weak without Him?

Christianity IS a crutch. ALL humans bear weakness, we are just smart enough to know Where our help comes from. Click To Tweet

In history, countless millionaires admitted money doesn’t fulfill the lingering void of humanity. Even after they accumulate massive wealth, they still find something is lacking. Something is missing.

Imagine that…with all the money, power or fame, their lives still need “something” else. Well, that “something” is Jesus Christ. No way around it.

A crutch doesn’t make you weak; it helps you be strong!

Not long ago, I updated this article. Since I first wrote it, I’ve recovered from a broken foot. Girl, Christian woman friend of mine…I realized the value of a crutch during those days.

The crutches were designed to be a source of support for me when I couldn’t manage on my own. Without the crutch, I couldn’t get around. I could move from one place to another.

Why they reject Christianity; they think it's a crutch.
I’ll put my “Crutch” up against most people’s crutch any day of the week!

Recognize Jesus is your Crutch!

This “thing” inside you yearning for a rich, fulfilling life is Jesus beckoning you. Some are just to dense to know it.

Like my crutch, He will help you manage the stresses and pangs of life. He will help you get to where you want to be and where you need to be in His time.

Christian woman, everyone needs someone some time. Everyone needs to rely on something or someone for stability. Support and the ability to move from one place to the next is what Jesus offers.

Yeah, He is all that for you. He will be your Navigator to help you reach a place of satisfaction and contentment in your dry, tired life.

He will be your under guard and support you when life seems to drain every single bit of your energy. He will be your strength.

There will be times in your life you will need that crutch too.

Someone you love will die and you will need a Crutch.

Your marriage will test your patience and you’ll call on your Crutch, Jesus.

Your children may break your heart and you will reach for your heavenly Crutch.

Disappointment, illness, financial problems, and heartbreak are all Crutch-worthy too!

You need Him.

Especially when something inhibits your functionality as my broken foot did to me. Life can really knock you on your tush. You will need a crutch. I promise you will. The question is ‘will your crutch be a permanent solution or an eternal one?

So, yep, Christianity is for weak people – just like you and me.

I proudly admit my weaknesses apart from Him. I needed a Savior back when I accepted Him and I still need one every second of my day! Honest people admit that they do too!

Don’t people one of those people who will reject Christianity when they know they are already a mess without HIm. It’s an offer. He offers you all you need.

Accept Him; invite Him into your life and watch Him blow your mind, beautiful Christian Woman!

“Never work just for money or for power.
They won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night.”
Marian Wright Edelman

Reasons people reject Christ
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