Set your priorities straight

I recently had an epiphany. It was alarming and, quite honestly, it was a bit disturbing realization. After a long, cold midwest winter, I discovered many of my clothes – particularly those that I wear on the lower portion of my body – have seemed to have mysteriously shrunk. It’s true! All by themselves, they reduced a size or two smaller!

Now, the scary part of all this self-discovery is that I was, well, surprised by all this. I couldn’t believe that I had put on so much weight so quickly! But had you hung out with me the last few months, you’d understand and you’d totally believe it! Truth, I’m speaking, Girl! TRUTH!

Anyhoo….this really is about how to set your priorities straight (and mine too!)

As you know, there is an element in life called cause and effect.

Essentially, that means if you do one thing; a likely result will incur. Sometimes the results are favorable; other times not so much.

In my personal situation, I used food for something it was never meant to be – entertainment, fun, and pleasure – and, the result was a bigger butt. Why should I be surprised, huh?

Honestly, I’m not.

See, when my friends congregate, we eat…lunch, dinner, whatever. We always make it a “food” date. So, I cannot be surprised I gained a few pounds after a few months of “fellowship” with my favorite folks.

Poor food choices rendered a predictable result, right? Cause and effect.

Not my feed, but you get the point.

Comedic aside, I don’t share this personal business for comments or jokes. I will not receive them well. (Grrrrrr!) :0

Nevertheless, my point is to use my weakness to illustrate something that may help you and me in other areas of life.

There is an effect to that cause
and a cause to that effect in your life. 

For instance, what you nurture in your life will produce a result.

Whether it be your job, your children, your marriage, or your friendships – where you sow the most energy will be the area that blossoms.   

I like to think of this in the realm of positive things (i.e. positive efforts render positive results, right?) If I sow good things, I’ll get good results. You get the picture, I know.

The negative or opposite is also true. That’s why you’ve gotta set your priorities straight, Christian lady!

If ya don’t set your priorities straight,
it will “bite” you in the end.

For instance, when you neglect an area of your life, you may not like the result of that neglect.

Just as it was foolish for me to imagine those recurrent visits to the Cheesecake Factory wouldn’t add to my hips, it’s just as foolish to expect growth and maturation from things (and people) we ignore.

set your priorities straight
Oh, how I love a burger!

Today, get your cause and effects right in your life, Christian Sister.

Invest your time and your energy in the things you want to grow and flourish in your life.

Be warned, Christian woman…

If you don’t, one day you may one day call your adult child to find a bit of bitterness as a result of your recurrent absences and emotional distance. Make your kids a priority while they are small.

Think of that girlfriend you love to hang out with. Imagine calling her to discover that she’s grown tired of your broken promises and your hectic, busy schedule. Call her, text her, and go see her.

Or worse, your mate may grow disgusted with you putting everything (and everyone) else before him in your life. Prefer your marriage over all else. It will yield a good result in the end.

Seek peace and sow into your relationship…so you don’t confuse the cat.

Yeah, don’t be surprised by life’s unpleasant effects. Sometimes, you have no control of them, other times, you played a role – a huge role in the outcome.

Cause and effect – a scary and sobering thought, indeed.

Keep the first things first: God, family, and labor. Set your priorities straight while you have time. Waiting can render an unfavorable result.

Oh yeah, stay away from the calories. Don’t spend your time accumulating those; trust me, it’s a bad idea.

My Point: set your priorities straight!

Set your priorities straight to keep everything in balance - including your waist!

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  1. Hi there. I stumbled upon your blog in the “mom’s bloggers club”. Thank you for the encouraging post. It was a great read. I really like your blog and will continue to check back and look forward to new posts 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this cool blog. For better life we have to live our life with own style.

  3. Bless you. Thanks for your visit and comment!

  4. Wow! I never took the time to look at it that way! But thank you!

  5. Now we just do a positive cause and affect. For me it’s staying in my Weight Watchers points! Yikes!


  6. Hmm, the same thing happened to me. Now what to do about it….


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