Final Notes and Scriptures from Prayer Breakfast!

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This is a little slow coming! Thanks for the emails reminding me of the other notes! God bless you and I love you!

Also: Thanks for the encouragement! I love you loads! Prov. 16:24

I. Prayer as a lifestyle (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

a. Pray without ceasing

b. Drive-by prayers okay [sometimes]

c. Important to have regular set aside, committed prayer time (like Daniel 6:10)

i. Why?

1. Builds intimacy with God

2. We learn to hear his voice (John 10:27)

3. Be sure to listen…wait

II. Lessons from a Woman’s Prayer

a. Hanna (I Samuel 1)

i. Childless vs.2

ii. Mistreated by other wife vs. 6

iii. Depressed; couldn’t eat or sleep vs. 7

iv. Went to the house of the Lord

1. She knew where to go!

b. Although her womb was closed; she still love God and trusted Him

1. allowed Him to deal with rival

2. Bible does not record her fighting back

3. Didn’t pray “mean” prayers about rival

ii. Her Peculiar Style of Praying

1. Silent prayer – first Biblical reference!

2. Reminds us of personal connection to personal connection to God (and access)

iii. She Got up Free! (no longer sad or heavy -I Sam 1:18)

1. She must have known Philippians 4:6-7 

2. Samuel means asked of the Lord

a. Named her son after prayer

b. Trust God with your situation

III. Take-Away for us

a. Prayer is a Lifestyle – built into your being

b. Pray from Jesus’ model

c. Look at Hannah – completely trusted God with outcome; overcame depression and oppression through prayer

d. Commit yourself to a lifestyle of prayer

IV. Recipe for Successful prayer

a. Time Alone with God

i. Mark 1:35

ii. Left the house

iii. Jesus went to the Lord after a “big day”

1. Good idea to run to pray after you’re taxed and tired

b. Taking Your Time

i. Nervous praying with others?

ii. Spend more time around God in private

iii. You’ll become more comfortable talking to Him everywhere and anywhere!

c. Pray the word

i. According to His will (1 John 5:14,15 )

ii. Power in the Word

V. Formula for Intercession – B.L.E.S.S.

a. Body – healing, strength, choices, etc.

b. Labor (Work) – promotion, peace, advancement, etc.

c. Everyone around them (family, spouse, friends, etc)

d. Social life – – Godly relationships, Holy opportunities to fellowship, “lights”

e. Spiritual Growth – closer to God, service, conformed in the image of Christ; know they are dead to sin.

VI. What Hinders Prayer?

a. Doubt – James 1:6-8

b. Unbelief – Hebrews 3:12,13

c. Selfish Motives – James 4:3

VII. Let’s pray

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