Description of a good father

description of a good father

A Father’s Thought: Proverbs 32 (Yeah 32) – Proverbs 32 (Yeah 32)

Aaaah… the Proverbs 31 woman. I believe she was more of an ideal than a reality, but that’s all right. I can still strive to be like her, right? Remember, a proverb is simply a wise, concrete goal. Still, I thought I’d think of an ideal for the fellas – sort of a description of a good father and husband.

I’m not a heretic! I really am not.

Well, I would never add to the Bible (who am I anyway), but the following is my idea of a Proverbs 32 Dad. Hey, if they can write an ideal state of being for us women, we can write one about them! Strive, brothers, strive!

Here it goes – the ideal dude…I mean dad…

Praise God for the Dads who:

1. Models his approach to fatherhood after God’s example and how He relates to us. Want to now the best description of a good father? Read the Bible! God sets the mold!

2. Recognizes God as his first priority, then his wife and children second, and everything else a distant third. Dads should know: what you sow into grows and thrives – make it God and your family.

3. Pays child support and co-parents [with moms and mamas] regardless of how he “feels” about the past relationships [with the women].

4. Takes time to regularly read to his children, play with his children and care for them – when no one is looking and there is no one to impress.

5. Does not provoke his children to anger – thinking they will make them “tougher”. If they don’t know, they find out by reading and learning. Like Hill Harper’s book below:

6. Stays the long haul and resists the urge to selfishly run away from fatherhood.

7. Understands the value of loving children through all the junk, disappointment, pain and rebellion.

8. Intercedes [prays] for his children regularly and fervently.

9. “Fathers” the fatherless; filling the gaps left by the dumb, silly, selfish fathers. *YUCK!*

10. He is humble enough to say “I’m sorry” to children and wives when he fails.

11. Disciplines in love and not anger – understanding spanking is not the ONLY way to correct a child.

12. Lives a genuine spiritual life in their homes (when no one is looking) – leading in prayer, leading in Bible study and modeling strong Christian development.

13. Walks humbly (not proud or arrogant) before his family and before his God.

14. Works hard to provide for the home and labors to keep the family’s needs met.

15. Rebounds from his mistakes and blunders and is eager to start fresh, when necessary – as often as necessary.

No description of a
good father is all-inclusive.

Let’s be real. One hundred percent of these elements are not present in all marriages nor did our dads live some of these ideas.

At any rate, pray for your man and the men in your lives.

Use this list as a guide. I know these dads exist.

If this mostly describes your dude, thank him for each element He succeeds in and, again, pray about the areas in which he falls short.

Christian woman, prayers will go so much further than “nagging.” I know God can help him be the man of God you always wished you had.

Don’t give up too soon, Christian lady!

Let me also say, I recently updated this Christian description of a good father. When I originally wrote it, my husband didn’t meet half of these qualities. Now, years, later…HE’S ALMOST PERFECT!

He has matured, grown and developed to be such an amazing father. I think we both have grown. All this to say, hang in there.

If you are a dude reading this…

If you’re a dad reading this, your kids desperately need you. You matter!

Those kids need your love and acceptance as they develop.

If you don’t supply it, your children may grow cold toward you. Nothing is sadder than a lonely old man saying “If only I had taken care of my wife and family…”.

Do it now. When they’re gone, it may be too late.

Hang in there, too! It’s a process. You’ll get there…if you don’t give up! I’m rooting for you!

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Christian lady!

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The Proverbs 31 woman is the aspiration for Christian women. This is the "boot-legged" version of the "Proverbs 31" Man.

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