Encouraging Bible verses for moms

encouraging bible verses for moms

I absolutely love being a mom. I have two sons (one is grown – you see him on my YouTube Channel here) and one is a teen. I seriously have no doubt I was born to do this! Now, to be honest, like most moms, I had no clue what I was doing. Still, I relied on the Lord and He guided me and continues to give me wisdom. One day while reading this scripture, I thought, “Wow! This relates to motherhood so much!” Let’s see if you agree after reading my encouraging Bible verses for moms.

Psalm 138…as an encouraging Bible verses for moms

1 A psalm of David. I give you thanks,

All good things in our lives stem from a spirit of gratitude. Little good comes from complaining and whining. Scripture often encourages us to give God thanks for His mighty works, right?

Moms have to do this especially because we face so many challenges from day to day. When you’re the focus point of everyone’s supply, you can easily become discouraged.

Take the time to ponder those wonderful things in your life and what the Lord has done for you in the past. Consider your family, your health, your home, even the fact that you have access to a computer! You’re blessed, more than you know. Remember, it can ALWAYS be worse.

Don’t be shy about saying whose you are!

Be bold and open about your faith.

Now, I don’t agree with always speaking “Christianese” in the presence of people who will not understand. You know what I mean – Christian jargon that makes us seem like “weirdos.”

That’s okay around other Christians, but unbelievers or the folks of this world won’t get it, and if they don’t get it they won’t want it!

For sure, speaking about God in ways unbelievers don’t understand will only run them away. You don’t want them to avoid you, hide from you or think you’re a certifiable nutcase because you won’t be able to share your source of peace with them.

Instead, let’s be like Jesus, He was almost slick in the way He ministered to folks.

He drew them first with kindness, then He imparted life-changing truths. Believe me, if you’re living the fruits of the Spirit, someone will soon ask you how you do it! Then, you can sing His praises before them!

Don’t forget church – for more scriptures for moms!

2 I bow before your holy Temple as I worship. I will give thanks to your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness, because your promises are backed by all the honor of your name.

Truly beautiful, right? Here we are encouraged to 1) go to church (i.e. the temple), and 2) to be humble and appreciative.

Bowing is a gesture of humility and meekness. Don’t go to church just to show off the latest outfit, or out of some sense of “obligation”. Instead, go eagerly and humble into the house of the Lord. It’s there you’ll get the strength to be a good mom. To handle all that is coming for the pending week. Right?

This is also an admonition to recognize God’s faithfulness and dependability. Thank Him for all that He’s done in the past as you’ve been parenting.

Thank Him for the times when you were at your lowest and most empty as a mom, and He intervened and brought you hope- along with a hefty dose of strength. Maybe He sent someone with just the right words to say at just the right time. It could have even been your kiddos.

God works miracles for moms!

Better yet, maybe you had a bill due with no way to pay it and God sent the money out of nowhere!

I remember once, as a young divorced mom, my lights were to be cut off, and I cried out to the Lord in despair. Most of my money for the month had gone to diapers and gas. I just didn’t have enough to make it. I felt beyond hopeless.

Then, something told me to go to the mailbox to pick up my mail. Reluctantly, I did.

And, in my mailbox was an unexpected income tax check which more than covered my bill!!!! I had already gotten my “big” refund. This is something extra they didn’t supply, I suppose. I kid you not! I screamed and scream in gratitude! Honey, I hollered loud and long!

That’s God’s faithfulness at it’s best! If He’d do it for me, then, He’ll do it for you too! His promises are backed by His faithfulness and the honor of His name. His reliability is unfailing and so is He, Mom.

Are you burned and stressed?

3 On the day I called, You answered me; You emboldened me and strengthened my soul.

Talk about encouraging Bible verses for moms, this is it! The previous paragraph really speaks to this scripture.

To that end, I’ll approach it from another direction – one I think you’ll relate to. Let me know in the comments. 🙂

When you’re a mom, you get drained quickly and the sad part is, sometimes, you don’t even know you’re operating on “E”. Your emotional, mental and physical “gas tank” can be completely diminished and the adrenaline is keeping you going and going…all why you’re running on fumes.

The problem is your “going” is further exhausting you. The result can be grouchiness, depressed mood, sleepiness and, according to a document I found on the Midwestern University website, you can also fall prey to frequent illness. Wow, right???

encouraging bible verses for moms

The only way to remedy burn out is to slow down, call out to the Lord and allow Him to give you strength – as the scripture says. All the kings of the earth will give You thanks, O LORD, when they hear the words of Your mouth.

Be sure to check out this document. I like the way it contrasts “stress” vs. “burnout”. Just know the Holy Spirit will help you through whatever you’re going through. However, you may also seek Christian counseling. Don’t neglect getting help, if you need it.

stress vs burnout and encouraging scripture for moms
Cool, right?

4 All the kings of the earth will give You thanks, O LORD, when they hear the words of Your mouth.

Check out this cool explanation of this verse from Bible Study Tools.com. Be sure to be a mom who doesn’t neglect Bible study so you can hear the word of the Lord’s mouth daily. Even if you have to play it from the YouVersion app while driving. Get it into your spirit.

It’s getting good now, Mom!

5 They will sing of the ways of the LORD, for the glory of the LORD is great.

Not much for me to work with here, so I’ll just say “Amen!”

6 Though the LORD is on high, He attends to the lowly; but the proud He knows from afar.

Oh yeaaaah. Here we go. Have you ever felt “less than” as a mom?

When I was a stay-at-home mom, I felt like I was missing something and that made me sad.

Hmmm…that was about the time I created GodsyGirl.com. Bloom where you’re planted, right?

Anyway, I also felt down because no matter how much work I did around my home, I always had more to do. No, I never seemed to make any headway.

My “mom” life perplexed me, I didn’t understand how the laundry basket would fill up right after laundry day or how the house never seemed clean enough and why my family always ate all the food the that night and we could never have “leftovers”. Actually, I felt like a hamster on that spinning wheels – running and running, yet getting no place.

All this to say, don’t be proud and think you can do this all on your own. Admit you need Him. Be humble enough to call for His help and stay in a mode of dependence on Him. That’s being “lowly” and humble.

Also, ask for earthly help if you need it. That, too, is a very humble act. Don’t you think?

7 If I walk in the midst of trouble, You preserve me from the anger of my foes; You extend Your hand, and Your right hand saves me.

God’s got you covered, mama. He will condemn the critical tongues that rise up again you. Don’t worry about the criticizers.

You just do the best you can knowing Jesus will help you get through this crazy season of your life as a mom.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.

Isaiah 54:17

You know what else?

Sometimes, your “foe” can be your own child. Older children can cause and bring so much trouble as they are becoming who God called them to be.

If that is your life right now, know the Lord will preserve you. He will keep you as you go through their season of rebellion and disobedience. Keep on praying for your children. Standing firm with them and know God will save you from the despair. Check out the video at the bottom of this post. It will bless you and apply for moms raising teens too.

8 The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me. O LORD, Your loving devotion endures forever— do not abandon the works of Your hands.

Hey, regardless of the stage of motherhood you’re in, the Lord will fulfill His purpose for your life. It may seem like you’ll never write that book or begin that ministry, but you will.

Life unfolds in seasons. Some seasons you may look like you’re stalled, but I believe the Lord is germinating the seed He placed inside you.

Have ya ever planted seeds in the ground? If so, you know there is a period of time that seems to be “stalled.” It appears absolutely zilch is happening for quite a while! But, nothing could be further from the truth! Under the ground the seed is growing roots. According to the site Wonderpolis this is what happens next:

“Once these roots take hold, a small plant will begin to emerge and eventually break through the soil. ”

While you’re raising your children, important things God has planted inside you are taking root! Eventually, it will emerge and break through the invisible realm into the visible realm!

Take heart, your time will come.

I’m hope this post encourages you. I hope this encouraging Bible verses for moms reminds you that you are not alone and God is there with you to help you, guide you and strengthen you every step of the way.


encouraging bible verses for moms
An encouraging scripture for moms

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