How to get blessed

how to get a blessing

Simple things make life worth living, ya know? Want to know how to get blessed? I’ll tell ya, just look for the blessings that are always waiting for you day in and day out.

As for me, an inner ear problem made my week particularly challenging, but good things still happened.

Monday, I spent a wonderful lunch with some great ladies at a Kansas City hot spot called “The Mixx”. It’s right next to Chipotle in the same little area that the Plaza Library resides.

Again, wondering how to get blessed? Spend time with friends.

We were giggling, laughing, and enjoying awesome food.

That’s when something happened in the restaurant that could have easily compromised our [otherwise] terrific experience. Someone had a medical emergency and it wasn’t pretty.

It was so scary! The poor woman. I couldn’t help pray to myself and hope for the best. A woman with brown hair ran over to the lady and started CPR or something. Seriously, I looked away. Not long after it all started, the heroes we call EMT’s arrived and took care of her.

So sad.

But, before we knew it, over popped the calm, smiling CPR lady who introduced herself as “JoMarie”. She was dressed modestly and unpretentiously.

Want to know how to get blessed? Watch for it…

Also, it was something special about her – aside from the fact she ran over to help someone in distress. It was something else. She was like a ball of warm, friendly light. Very authentic, caring, and…VERY REAL!

She went on to tell us she was the owner and apologized for the dubious situation we all just witnessed (in which she probably saved someone’s life!) Then, she presented each of us free gift cards!

Simple blessings make me smile widest.

Not only was she remarkably likable, but she is also a devout foodie. She’s devoted to making eating healthy fun, intriguing, and enjoyable. She’s so knowledgeable, I told one of my girlfriends she was like a “healthy food Yoda”.

JoMarie also introduced us to the natural sweetener Agava Nectar with complimentary iced teas (she’s like the gift that keeps on giving). I love the stuff!

Your blessings comes in weird ways.

It was so yummy that my relationship with sugar is forever changed. “Buy it from Costco,” she said, “It’s much cheaper there”.

You just gotta love her.

Well, I certainly hope the lady was okay in the end. I really do.

Point of it all:
Do you want to know how to get blessed? Let me tell ya… JUST WATCH FOR IT! Blessings are always around. πŸ™‚

How to get blessed ... it's one simple secret. :)

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  1. As I have been away from my own blog, I have missed some new followers like you….I’m so excited to have a new blog to read, especially when it’s Christ centered!!! Thank you, for your words,….truly a blessing!


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