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Share your testimony, Girl!

In our beauty-obsessed culture, scars are viewed as a liability rather than an asset. Think about it: ever seen a severely scarred woman on a fashion magazine cover? I’ll bet not. Sure, there is Padma Lakshmi and the scar on her arm, but I’m talking about a conspicuous, gruesome scar.  When you share your testimony, you take what was once gruesome and make it something beautiful.

It’s not unconditionally true, but in today’s society, a scar typically purports the end of beauty instead of the beginning of it.

That’s why folks buy cocoa butter to fade a scar. They want to get rid of it!  Scars are “ugly” and should be hidden is the predominant way of thinking.

Scars are beautiful to Jesus.

But, this is not so in the Kingdom of God.

When we submit the scars from our past to Jesus, He makes something incredibly beautiful from them. It’s like He “flips the script” and turns what should be considered ugly into something highly-esteemed and fabulous. 

Dealing with the scars of the past…not a cake walk, but so worth it. So many folks can be helped by your wholeness.

But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us….” 2 Corinthians 4:7

The books and movies that touched my life the most deeply were written because someone endured intense pain and lived beyond the scars. They found the strength to share their pain, just as you must somehow find the strength to share your testimony.

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us….” 2 Corinthians 4:7

We do recover from these scars, ya know.

Diamonds may be forever; Bandages are not!

As you know, scars are the result of previous injury, right?

Some scars are in plain view on the exterior of our bodies while others are hidden deep, deep inside on the interior of our hearts. 

They are hidden, but still there.

Wounded, but functioning.

Have you noticed how difficult it is to discuss hurtful incidents immediately after they occur? No one expects you to share your testimony then. You can’t!

It’s no wonder. Those injuries are still too fresh. The wound they left remains painful. It’s sensitive.

Your natural inclination is not to spotlight it, but to cover it so you can protect it. Sharing it comes later.

Kids. Whatta ya gonna do?

It’s like when my little boy falls or hurts himself. Right after, he runs to me holding or nurturing his little injured elbow, leg or finger.

Just as any mommy would do, I cover it to ward off any infection or impurity.

Isn’t it funny how much little kids love bandaids? Mine wears his like a badge of honor or something. So cute.

However, at the appropriate stage of healing, it’s critical to expose that wound to the air so it may heal completely.

If you keep it covered, it simply won’t heal.

I joke about my kid, but I was the same way as a kiddo too. Can you remember when you were little and did not want to take your bandaid off?

Hated that! I was like “my ‘owie’ is just fine. Let’s leave it alone!”

Yeah, I dreaded that daily ritual of removing the old bandaid to cleanse the wound only to put on another.

I can even remember my mom saying something like “you’ve gotta let some air get to it so it may heal.”

Emotional and spiritual wounds need “air” too!

Same goes when you have an interior scar.

You have to open it up in prayer for healing.

Air it by dealing with it. Journal about it or talk it out with a friend or counselor.

Doing that will facilitate healing. It will get “air” to it and help you gain some perspective too.

Psych Central.Com admonishes us to “express the pain”.  Not “cover” it; not hide it. A testimony will never emerge if you do.

Sometimes, after something painful, we can blame ourselves unfairly. “If only I could have known…”we might think.

Definitely, another opinion or wise person will help you assess the painful situation so you can heal your scar and handle useless feelings like guilt. Keeping it inside will just inhibit healing or progression.  

A word of warning: before you “air” your wound, make sure you select a person you can trust. Not one who gossips or spreads tales. Find a noble person of integrity … with a long track record of being such.

Healing is possible. Healing can happen. Only if you don’t hide your story. Hiding facilitates bitterness; not healing nor recovery.

Once the emotional scar is healed… now what? You’ll share your testimony… that’s what!

After your wounds have healed, the Holy Spirit eventually guides you to people who can benefit from your scars.

He directs you to share your testimony at the right time!

Your testimonies of God’s faithfulness go a long way toward helping someone find hope, healing and comfort in whatever trial they face or will face in the future.

Think of it! In living color, you can be actual proof God restores the years the canker worm tried to destroy!

They can see your recovery; your rebound, your restoration and your fresh start!

Share your testimony…Everywhere You Go!

As the Holy Spirit leads you, boldly declare your testimony of God’s steadfast goodness every single chance you get! 

Don’t “sit” on it.  You’ve endured it. You’re “aired it out”… it’s healed.

You never know who you can help or encourage just by opening your mouth and your life. 

Someone needs to know God can deliver them from horrible circumstances such as:

– divorce,

– abuse,

– depression,

– marital problems,

– insecurity,

– promiscuity,

– healing,

– self-righteousness and anything else you can dream up! 

After all, how will they EVER know if we don’t tell them? 

So go ahead. Share that you [too] have made dumb decisions; but God made you victorious in spite of them, through them and after them. 

Don’t you dare be ashamed of your testimony!

Explain to a teenager you know exactly how insecurity feels and how God gave you the confidence she now admires in you. 

Yeah! Share your testimony!

Openly tell about God’s comfort through the valley of death and sickness.

Christian women are not perfect, but we are striving for maturity in Christ. 

As we fall down, we allow the Holy Spirit to restore us and then we tell the world of His healing power! 

Just as physical healing has a cycle so does emotional healing!

Don’t hide the residue of your pain!

Expose the scars so you can get proper support as you heal.

Then, tell it everywhere you go! 


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An online article I liked:

Learning to Let Go of Past Hurts: 5 Ways to Move On

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You MUST share your testimony, Christian woman! Give God glory and help someone else. #Christianwomen #Christianencouragment

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