Desperate for Jesus Women’s Conference

Desperate for Jesus Women's Conference

I attended! Yup, I was there! Well, not really “there”, because it was an online Women’s conference, but I don’t think I could have been any more “there” even if I was physically “there.” Wait …before you think I’ve lost my marbles entirely, let me explain I’m talking about the online women’s conference hosted by Chrystal Evans Hurts and Priscilla Shire on YouTube. The online event was called Desperate for Jesus Women’s Conference – Rooted . It was free and broadcast live on YouTube.

Can you believe I almost missed it??? Since I’m taking a slight respite from social media, I didn’t know about it until my sweet sister in the Lord, Beverly, texted me information about it.

A free, online Christian women’s conference?

Being the difficult child I am, I honestly wasn’t sure I would bother.

I thought to myself, “what could I get out of an online Christian women’s conference anyway?” After all, I’m Zoomed out and terribly FaceTime-tired (translation: tired of teleconferencing.)

My skepticism reminded me of that scene in the 90s movie “Waiting to Exhale”. If you’ve seen it, you know the one. It was when Gloria- incredibly bored with the nightclub looked smugly at her friends and said, “I coulda stayed home and watched Good Times.” That’s so very ME! I hate wasting my time. Don’t you?

Plus, I’m a bit of a cynic by nature. Honestly, I prefer the term “special” to “cynic.”

Yes, I’m special and it’s not always in a “good” way either. I’m convinced I’m God’s “problem child.” After all, every parent has one. For my mom, it was Eric (never me, of course:).

For my hubby and I, it’s… oops…let me stop there before I get in trouble. Ha!

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah. I’m a challenge. Poor God.

Being a total nonconformist, I typically walk to the beat of my own drummer which means what is usually “hot” and popular, I take no interest in until I’m ready to see what it’s about.

For instance, if everyone is reading and talking about a particular book, I’m like “whateverrrr…I’ll check it out when I check it out.”

Another example: if there is a really popular restaurant, I’ll wait until some of the “shine” is off it before I actually go. What can I say? I’m a mess and I own it.

Just like all those other experiences, I was very “meh” about the conference.

In fact, it wasn’t until someone in my family mentioned it that I went ahead and registered to attend. Guess when that was. Like an hour before it started! Ha! I really am a mess, as my grandma used to say.

Anyhoo…how it all “went down”…

“Go get your journal”

I felt those words in my heart. I was like “Nah, I’m good.”

But, it wouldn’t stop. It was that “still small voice” we all know. So, I rushed into the kitchen to grab it. Long story, but that’s where it was.

From there, I sauntered into the guest room, streamed the conference on the TV, and began folding clothes while waiting for it to start.

Ironically, I got through all my laundry and put it away before the Desperate for Jesus Women’s Conference – Rooted came on. It was wild how it didn’t start until I finished my laundry.

I felt the Holy Spirit say “turn it on in the here too” so I did.

Had to make my bed first before watching the online women's conference

About that time, I moved the party to my bedroom.

How the online women’s conference began…

When it started, I was ready with my journal, a pen, and two TVs blasting it.

Doggonit! I had to make the bed! Today was laundry day. So, I rushed to get it all assembled.

Whew! Fitted sheets on a King-sized bed are a pain! But, I got it finished all the same.

Boom! There they were. The two women – who are daughters of the renown pastor Tony Evans- opened the night with bright smiles and a quick explanation of the evening’s format or how things would flow.

It was about this time I learned the online women’s conference was the entire weekend – not just one night. I wasn’t “turned off” in the least, so I continued watching.

Prayer by video…

Night 1 – Prayer and Praise

Enter Ms. Pat…Prayer Warrior!

They introduced a woman, whom they affectionately referred to as “Ms. Pat” to open in prayer.

Me, comfortably curled up on the bed, I was watching this event as lackadaisically as one would watch a sitcom or a movie.

I was captivated as Ms. Pat, a sweet woman of maturity and wisdom, offered some really practical tips for all Christian wives. What she shared was solid, biblically sound, and reminded me of the type of advice a Godly mother gives to her daughter.

Ms. Pat praying!

She touched on everything from praying with (and for) your husband to living a life of “God-ordained submission” one to another. Go, Ms. Pat!

Here what I have to say on my podcast about submission here.

Regardless of whatever season your marriage is in, Ms. Pat had some wisdom for you.

Desperate for Jesus Women's Conference - Rooted by Chrystal Evans Hurst
Yes, I took notes. 🙂

She even spoke of the importance of physical intimacy in a Christian marriage. Real talk! In fact, she called it the “touch and agree” part of the marriage. Ha!

Get it? Touch? Agree?

Commitment…under his mission…

Speaking with the confidence only God and experience can provide, she went on to caution us to be committed to your husband’s success.

I really agree with that.

While I have many gifts, my purpose is rooted in my husband’s ministry. My commitment takes shape as being his safe place, his support, and, at times, his advisor.

When I married Him, I discovered he had a skilled staff and many volunteers. What he didn’t have was an intimate cheerleader. That was the role God gave me and my ministry is to respond to his needs … just as Ms. Pat told all of us wives to do.

I also loved what she said about “work to agree with your husband”. Think about that. The Bible does tell us to strive to be at peace with everybody. Our husbands are no different. Christian Woman, you really can’t get enough of that sort of wisdom.

After offering advice, she began to pray for us all.

“Close your eyes!” I felt nudged by the Holy Spirit to pray in full agreement. So I did.

All the single ladies! God sees ya’ll too, Christian Ladies!

Immediately after, Priscilla and Chrystal prayed for the single women and single moms in the Body of Christ. That touched me.

With closed eyes, I recalled the years I, myself, felt so forgotten as a single woman and a single mom. It blessed me when they included them in the night.

After Ms. Pat prayed an AMAZINGLY anointed (Holy Spirit-filled) prayer, I noticed the environment on the screen was now a cozy, almost talk-show type of set.

Priscilla and Chrystal (as if I really know them…I don’t) were now seated, wearing casually cute outfits and surrounded by several praise and worship singers.

Speaking of which, Chrystal was the leader! She had such a lovely voice! Who knew? Well, I didn’t.

When I met Chrystal Evans Hurst…

A couple of years ago, she spoke at my church and her keynote and insight left us all changed, strengthened, and encouraged.

She seemed something of an introvert – quiet-spirited and humbly sweet.

As we enjoyed a tranquil lunch at Kansas City BBQ. As the “MC”, I felt hurried and busy. I found myself appreciating Chrystal’s calm presence. Again, who knew she had pipes and anointed ones at that? What a gifted sister – she can teach AND sing!

She can sing! Chrystal Evans Hurst

May your struggles prove God is good.

She sang that song and the lyrics are something like:

“We are here because He made a way….that’s why we’re standing here. I don’t know how…”

Here’s Travis Green singing it:

By the time the second verse dropped, tears stung my eyes, and an explosion of worship followed!

My dark bedroom transformed into the altar of God and I felt so blessed to be there with Him…alone with Him.

The worship was thick, rich, and palpable. It wasn’t long before I forgot I was experiencing this as an online thing.

Wow! It actually felt like the Holy Spirit was filling my empty room as water fills a tall, hollow glass – and, it was just as refreshing.

You know, this was no accident.

Clearly, the Lord sent my kid and husband on an errand to make time for this communion and worship experience.

It’s true! Girl, I am RARELY alone in my home. It’s like an almost never sort of event! God knew what I needed and He used these ladies to supply it. I’m very thankful for the Desperate for Jesus Women’s Conference – Rooted!

The next thing that happened…they went for my pocketbook!

About this time, I had to wipe my “worship tears” with an old tissue I found in my nightstand.

The next prayer warrior during the “Desperate for Jesus Women’s Conference” was a lady named Devi Titus. I’d never heard of her but listened intently as she talked about money and God’s provision.

Just like Ms. Pat, she was dropping knowledge!

In only a few minutes, she said “wisdom is to save for the future” and went on to explain how we are stewards of God’s money.

Such a good and necessary reminder we will forever need to hear, right?

I loved her simplicity in saying our role and relationship with money is to: Give. Spend. Save. Simple as that.

Next, she prayed and asked God to restore our identities separate from “things.”

Materialism is indeed a useless “trap” and we should all be very careful of it, don’t you think?

Yeah, we need to take the time to contemplate why we want the things we want – that’s wisdom, in my opinion. Here her below:

She continued praying for our enlightenment to manage what we already have in our lives. Truth!

So many of us have too much stuff as it is! She advised and reminded us to be “grateful and free from always wanting.”

Man, again, such wisdom! May we all remember to be stewardship-minded instead of “desiring” and begging for what we don’t have – and often don’t need.

*talking to myself too*

A life …what? Who does that? I do!

After the “money” prayer, Priscilla shared her life verse. Which made me think of mine. First, I’ll share her’s – here it is: “it is for freedom that Christ has set us free in” Galatians 5:1.

Here is my life verse:

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Galations 2:20

What’s your life verse? Do you have one?

After that, Chrystal sang “victory belongs to Jesus! Victory belongs to Him!” You know that song.

Remember, this first night is to prepare our hearts to receive what God has for us tomorrow. So, it was filled with plush, velvety worship and these powerful increments of prayer. Such a wonderful time! But, that wasn’t it!

There was more!

With everything going on in the world, they went on to pray for our health during the “Desperate for Jesus Women’s Conference – Rooted.

Again, this event was not a spectator sport by any means! It was 200% participatory. I was all “in!” You couldn’t have pried me from my spot!

The screen was then filled by a sweet-spirited woman named Eleanor Webb and she began to pray for our physical and mental health. OMG! That was so valuable! I prayed in agreement and worshipped believing God heard her prayer and provided healing and peace for us all.

Want to hear how I experienced this moment during Desperate for Jesus Women’s Conference – Rooted?

In order for you to “experience” the evening with me, I recorded several increments. Here’s me worshiping. WARNING: I’m going to sound like a “weirdo” clapping and worshipping. I am not a singer and forgive the nose blows. Hey, I worship the same at home as I do at church! Sorry if it offends you. I don’t own any rights to this music.

My purpose is for especially new Christians to know there is no wrong way to worship. Worship is directed to the Father and other people likely worship as you do. There is nothing to be ashamed of as it pertains to worship, ok?

Press play below:

Praise God! She reminded us we have hope in Jesus Christ and encouragement in His Word! I felt helped!

Finally, Beth Moore prayed…

The next topic of prayer was for the entire world, essentially. Really. Priscilla explained the prayer was for a halt of the proliferation of racism, unrest, and …everything.

Guess who did it! It was the familiar and famed author and Christian speaker, Beth Moore. Before she interceded, she gave honor where honor was due.

She verbally spoke directly to the two sisters and encouraged them to walk out their mom’s legacy. As you likely know, Dr. Lois Evans, who passed away not very long ago was a trailblazer in ministering to pastors’ wives. She went on to say such kind words about Dr. Evans and I felt it was very fitting that she did that during this event.

When I encountered Pastor Tony Evans...

Albeit brief, I met Pastor Evans during a funeral my husband officiated. As I stated earlier, I met his daughter too. Unfortunately, I never met his wife – one of my regrets.

Oh well. It wasn’t God’s will.

I can say, I did follow her on Instagram, and once she and I shared a ‘social media’ exchange about something in Washington. I can’t remember what it was about now, but I fell in love with her spirit then.

Wanna hear something wild? I determined to attend her next pastors’ wife conference – not with the intent of meeting her or anything – but just to support her and glean from her wisdom.

It was not to be. Nevertheless, I felt somehow touched by this woman. As a result, I appreciated Beth Moore’s verbal tribute.

In true Beth Moore form…

She always has an unusual way of say things.

“Lean forward in the prayer,” Beth Moore said in her usual southern drawl and candor.

Something about this woman makes you think she’s talking through the television or book and speaking directly to you. Do you know what I mean?

Beth then said something I think we all know.

She stated”the end is getting closer and closer” and then she prayed for the sisters and also for all of us women to “step into her place in this Gospel moment.” She petitioned God to “make us fierce women of the Gospel.” Amen!

The recent events in this world point to every prophecy about the end of time. Jesus is coming back! May we all be vigilant. Amen?

God really ordered my steps the entire evening.

The Bible says:

A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

Click here to see the verse in Proverbs 16:9 for yourself.

Everything from the laundry being done in record time to my home being empty was all part of God’s kind and thoughtful plan.

Well, He conspired to give me a free evening and a moment of sweet spiritual abandon.

Just He and I. I love Him so much and I’m so grateful for this time.

I’m also grateful for Chrystal Evans Hurts and Priscilla Shire too. This time was a “gift” and I can’t wait to watch “Desperate for Jesus Women’s Conference – Rooted” time and time again!

I’m heading over now to support these ladies with my finances and I’ll be eager to tune in tomorrow. If you want to join me, be sure to register here:

Want to watch it for yourself?
This is day#1.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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