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I’m so geeked! I wrote a very humble blog entry about John Bevere’s book “Drawing Near”. Girl, that book has been a blessing and has impacted various areas of my life. Funny, as you ‘draw near’ to God, other areas are affected positively – marriage, parenting, work, etc. If you want to know how to bless someone, first, I’d say get that book for them!

Anyhoo, I digress.

Well, my day was made when I noticed a comment from Mr. and Mrs. Bevere on my raggedy, little blog – GodsyGirl!

Whether it was from one of them or their staff, I don’t know. But, it speaks volumes to the type of ministry culture they have. I’m no one from nowhere.

Imagine, they would take the time to encourage a blogging mom. Now, I love them more than ever! 🙂

(Note: this blog post was written several years ago. So, I’ve updated their site and their link for you. It’s now:

It just goes to show how you can make someone’s day by doing something relatively mundane. I’m sure it didn’t take a lot of effort for Mr. Bevere to reach out to me. But it’s certainly impacted my day and a very wonderful way.

Ever wonder how to bless someone?

Have you ever thought about how you could intentionally make someone’s day better?

Wouldn’t it be great if this is the first thing we woke up thinking about? I have lately gotten into the habit of intentionally thinking of the Lord the minute I wake up.

I know I should’ve been doing it all along, but I didn’t usually officially say anything to Him the minute my eyes opened. I’ve changed that. Now, I either greet the Lord or tell him “thank you.” Sometimes it turns into an all-out worship session all before my feet hit the floor!

Here’s another twist, though.

What if I began waking up and asking God to lead me toward making someone’s day great? Or even walked into work with the thought “how to bless someone” on my mind.

As I walk from my car, wondering to myself “what can I do to be a blessing for the Kingdom today?”

When I hit the elevator button, “Holy Spirit guide me to a person that needs a “lift’ today.”

Intentionality is what I am going to begin to aim for. What do you think?

I’ve got ideas about how to bless someone!

Here are some things that I think I could do that might Touch the heart of a person whether I know them or not.

Ways to show kindness to people

Ways to bless someone

When I’m in the drive-through line, I can automatically ask to purchase the meal for the person behind me. Someone did this for me once and it blessed me so much!  You could also do this at a restaurant when you’re leaving. Once someone did that for me too. I was a young single mom having lunch with a friend. She and I were giggling and having a great time. I happen to spot someone I knew in another part of the restaurant. I went over and greeted them. It was an older couple that had been dear to me.  Well, when it was time to pay for the check, I learned they paid for our check on their way out! I especially love that they did it on their way out. It proved humility and no need for open recognition. So cool, right?

Here’s a fun one. Say here in a long line of cars and a car wants to get over into your lane. Just let them over.

If you’re in the grocery store, and someone behind you as if you were groceries or products, invite them to go ahead of you.

If you’re in a restaurant eating, give your server a huge tip! You could do the same with a delivery driver.

Leave a card on your neighbor’s porch to brighten their day.

Speaking of cards, send a card to someone who really blesses you and your life. Anyone.

Call someone with the intent of listening for what they need. Then try to provide the need.

Buy a card and put $20 and it. Take it to church and give it to whomever the Lord leads you to give it to you.

Go through your closet and find one of your favorite dresses. Then find someone to bless with it. Don’t worry, God will repay your kindness.

Grab a snack or treat for someone at work and just set it on their desk.

Bake some brownies and give them to someone you like.

Ask some people on your Facebook profile to share their cash app names. Then bless someone with coffee money or however the Lord leads you.

Upgrade your phone prematurely and give the old one to someone else.

Keep good candy in your handbag to share with folks when you’re in church.

Stay after church for about fifteen minutes. Ask the Lord who you can encourage or talk to.

Smile! A smile really can lift the spirits. Sometimes, I’ll be in my car and a random person just smiles at me and, while I’ll never see them again, I feel “seen”. Smiles are so powerful. I’ll be Jesus smiled all the time, right?

Do you have ideas on how to bless someone?

Hey, Christian woman, take the time to bless and encourage someone today. You never know, you just may make their day just like Beveremade mine!

The funniest part is, I’ll bet he doesn’t even remember he did it. As I update this post, many years have passed. 

Have you heard the saying that people will not remember what you did for them as much as they will remember how you make them feel? I’m sure I totally massacred that quote, but you know what I mean.

I will always buy their books because of how they made me feel – either by reading them or this one time. 

With all my heart, I pray I can bless someone in such a memorable way!

By the way, here’s the book blowing my mind! I’m an affiliate, you can grab it on

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