Day 1 – Joyce Meyer 30/30 Challenge

Today, I began “day 1” of the Joyce Meyer 30/30 challenge. After 23 years of walking with the Lord, Bible study is nothing new to me. But, let me tell you, every distraction that could rear its ugly head boldly did so today. I know it’s because I decided to take the challenge. Before the Joyce Meyer 30/30 Challenge, Bible study was much easier to “fit in” to my life. Hmmmm…I wonder why.

To add some variation to my approach, I planned to spend time with the Lord during my lunch hour. Here’s what I had planned: I was going to eat at my desk and jet home for an hour of joyful worship, praise, and researching His word. Good plan, right?

Before I could even launch my plan, I had an unexpected surprise.

Guess what it was. One of my dearest friends was leaving town, and she wanted to see me before she left. Not to sound weird, but I’ve lost enough people in my life to know you make time for those you care about – especially before they go up 3,000 miles in a metal cylinder.

My distractions didn’t end there on that day.

My Joyce Meyer 30/30 Challenge Postponement #1

Then, I figured, I would study and pray while my little guy ate his dinner. Perfect, right?

However, he was all hyper and super “wound up” from the first day back at school.

Girl, all I can say is there was jumping and chattering … and there was a bullhorn (long story about the bullhorn, I will tell ya more about that later).

As if that wasn’t enough of a delay, my wonderful oldest boy (who has his own apartment now) dropped by for a visit. Kids killed my Bible study chances today.

Bible Study Distraction #2

“No problem,” I thought to myself. “There will be time later”. How naive I am.

Wait! I forgot.

Oh yes, I simply *had* to work on GodsyGirl’s WordPress settings (which are a hot mess and, in itself, a journey in faith). Technology killed my changes for Bible study tonight.

Postponement #3

Not long after I got the site going, my husband came home…EARLY! “Hey, Pastor/Baby/Sweetie”. It’s a wrap.

Not really. I found the time.

Rest assured. I finally got my time with my sweet Savior. He led me on a path He never had before. Funny how you can read the same scripture you’ve read a gazillion times before and get a totally fresh, new take on it.

Further, during that time with the Lord, He revealed deep-seated wounds I had been nursing. Wounds I thought had long healed.

Can you see why the enemy might have been behind all my distractions from the Joyce Meyer Challenge? God had a purpose. He laid it on Ms. Meyer’s heart for such a good reason.

Update: I didn’t finish the challenge. Don’t tell Joyce.

My crazy life means taking things one day at a time—no outside challenges are needed for me.

Besides making you giggle a bit, my point in sharing this is the enemy does NOT want you to find time with the Lord. He hates Joyce Meyer’s 30/30 Challenge and any other challenge designed to focus you on your Bible. You have to press on. Or, you have to re-assess the whole challenge thing – which is what I did.

This is not the time for me, personally, to do a “plan.” I’ll follow it loosely, but I’ll also remember I may have to structure my spiritual growth in a different way – at least for now. Maybe when life changes for me a bit, I’ll find the time for a structured challenge.

Yeah, I’ll continue my normal Bible Study regime. Spending regular time with the Lord is a non-negotiable. However, when I do it and how I do it will be my call…for now. I won’t label it “10 days” or “30 days.”

Do you do “challenges” like this one?

ADVICE: If you do take on a challenge like this and you have several demands on your time, consider:

  • Waking up before everyone else and having your prayer time then.
  • Giving yourself lots of grace for unexpected stuff, changes, and such.
  • Have an accountability partner to help keep you on track.

I did NONE of these things. Sort of wish I had. Maybe I will in the future.

In my previous post, I confessed to being abhorrent to things like this. Seems this Christian chick has some work to do.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Joyce Meyer 30/30 Challenge”

  1. My pleasure. I posted this quite a while ago. But I think I’m going to revisit it. Now is a perfect time to do so, don’t you think? I think I’ll start it as well! I didn’t finish it the first time.

    If you want to do it together, feel free to find me on Facebook at GodsyGirl – Living life His way. Holler at me or post something and maybe we can do it together???

    It would be good for both of us! This is a really crazy season. Let me know! ????

  2. Over the last couple weeks Ive been noticing how angry I am Im having an extremely hard time keeping my mouth shut and when I snap I feel worse something made me stop and check Joyce meyer and see what she was talking about I was led to the 3030 challenge I was very relieved because Im in the house with my thoughts I dont have positive people in my life and I know I cant do this myself THIS IS DAY 1 OF THE 3030 CHALLENGE THANK YOU for this opportunity to get closer to God

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