Cute Crochet Braids for Women over 40

Crochet braids for women over forty
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Yes, I’m blogging about crochet braids!

Ok. A while ago, I shared GodsyGirl is shifting to a Christian lifestyle blog. This means you’ll find so much more on here than ministry resources and encouragement. You’ll also find …well, me! A Christian lifestyle blog is about lifestyle. It’s about life and I want to share more of mine with you and learn how you do yours. Let’s talk about marriage, parenting, and our other interests too. That’s what a Christian lifestyle blog is about anyway…it’s about life, right? Let’s kick things off by talking bout a hairstyle I love. It’s called “crochet braiding.” I want to talk about crochet braids for women over 40. It’s not for everyone, but we’ll talk more about that next.

Ok. Real talk moment.

If you are one of my White Christian sisters, please don’t leave! Learn about me and us. Learn about how we do this hairstyle…if for no other reason, stay just for curiosity’s sake. You know, inclusion is not about focusing on one experience and expecting everyone to be able to relate to it.

No, it’s about openness and learning about one another, asking questions, and doing life together…for real. What do you think about that? Girl, in my opinion, you don’t have to wear crochet braids or even understand me totally to be my sister. So stick around – if for no other reason than to see my epic “old lady” selfies below. Ha!

Back to regularly promised programming…crochet braids!

Have you heard the term “protective style?” Well, if not, this is what it means: a hairstyle that protects your hair or the growing out of your scalp.  It’s not protecting from covert spies from another country or anything, but from heat, chemicals, and daily handling. Think of it as a break for your follicles.   

This is exactly what crochet braids do for my hair. It gives it a “rest” because I can either braid my hair or I can hide it under a weave cap. Either way, my hair is safely and snugly tucked away for a couple of weeks. 

What are the best crochet hairstyles for women over 40? The best ones are those that are elegant, soft around the face, and look like natural hair. 

I really don’t want to be that “old lady”…

Women in my age group have to be careful how we translate some of these hairstyles. We don’t want to end up looking like we are in the midst of a mental breakdown or are in the throes of a tormenting mid-life crisis!

Trust me when I say some of those youthful styles don’t always transfer to us very well.  In fact, I can show you some horrifying hairstyle pics in which I look like I either had a head full of curly burnt fries or had stuck a wet finger into a live electrical outlet! Often those very same styles looked great on a twenty-something young chippie on Pinterest! What was the difference? IT WAS ABOUT 30 YEARS! That’s what it was. 

The point: older women cannot always wear the same crochet hairstyles as women over 40 that the youngsters wear. We just can’t. Plain and simple. 

You know, when I think about crochet braids for women over 40, 50, or 60, I think of utility and flair. Once again, I’m not trying to look 19 again! I have been there, done that. Instead, I just want to look the very best version of myself — my over 40 self. That’s exactly what I want this Christian lifestyle blog to be about- everyone just being the best of who they are…whoever they are; wherever they are. Age doesn’t matter! If you’re twenty – embrace that. If you’re 70, rock that 70 to the best of your ability!

Anyway…back to the crochet braids for women over 40…or over 50…or into infinity…and beyond!

As I prepared for this blog post, I was shocked how many pictures I have of this hairstyle which means it’s a definite “go-to” for me.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head, Christian Lady,  I’ll just share a few to inspire you – not my entire collection of pics.

I’ll also share some of my favorite tutorial videos anyone can do to create this style…regardless of your ethnicity. Honestly, I think White women can do crochet braids if they want to wear them. All you need is a weave cap, the hair, and the crochet needle. 

You really can find so many tutorials on how to do this style. If you’re interested, go for it!

Just know, it’s easy and while it takes some practice, you really can DO it! 

Let’s look at me sporting my crochet braids!

The pic below is my favorite way to wear crochet braids forme and any women over 40 because it looks so natural. I used Freetress Water Wave “hair” and then I “had my way” with it. By that I mean I manipulated it, separated the curls a bit, and stretched them out. I also watered them down with a spray bottle to soften them. 

Crochet braid hairstyles for women over 40

The style above looks so natural, I’ll bet most people think it’s my hair! Well, I guess it is…I paid for it.

Tip: I often will put a little liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle and spritz them a bit and remove the sheen. Remember, this isn’t really “hair”, ok? It’s synthetic fiber…like your favorite pair of comfy socks. Treat it as such. Ha! 

In that pic, I’m feeling super cute. Usually, God’s light makes for the best selfies, but on this day … it didn’t. hehe I still like this pic.

Tell me, do you ever take selfies alone in the car at stoplights, or is that only a “me” thing?  

West Coast “fly” over 40…I mean 50… chick! 

I love blonde on my skin tone!

Yet, not enough to dye my own hair that color. I’ve done it a few times, but bleach is damaging which is why crochet braids are such a great style option! I chose this style for our summer vacation a few years ago.

We were in Vegas on a family vacation and while in the hotel room, there was a massive window. I thought “SELFIE TIME!” even though I was exhausted from an early flight. 

The style below was a mixture of hair textures. Some of it was Water Wave, some of it was Freetress Bohemian and then I found this thick platinum blonde on Amazon. They really have some good options and as an Amazon affiliate, I like posting what I use and why I like it. 

While I love this blonde hair, it looks SUPER dry and doesn’t have ANY sheen. So, I paired it with shiny hair so I wouldn’t look like a “deadhead” walking around Vegas.

Elegant crochet braids
Here’s a day one vacation look!
Crochet Braids for older women
Cute hair and cute tee!

Get this tee for yourself!

Did you notice the style got shorter and shorter? Yeah, I got a little scissor happy with it. Oh well, I still enjoyed it.

The best curly hair for crochet braids …

Water Wave is a type of hair lots of brands carry and is clearly my favorite for my curly hair crochet braids! So far, my favorite brand is Freestress. It’s fairly versatile too. You can separate it to make it look thicker and add more volume. You can do that with most of them, but I find Freetress doesn’t frizz as much as others when I separate it.


Another shameless plug for my online store
featuring shirts I design myself!

All this said… I’m very particular about which crochet hairstyles I choose to “sport”. I really stepped out of my comfort zone recently with the blonde!

older women crochet braids and protective styles
Christian Lifestyle Blog for Women

Oh let me tell you, for this style above, I opted for 1 bag on the bottom and the auburn burgundy 44 for a face-framing crown effect.

Gray or Silver Crochet Braids without looking “OLD”

Instead of my ordinary blah color choices, when the silver fox, Steve Carell did his thing and went gray, I was like “Yau-Yah!” His silver tresses inspired me to find my own silver “foxy” (see below with sunglasses). The hair I used was Freetress’ Water Wave in Silver. I found it online. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find anymore. Search around for this crochet hair and maybe you can find it too. The texture is silkier. Check out this one. It’s pretty close.

The gray was perfect to feature as one of my Crochet hairstyles for women over 40. I even weaved in some other colors throughout and in person it comes across as a platinum blonde sort of shade (see above). 

I don’t like a completely gray head. I wanted a black majority with silver around the crown and along my edges. It worked so wonderfully well! This look complimented my natural graying pattern – which is around the edges of my face.

Silver. A great crochet hair color for older women. Who woulda thunk it?

Gray silver crochet hair

Gray is so much fun, but it’s not my choice all the time. Why? Because I’m not going gray nor ready to embrace it full time. With that said, my favorite way to wear my crochet braids [as an older woman] is with a dark hair color.

Crochet hairstyles for older women
Less hair = more natural crochet style.
Crochet hairstyles for women over 50
Channeling my inner kindergartner. 
What’s up with this “face”? LOL

Are you getting ideas? I hope so! Be sure to let m know how you like them below!

How long does it take to do crochet braids yourself?

My crochet braids take me about and hour at the most.

This time span doesn’t include the cornrow time. When I braid my own hair or cornrow it, it takes much longer. It’s also the least favorite part of the process. This is why I usually use a weave cap. I like to use this type of cap.

You know, I’m getting incredibly comfortable crocheting my own hairstyles. It really goes fast while watching a movie or bingeing on a few Netflix or Hulu shows.

I don’t usually put very much hair on my head. I know that’s a strange statement to someone unfamiliar with the crochet braiding process. I typically use one and a half bags, if that much. I don’t like a whole bunch of hair installed – leaving me to look like a plate full of curly fries. Ugly.

Natural styles look much more flattering on me and more akin to my own hair texture. You can never go wrong with looking natural.

Crochet hairstyles for older women
Tired mom, but hair is on point!

How long are they in? 

Once installed, I don’t wear this style as long as I probably could. The main reason is that I get bored with hairstyles and need to change them up often. As a result, my style is usually installed for about 2 to 21/2 weeks.  I keep my scalp squeaky clean with witch hazel and a cotton ball. If I have the wave cap on, I’ll let the water run thru in the shower.

Crochet braid styles for work and church?

Yes! When a style is natural, it works for any situation.

Elegant crochet braids for older women
Crochet hairstyles for older women  elegant crochet braids
Church flow – “First Lady” look (after church, I shake that hair out!) 🙂

My Model Model Natural Twist Crochet Braids

I really liked this style with the twists. My only weakness was my braid pattern. I like a side part and can’t make these work that way because of how I braided it. This is why I like the weave cap method, but didn’t use it this time. 🙁

I got this hair from my local Black Beauty Supply Store. Amazon didn’t have it. What do you think?

Elegant Crochet braids

I used a black rubber band to make a low bun below. Easy!

Crochet braids for mature women
Woman over 50 wearing crochet braids
I didn’t use much hair here. Only about 21/2 bags.

Above, I used a GoGo curl hair from Freestress. I brushed through it a little and loved the waves manipulating the curls rendered.

After I broke my foot….I threw these in from the bed…

I literally did these from my bed with my foot in a cast and elevated above my head. Girl, after breaking my foot, the last thing I wanted to worry about was my hair.

Can you see the pain on my face…under the makeup?
Crochet braid styles for women over 50

Maintaining my over 40 crochet braid hairstyle…

Once again, I preserve my hair by spritzing lots of water on it every single day. Afterward, I add a little conditioner or, as I said, fabric softener, to soften it.

At night I put a band around the bottom of it and cover with a silk bonnet.

Crochet hairstyles for older women
Thinking: what will my next Crochet hairstyles for older women be like?

When morning looms, all I have to do is shake it and add more water. Then, I’m off for my day’s adventure. Super easy style!

Crochet for women in 50s
Yes, this shirt is for sale in my online store! Click image to see.
Blonde crochet braise on a woman over 40

Below, I used Bohemian hair from…guess what brand. Yep, Freetress. Let me know your favorite crochet hair below. It seems I’m in a rut. 🙂

Crochet Braids - Freestress Brazilian Hair
Elegant Crochet Braids…

Well, the pic below in the shades may have fooled you. It’s Freetress…not my natural hair!

Natural hair styles and crochet styles for women over 50
The above is Freetress cut short and separated.

Video: Me in Crochet Braids

Click this video and see me talk about my faith, my life as a pastor’s wife and sport what is best hair for crochet braids …Freetress. 

Below is my hair after a fresh wash and some gel. Crochet braids (and all protectives styles) help me keep my natural hair healthy and my curls strong. 

Curious about my “real curls”?

Natural hair  women over 50
My curls after a little product
Natural hairstyles for women over 40

I love my hair…and my funky sunglasses!

Crochet braids immortalized!

Crochet braids even look good in a sculpture below! While in Vegas we found this little kiosk. I think we were in the Venetian. Well, they take your pic and create a sculpture of your family! Cool, right?

We did it because my oldest was getting married a few months after the trip. We wanted to do something special to commemorate our last family vacation with him as a single man.

Let me know, Girl!

Would you like to see more stuff like this?
Was this useful in giving you ideas? Let me know below!

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  1. My pleasure, Lisa! Hey, you’re a girl after my own heart! I also want to play with my style and I want my part just the right way. I remember not being able to communicate that to my stylist, but I could easily do it for myself. Thanks for commenting! This really is a great style.

  2. I love all your crochet looks. I started my natural journey in July 2020 and after a few false starts with hair styles, I discovered crochet braids. I tried to have some one do it once (paid) and that just did not allow me to play with the hair and control my look. So here I am almost a year and I love my protective crochet styles. Thank you for the great looks and inspiration !!

  3. Yeah! That’s what I love about this style! 🙂 When I get a compliment, I always end up telling folks “IT’S CROCHET BRAIDS! Cool, right?” HAHAHA

    My husband always says “Just say thank you, Babe. Just say thank you.” haha I love spilling the tea. 🙂 It’s fun to fool folks! Glad ya like it and thanks for commenting! <3

  4. I love it and Never knew it wasn’t all you!!

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