Crochet braids for older ladies

Crochet braids for older ladies

Figuring out my Crochet Braid Life

Wow, what a week! It had already been busy with work and just “life stuff”. Fortunately, cooking over the holiday was left to the professionals, but somehow I was still tired. Anyhoo, my hair was the least of my concerns. Why? Because I always seek out and wear styles that are easy and that are usually safe crochet braids for older ladies like myself. I’m in my 50s now, and I don’t want to look like one of those chicks holding on to their youth like a desperate, drowning man holding on to a doubtful lifeguard.  These days, the kids call it looking “thirsty,” and I don’t want to look thirsty by any means.

Honey, no, thanks!  

I’m being a little silly with all this thirsty talk, but what I’m really talking about here are my crochet styles this past month or so. My philosophy for this style is simple.

Crochet braids for older ladies should be elegant, sophisticated, and timeless.

For me, Crochet braids are an amazing natural hair care solution for women of color – especially busy ones like me!

I’ve posted other blog posts featuring these styles, and I love sharing them.  I hope they inspire you to try them and take one thing off your busy to-do list.

When I wear these styles, I can usually just jump up and leave [to wherever I’m going] in about a half-hour – it would be less if I didn’t have to do my face. I love my makeup!

When I wear the water wave styles, they need a little work.

It needs some “love” and some trimming. 

Water wave varieties of hair grow frizzy.  They clump together and can even get matted if you don’t care for it. Alternatively, I usually go to the twists or braids for my crochet braids because those styles do not need any care from me at all. That makes them ideal.

Tips for wearing water wave hair and
My crochet braids for older ladies

In my experience, Freetress Water Wave is the best of all the water wave brands, and I’ve tried quite a few of them.  I can’t put my finger on it, but it just looks more natural and doesn’t frizz as quickly or as often.

Still, it does frizz.  Hey, life does happen, and frizz is just a part of “life” with this style, I think. Let me share what works for me when my water wave frizzes.

Here are ways I reduce frizz on water wave hair I will:

  1. Wet it during installation. I pull apart each ringlet and run water over it thoroughly, too. This removes a little of the shine and makes it feel more like natural hair. Somehow, it frizzes less, too.

  2. I add a mousse to the wet ringlet before I separate it into about 3 smaller sections.

  3. Use a spray bottle to wet the hair with water all the time.  I do it daily and sometimes twice a day.  If the hair feels wiry, I will put some cheap conditioner in the water bottle and shake it to combine the two. 

In addition to my third tip above, if I leave my crochet braids in for over three weeks, I will put some liquid fabric softener in the spray bottle. 

This softens the synthetic hair and gives it a great scent. What do you do to soften your crochet hairstyle? Please share below if you have some tips! I’d be so grateful!

Since my crochet braids for older ladies are about creating natural-looking hairstyles, you want the synthetic fibers posing as hair to look like … well… hair. I think prepping the hair with water and spraying it daily helps.

Protective Styling Rocks!

Ironically, it also helps to have a little frizz with water wave hair. 

Call me crazy, but my crochet braids look more natural the longer they are in – partly because I’m caring for them daily and partly because of a little frizz.

Think about it: all curly hair (that grows from the scalp) has a little frizz. So, when the crochet braids do it, it looks more natural. Yeah? What do you think?

Even with all the care needed for the water wave styles, they are still MUCH easier to handle than my own hair, and the bonus is I don’t worry about overtaxing or overhandling it.

Getting older…it’s a trip!

As I age, I see my looks changing. In some ways, it feels as though I’m becoming someone else – like a better version of myself.

My thoughts about my looks are altering, too.

Girl, I’m okay with growing older, but I am not “okay” when I’m NOT looking and feeling my best. 

These crochet styles help me look my best, but the only way I will feel my best is by trying to stay active and by relying on the Lord to keep me motivated, fueled, and inspired.

I need Him to help me maintain my perspective because I don’t always feel life is as familiar to me as it was when I was younger.  This is why it’s called the “change of life,” I supposed. 

Learning to embrace my new beauty – which doesn’t look as it did when I was 25 – is a process for me. 

Trust me, I have NO desire to return to those silly, unconfident years, but I do want to feel present in this day and age I’m currently in.

The Lord promises that my latter years will be better, and I’m determined to make sure they are.  My crochet braids for older ladies help me – in a very small way – to keep these years on and poppin’!

I’m twisting the scripture a bit, but I do believe it’s biblical to watch Him blow my mind in these years.

“The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of hosts.” Haggai 2:9

Let’s go. Check out my looks below! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Crochet braids for older ladies

My Crochet Braid Styles for Older Ladies Like Meeeeeeeee….


Since I’m old, I lean toward a side part. I’ve tried a middle part – as the young people wear – but I look like a drunken Black Patty Hearst knockoff. In other words, that style is not flattering on me.

Time for a break from my crochet braids for older ladies

I just took them out because it had been about three weeks since I installed the second set of crochet braids.

I cut them close to the braid and take my time pulling the loop out. Be careful because once I cut my ACTUAL hair, That was not a happy day at all. That patch of hair is still growing back. Ugh!

Well, that’s it. What do you think? Tell me below!

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  1. Oh, I’m sure it will be beautiful! Your sweet spirit shines through the internet, so I know it shines through in your style too! 🙂

  2. Hiya🖐🏾
    Just found your spot 🤗 I’m going to be 60 soon and I’m celebrating with a new hairstyle. I have platinum grey hair (on purpose) and am doing the crochet braids for the first time! Pray for me sis🤣

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