Christians and Blended Families

Blended families and Christians

One of the most difficult topics to explore is: how Christians manage blended families. I didn’t realize how strong my feelings were about the subject of Christian blended families until I recorded a podcast episode.

You must check it out if you are part of the blended family. It will give you perspective. It will give you encouragement and it will give you advice. Actually, even if you’re not. Listen. You may be part of a blended family in the future.

Blended family and NO more drama (Thanks MJB)

Christian blended families are incredibly tricky to navigate but should be easier than for people who don’t have the spiritual arsenal we have. We have the Lord on our side and He empowers us to deal with anything! He heals our wounds and softens the hearts of the men and women in our world.

I think being in this situation (of a blended family) creates spiritual tests for all involved. No one is exempt from the pain and trust issues associated with this dynamic. Nevertheless, we are equipped. We don’t have to be bullied or respond with vitriol!

Christians and blended families can be different. We can make it through the challenges of if we walk in love and determine to exercise the fruits of the spirit. Don’t you think?

We don’t need the drama…WE’RE CHRISTIANS!!!

We are able, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to walk in love in a blended family situation. If we can’t, then the Holy Spirit doesn’t exist and Christianity doesn’t work in all life situations.

Either God is powerful in our lives or He is not. It’s our call? Is He Lord of all or NOT Lord AT all in our blended families?

Don’t answer until you listen to this podcast and hear my heart as I share my own struggles in my Christian blended family.

Christian blended families should be able to work because of the spiritual arsenal we have to battle the enemy and win against his attacks. Click To Tweet

Listen to my podcast below about blended families. It’s harsh. But, it’s true!

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