Christian Women’s Workshop Topics

Christian Women’s Conference Workshop Topics

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Christian Women’s Conference Workshop Topics

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Christian Women's Workshop Topics

I love brainstorming women’s workshop topics! Here are a few ideas to get your “creative juices” flowing as you think about what to call your women’s ministry workshop topics.

Fit for service

Possible Scripture: GALATIANS 5:1

This Christian women’s conference theme could take you in a lot of terrific directions.  You can align it with a Proverb about wisdom or even Hebrews 12 (faith and setting aside weights). What does it mean to be fit for service? What would sisters need to know to be fit for service? This theme for a Christian women’s conference is filled with possibilities. You could even tie in physical fitness.

God’s Handmaidens

Possible Scripture: Hebrews 6:10

You guessed it.  This one is all about service. How do we serve with excellence? How do we become reliable? What skills are required to do so?  How can we link our service to others to our ultimate service to God? One of your workshops or topics could be something about performing for an “audience of One”. In the end, it’s all about Jesus. All we do in service is about Him.

Stir Up the Gift or Fanning the Flames

Possible Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:6

For this theme bring in speakers or plan workshops around discovering one’s spiritual gifts.  You can find lots of quizzes online. Just get permission to use them and print them out. Then teach the ladies how to cultivate those gifts. What ministries does the church offer that align with each of the gifts? If none exists, what will women need to know to create those opportunities to use their gifts?

women's ministry virtual events
Tips for hosting women’s ministry virtual events and women’s ministry events online!

S.O.S. – Saving our Sisters (could have a nautical theme)

Possible Scripture: Isaiah 6:8

Teach women the concrete skills to be disciples. Offer tools that enable them to lead others to the Lord.  Even consider having someone come in to skillfully teach how to defend the faith – beyond just sharing one’s personal experience. What does history say about scripture? How does history scream (and confirm) Jesus was who He said He was?

Re-Filling the Cup

Scripture: Romans 15:13
(reference the scripture my cup runneth over)

Rejuvenation. Refresh. Re-calibrate. Teach women how to relax in the Lord and how to relax in real life. Maybe mental health professionals could come in and share how to manage one’s mind in ways that align with scripture. There are actually Christian yoga instructors and counselors out there.  Bring them in.

Christian Women's Workshop Topics

Sisters in Unity

Possible scripture: John 17:23

Prepare the women for the enemy’s tricks to sow discord. He seems to find us (women) first; just as he did in the garden. What types of things typically happen among women that manage to keep us at odds with one another? Insecurity. Gossip. Jealous. Call them out in the conference and provide strategies for avoiding them and quenching the fiery darts of the wicked.

Casting Cares Conference

Possible scripture: 1 Peter 5:7

Explore what it looks like to cast cares on the Lord. What spiritual and mind disciplines are involved? Explain the habits we need to acquire in order to NOT pick up the cares again? How do we know Jesus cares for us? Share the proof.

Bonus: “Greater Things” Women’s Conference – you can focus on all the possibilities in Christ!

Is this list useful?  What else would you like to see? Let me know below!

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Christian Women’s Conference Workshop Topics

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