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If I can pursue my dreams…I know you can too! Let me tell you about it and encourage you at this end of this post!

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BOLD Christian

Hey, GodsyGirl has launched a shop focused on Christian women’s apparel! I did it! I’m so excited!

Woo-hoo! I’m flexing my artistic spirit (not only with this
Christian lifestyle blog), but also with:

Cute Jesus shirts

Adorable Christian shirts

Christian Apparel (some for both guys and girls)!

Faith apparel is a great tool for spreading the Gospel and sharing one’s testimony. I love comfy, cozy, cute faith apparel, don’t you?

Well, if you’ve followed my trajectory as a Christian blogger, you’ve discovered I am an encourager. I love helping people feel empowered and inspired…even with all my typos! 🙂

Jesus hoodies and Christian shirts for women
Jesus Hoodies and more!

I’m also a bit of a wanna be comic. Creating Christian tee shirts merges my two quirks perfectly! I’m able to encourage others with inspirational designs and create funny (OK, sarcastic) tees that spotlight your personality.

Again, I love wearing women’s Christian tees

I’m a pretty casual person and tees just feel good.

Plus, as I mentioned, they help me spread my faith, humor, perspectives and sarcasm without saying one word. I can be in a grocery store and someone will say “Wow, I needed to see that” or “That shirt is HILARIOUS!!!” Either way, I’m so happy to be “present” in this world and show the world I’m a Christian – unashamed and undaunted.

how to be humble
Click image to view this hoodie. 🙂

Tshirts for Christian woman is a popular search term these days.  (Actually, it is in a variety of forms…which is why I spell it so many different ways). Pardon me, grammar police. :>

God enables us to do anything…even create Christian t-shirts! 🙂

God can use you to do anything, for sure. Nothing is impossible with Him!

So, even though I’m just a Christian blogger, I wanted to throw my hat into the religious t shirt ring.

Well, religious t shirts are actually more than just clothing.

Christians are all about forms of expression. They express our views as boldly as other people (i.e. non-believers) express theirs.

Why should we Christians hide? This Christian tee says “Hey, God is real!” (Not literally) 🙂

Why should we cower?

We’re here! 

Christians are in this world too and must be BOLD expressing our views in every way possible.  It’s not about rules (as you know), it’s about a relationship with Jesus with produces a Christian lifestyle. I think Christian tees are a great way to be “present” and bring hope…with a shirt!

Wifey tshirts with Christian messages
Amazing tees with strong Christian messages!

Christian Tshirts share my faith!

In fact, I’ve found I can passively share my Christianity with faith tshirts easier than I can with words.

You know what? People respond to Christian t shirts!  I’ve noticed lots of head nods, smiles and even compliments as I’ve sported my Christian women’s tshirts around town. I’ve chatted with people with whom I may never have spoken to had I NOT had on my Christian woman’s tshirt!

Well, I hope you’ll check out my online Christian apparel shop.  Please share on social media! Please visit my Facebook page and hit the LIKE button.

Oh yeah!  I don’t have just tees for Christian Women!  I have tees for men too! Visit my new Christian women’s apparel shop now!

I’ve learned manufacturers charge so much more for “women’s tshirts” than they do for men’s.

It’s so unfair women’s clothes are so much more expensive…for the same garment.

I’ve figured out a “work around” for my Christian women’s tshirts!

So, I’ve begun making most of my shirts in a unisex (for both men and women) cut.

This way I can not only keep the costs down, but ,I can also cater to both Christian men and women with my tees! The cut is not weirdly boxy either.  You’ll like it.

However, if you’d prefer any Christian tee in a more feminine cut, just let me know!

Christian doctor tees

Now. What about you? What’s your dream?

What is burning in your heart to try? What is it that you’d want to do, but are maybe a little afraid to try? I was afraid to try tees for sure! What did I know about Christian tee shirt business? Nothing.

Are you a determined Christian woman?

But, I know the Holy Spirit will guide me and I will research my tushie off! Visit my designs here.


May I tell you most of my blessings came to me regardless of my fear or my lack of qualifications?

While working my first professional job, most of my colleagues were so much more qualified than I was with both experience and university credentials.  Yet, I excelled.  God’s grace.

My husband literally dropped out of the sky (well, not literally…it was a setup).  Anyway, I wasn’t looking for him. I would have been unlikely to interact with him.  God’s grace.

This tshirt journey is going to be no different. I’ll rely on God’s grace. Hey, have you visited my shop yet?

Look. Whatever you’d like to do to make your mark on this generation…DO IT!

Some of my tees for Christian women. Check them out!

NOW Your turn, Christian Woman!!!!

No one on this earth is any better than you are. If it is God’s will, He will guide you, equip you and lead you through any process.

All you have to do is make the move in faith.

What move do you need to make to take your ministry to the next level?

How can you expand your blog?

What about your YouTube channel?

What ministry has the Holy Spirit had burning in your heart?

Look my purpose is encouragement. I do so with podcasts, blogs, and yes… Christian apparel.

What’s your “thing”?

What NOT to do.

Yeah, I did them all and still struggle with a few!

  1. Delay your “start” because you don’t know “everything”. You’re never going to know everything, so, do your initial research and get started! Learn as you go!
  2. Allow fear to stop you. Don’t be afraid. Trust God and jump!

Remember Psalm 56:3

“When I am afraid,
I put my trust in you.”

What is there to fear anyway?

You can save for your investment so it won’t seems so scary. If you need a computer, save little by little so you can get one soon. At least then you’re moving toward your start.

3. You hear the “white noise”. You know what I mean. Those “voices” that whisper it will fail, you’re not good enough, etc. silence them with scripture. Deuteronomy 8:18 helped me so much! ”You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day.” By default, I’m grafted isn’t that promise! God will equip you.

Tell me, Christian Woman…

What stops people from moving toward what they are interested in doing or pursuing?

Be sure to visit GodsyGirl’s Shop 🙂

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6 thoughts on “My Christian women’s apparel”

  1. Amen! He gets all the more glory when we step out unqualified. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kristina! God bless you as well, Sister. 🙂 <3

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Really appreciate the encouragement to step out and MOVE in faith! (Especially the “what not to do” list). Each one of those things are so easy to get hung up on. Remembering that God is bigger and (way) smarter than all of it!

  4. Awww…thank you soooo much! Appreciate your support! ???

  5. Godsygirl, this is a wonderful thing and you’re doing a great job at it! I’m so happy for you! I continue to pray God’s blessings upon you.☺

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