Christian Women Workshop Ideas

Having a Christian women’s workshop as part of your church’s women’s prayer breakfast, women’s ministry event, or women’s Bible Study? What you name the workshops will be a huge marketing tool to encourage women to sign up. Plus, the titles set the tone for the workshop.

Here are a few ideas for titles you might be able to use. .

Title 1: Making the most of your time with the Lord.

Learning objective: Identify barriers to effective prayer and Bible Study. Provide tips to make their time with the Lord meaningful and productive. Also, you can offer tips on how to organize it.

Title 2: “Submit to WHO?”

Learning objective: Illustrate Godly submission in the context of marriage. You could also offer how it aligns with Jesus’ examples of submission all Christians should offer.

Title 3: “Moving past yesterday

Learning objective: Analyzing self-sabotaging behaviors that are a residue of past pain. Offer tips and ideas from scripture to overcome past mistakes, abuse, and pain.

Title 4: Embracing Act II

Learning objective: at the end of the session, women will be able to recite at least three positives elements of being middle-aged (and older). They will also acquire ideas and resources to embrace this season of life.

Title 5: My turn, Her turn! (Learning to wait with grace)

Leading objective: women will explore seasons of waiting in scripture. They will also be inspired to wait graciously on the Lord (as they wait for marriage or other life events).

Title 6: Rolling like Rhoda (being a woman of faith)

Learning objective: based on Acts 12:13-17, women will be guided through the elements for living a life dogged faith, expectation, and excitement.

Title 7: Made of Sugar and “Spite”

Learning objective: Dealing with the bully spirit and tendency some women have to be nasty or mean-spirited. This workshop explores the causes of bitterness and how it can show up in relationships with other women.

Title 8: The Perfect swap

Learning objective: Women will explore the techniques for taking Jesus’ easy yoke and not being stressed. What 3 ways can women relieve stress and trust God?

Title 9: Make and Take

Who doesn’t love crafts? Well, I don’t (see below). But, perhaps, women can work as a team and enjoy a fun relaxing craft they can take home.

Title 10: Challenge Seekers

Learning objective: Guide women on how to embrace a challenge and see the best in potential problems, battles, etc. Your tagline could be “Embracing the spirit of Caleb.”

Title 11: Poise, Posture & Presentation

Learning objective: Participants will learn 3 tips for giving a smooth, yet dynamic presentation. They will also learn common platforms (Prezi, PPT, etc) and a bit about learning styles.

Title 12: Keepin’ it Real

Learning objective: Women will have a safe place to talk about and find solutions to challenges contemporary Christian women face. They can brainstorm solutions in teams.

Are these helpful for you? Leave me a comment to encourage me! 🙂

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