Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life as a Christian

Living your life purpose

Are you a Christian who is struggling to find your purpose in life? If so, you are not alone. You know, discovering God’s plan for you can seem daunting, but taking the right steps and understanding how He works will help you uncover His purpose for your life. With this guide, you can learn practical ways to discover and fulfill God’s will. Christian Woman, you’ve got to get to work finding your purpose in God. You’re here for more than you’re doing! It will make your life so much more fulfilling.

But prepare for opposition – from the enemy and from people he uses.

Why do people criticize other people who are following their purpose? I’ll be direct: why do so many women criticize other women attempting greatness? I don’t know, nor care. But, I think they are jealous, insecure, or just critical spirits. Again, they don’t phase me. In the end, we just have to be about our Father’s business come what may.

The first steps in finding your purpose in God are:

  1. Discover your purpose
  2. Pray for direction
  3. Begin advancing toward it
  4. Do it!

    Understanding the Facets of Purpose

    Are you asking: “What is my purpose?”

    Knowing what your purpose is largely rooted in knowing what God has called you to become and to do during your lifetime.

    Hey, the best way to know how to utilize anything is to consult the instructions drafted by the creator or manufacturer, right?

    That means, in that case, Christian woman, your heavenly Father is where you begin. Pray and ask Him what your purpose is. I’ll talk more about that later.

    "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord
     and Savior Jesus Christ..."
    Peter 3:18

    First, there is the “everybody” purpose…

    We all know ultimately as Christians our job is to bring glory to the Lord and lead others to Him.

    We are also designed to multiply His kingdom. That means everything we do should point toward heaven in some way.

    He also has called us all to lead people to Him, Christian Sister. These two things are the no-brainer elements of our purpose as Christians. I call this the over-arching purpose we all have been commissioned to do.

    AND, your individual purpose...

    Beyond the generic purpose, we all have to lead boys and girls to Christ, it’s important for us to know what God has called us particularly to do in the context of the over-arching purpose.

    In other words, what is your particular role in it? What gifts has God given you to fulfill the “everybody or the over-arching purpose for the Body of Christ?

    For example, He has called some of us to be natural organizers, others to be problem-solvers, and others, still, to be inspirers and motivators. Finding your purpose, I think is rooted in what He created you to be naturally good or skilled at doing.

    Understand your personal skills

    We each have “gifts”.

    The Lord has gifted us all to perform our roles in the Kingdom.

    I think it’s the things we naturally gravitate toward. It’s linked to our personality and our function in life. It’s how He created us to experience and contribute to the world! So cool, right?

    Let me give you my example, I am very much an exhorter and an encourager. God uses both of those skills and talents to glorify himself through me and attract people to the kingdom.

    Not only that, but he also uses them to help other Christians become stronger in their faith.

    These are natural talents and skills intrinsically built into me.

    Sure, I’ve cultivated them and even multiplied them with education and training. Even if I hadn’t, they are spiritually embedded into my DNA, and ever since I was a little girl.

    Think about it for a moment now. Who are you? What’s important? What are your core values? What’s important in life to you?

    Here are some examples.





    How do you “get down?” 🙂 If you had to pick three concepts from the clusters in the blue boxes, which would they be?

    Which best describes you? Which comes naturally to you?

    Myers-Briggs correlations may hint at your purpose.

    Are you naturally an adventurer? If this is you, you may be an ESTP, ESFP, ISTP or ISFP.

    Are you really good at the gift of helps? Sounds like you? Maybe you’re an ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ or ISFJ.

    Are you a Visionary who can see the conceptual framework and systems to make things happen for work better? Have you ever tested as ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ or INTP?

    Are you relational and have competencies relating to people? That could mean you’re an ENFJ, ENFP, INFJ or INFP

    I have not taken this particular website’s test yet, but here is a link to a free Myers-Briggs test.

    Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life as a Christian and finding your purpose in God

    Ask those who know you for feedback.

    Another idea is to talk to your friends and family. Tell your friend you’re working at finding your purpose in God. Ask them “what have you observed I’m good at doing?”

    Your purpose lies in the things you naturally gravitate toward. Think about your temperament and personality.

    Again, what comes naturally to you? You can also go to my blog Think Blink and get a free True Colors assessment when you subscribe!

    It’s not easy finding your purpose in God. Nor is it easy stepping out on faith and doing something you are hopelessly invested in making work. When you know your purpose, you crave to fulfill it.

    You try projects and they become your passion.

    Maybe, even your money is in it too. But, if you want a life full of satisfaction and meaning, you’ve gotta step into your purpose, Christian Woman!

    Once you decide to move forward, let the chips fall where they may! You’re finding your purpose in God and you’re moving forward and that’s good!

    Have you ever wondered why don’t we pursue our heart’s desires? Why do we, especially as Christian women, “sit” on our life purpose?

    Your purpose in God

    I’ll tell you why I hid from my own purpose for so long, Christian Lady.

    Christian women, finding your passion & purpose in life begins with courage. Be brave enough to embrace the vision in your heart; embrace and prepare to move into it.

    Don’t run from it. Don’t hide. That doesn’t work – ask Jonah.

    Seriously, this may be easier said than done because usually what God calls you to do is so inconceivable it’s very intimidating.

    Years ago, blogging was a bit scary for me. Why? Because as I blog, I share my life, my “oopses” my problems, and my struggles too.

    Who wants to do that – make yourself so transparent? As I always say, being this sort of vulnerable is like “showing your slip” in public.

    It requires faith for me to type my heart on this computer screen in hopes of blessing you. That is part of what kept me from blogging topics for Christian women for years.

    But, that’s not the only thing.

    Finding your purpose in God will stretch you!

    Some of the things in my heart seem so off-kilter and unlike me and my past patterns. They also seem hard! That’s why I hesitated

    In my limited mind, they lean toward impossible. For example, my podcast was a huge leap of faith for me. Why? It’s because I feel a little weird doing it.

    I feel stupid talking in a mic and I’m not sure what I’m doing in this new realm.  However, it’s growing and is teaching me to trust God for content, technological know-how, and more. Plus, it draws me closer to the Lord because I need Him so desperately every single step of the way.

    Besides, I know some folks who know me are like “what in the world is she doing?”

    Be warned: fulfilling your purpose may make you look crazy to people who are not fulfilling theirs. If they were, they wouldn’t have time to worry about you, right?  Ha!

    Live your purpose in God
    In conclusion: Finding your purpose in God
    This one – figuring out what to do – can be super tough for Christian women.

    I know it was for me. I knew nothing about podcasting and less about blogging. Then, there was keyword research, Pinterest marketing, and social media management. Oh my!

    Yeah, I think another reason it is hard to live your purpose and passion is that you simply don’t know where to begin.  Rest assured, though, God always provides!

    Spend Time in Prayer.

    Pray for God to reveal His plan.

    It’s always a good idea to pray for direction. Spend a significant amount of time asking God what He wants you to do and where He wants you to start. Prayer is the foundation of the Christian life and an essential tool in discerning God’s will. Take time each day to pray and talk to Him about His purpose for your life. Ask Him to reveal His will and pray for the wisdom to discern it.

    Make sure you share with Him your desires and dreams, then listen for Him to reveal His plan for you. Ask God to direct your paths and give you the courage and strength to follow His plan. When you commit your plans to the Lord, He is always faithful to answer!

    It’s as simple as that in my opinion. I’ll bet you already know. God is not hidden in mystery. Even in scripture, we see He is never shy about telling His people what He wants them to do.

    I’ll bet Moses, Noah, and others wished He was shy with the “big things” He asked them to do – but, He wasn’t then and He isn’t now. Ask Him in prayer. He will direct you.

    Listening to God’s voice should be a main focus for every believer. Plain and simple. Prayer and meditation are essential in learning how to recognize the Lord speaking to you. When facing a difficult decision or situation, pray and ask God to lead and guide you on the right path. The same goes when you want clarity about your purpose – pray and ask God to lead and guide you then too!

    Prepare your heart to be still and quiet, allowing space for God’s voice to break through any other noise in your life. Pay attention to any thoughts that come, they may be a message from above!

    Lay the groundwork toward finding your purpose in God.

    Once you feel God’s unction or tug in your spirit, start your planning. For example, if God wants you to begin speaking to women in your community, commence searching for places to meet. Play around with meeting formats. Will you have handouts? How will you market it?

    In other words, create your plan.

    Now is the time to do it, Christian Woman!

    My advice to you is simply BEGIN! Start somewhere. Be prepared to learn new information and invest the necessary time in honing your skills. In other words, don’t be lazy. Get started and be ready to work.

    Life is more than existing.

    Life is about jumping from one adventure to another – trusting God all the way as your faith swells and the Holy Spirit energizes your very existence!

    Get out your comfort zone!

    What if the Bible was full of stories of people just playing it safe? That wouldn’t build your faith at all!

    No, the Word of God is chock full of stories, images, and examples of people trusting God to rock this universe while living out their life purpose in technicolor!

    Start finding your purpose in God!

    Don’t be scared. Learn new things about maximizing your purpose and get going!!!!

    Listen to my podcasts on this very subject of finding my purpose in God– it’s directed to you and other Christian women finding your passion & purpose in life, I promise you, you will be motivated to MOVE now!!!!

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    1. So true, right? ??. When we have vision we always stand out and stand apart. ? blessings to you in fulfilling your purpose!

    2. This statement: “Be warned: fulfilling your purpose may make you look crazy to people who are not fulfilling theirs.” ?????? Thanks for this encouragement!

    3. It’s a pressing action too sometimes. ?. But we gotta keep going. ?

    4. I loved this. It is a word in season for my life at this time as I press forward through my fear and insecurity.

    5. And thank you for stopping by! Many blessings to ya, Becky! ?

    6. I ? that quote! So represents my current life season! I’m. not meant to be docked either. ??. None of us are! Thanks for that, Heather!

    7. “What if the Bible was full of stories of people just playing it safe? That wouldn’t build your faith at all!” — love that! It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes — [ A ship at harbor is safe but that’s not what ships are for. ] It’s not always easy to take that step of faith but it’s so worth it!!

    8. So well said. That’s so true. It’s probably very challenging for men. I would imagine most men focus a lot on what they do and relate that to their purpose. Hmmm…

      Similarly, I think women often lose themselves and identities as moms and caretakers so we can forget how to align.

      Robert, you’re so right, as we delight ourselves in the Lord follow what he deposits in us I think will end up at the right destination. Relationship with him is everything

    9. This is a great post. I think the whole issue of trying to find one’s purpose applies to men too, not just Christian women. But sometimes we can focus too much on ourselves and try to find our purpose that way. I like Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” When we delight ourselves in Him, he gives to us certain desires within our hearts which can become our passions and purpose.

    10. I’m so glad! Thanks so much for commenting! Means so much to me to see it. ??

    11. It is so encouraging to realize that we all have a unique purpose on this earth. Your line, “what if the Bible was full of stories of people just playing it safe” really got me as I am facing one of my major giants this week. I needed to read this today. Thank you!

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