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“Christian” – (Christianity is unpopular these days)

Is Christianity is unpopular these days?

When some people hear the word “Christian”, they mentally erect red flags and an alarm like the minion alarm sounds in their brain. Next comes an almost impenetrable emotional wall blocking them from all things “Christian”. Have you noticed that happening with you? I know I have. You can almost see it occurring.  They look away or begin stirring their coffee or something.  Wild. It’s like Christianity is unpopular in today’s predominant, millennial-driven culture.

Christianity may be unpopular because Christians act cuckoo.

Sorry to be so blunt…no, I’m not!

The truth is many people just feel uncomfortable around us Christians. They simply don’t want to hang out with us.  They may associate us with hate-filled speech or even stupid political parties. Even before all these things were as prominent as they are today, I experienced the social rejection Christianity can produce. Wanna hear something funny:  I didn’t mind it. Largely because of what my childhood church taught me.

It was uber-conservative and socialized us to believe Christians should be “set apart” and not be around sinners. They said we are the “light of the world” and should avoid events where people are not behaving like Christians.

Hey, I’ve even been told the reason I wasn’t invited to some events was that I’d make folks feel “uncomfortable” drinking and such. I was like “really”????

How would they know I would do that anyway? I don’t go around telling people they are hell-bound or that they are “sinners”. I never do that. Who am I to judge anybody?  Puh-lease!

How the heck are we going to reach non-Christians and be light if we remain in light??? Try turning a light on in a bright room.  It’s stupid, right? You won’t notice the difference because the room is ALREADY lit. Same with avoiding social events unbelievers attend. We can “turn on the light” for them. When everyone in the room is saved, the impact is limited.

Nevertheless, so many Christians stay separate from sinners and act as though they are somehow better than them. Horrible, right?

Yeah, I think that’s one of the main reasons Christianity is unpopular. Folks have had just enough crazy experiences with us to want to stay far from us all.

Creepy Christians are why Christianity is another reason unpopular these days

You know I’m right when I say some of us are just plain….scary- like Halloween/Twilight Zone scary!

We talk a foreign language or what I call “Bible-ese.” We use our secret, codes little church words. For instance, we use words like “favor”, “blessed” “victorious”, etc. These are good words, but most people outside the church don’t have a clue what in the world we’re talking about, and that can totally “creep” them out. 

I try to limit those sort of words around non-believers. So, instead of saying a word like favor, I’d say something like “Wow!  Good things just keep happening. I know God is working, Girl”. 

Sure, I want to always give praise to the Lord, but not sound hokey.   If I do it long enough, eventually, folks start asking questions or for prayer. Happens all the time!

Even better, sometimes people just see how our lives unfold and start asking questions naturally.

If someone asks me:

“You’re always in such a good mood, what’s up with you?”. I can say, “the Lord is so good to me! I just can’t help it. Speaking of which! where are you spiritually?

Humor is how I do life, you may have another way to reach folks.  Let Him use you and your personality as a too.

Winning Souls even when Christianity is unpopular.

Our walk on this earth is mostly about introducing people to the loving, saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That’s our primary purpose.

To win them for Christ, we must be wise. We must be accessible emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Christianity enables us to live a life above our circumstances. and feelings.  People want that too. They long for a life of peace and perspective. How will they ever experience it if we scare them off with our fake “perfection” or strange way of talking?

You know, it is easier to spout platitudes about Jesus than to actually “live” Godly in this world. For instance, how hard is it to say to someone: “You need Jesus, He is a Savior to all”? Pretty easy to say, huh? Takes only a few seconds.

On the other hand, it’s significantly tougher living an authentic Christian life in peace when everyone else is freaking out.

Or, to turn the other cheek when someone attacks you?

Or, praying a quck blessing over that joker that cuts you off in traffic? MUCH harder, yes?

The key to making Christianity accessible and “cool” again lies in walking a very fine line. The line is between revealing our humanity (warts and all) to others while living authentic Christian lives (holy and acceptable) according to Christ’s teachings.

It’s okay to struggle. We all do.

I even think it’s good for the unsaved need to see that we struggle in life and in culture just as they do.

However, more importantly, they also need to see us reaching, pressing, and striving to be like Christ. Our choices must be God-worthy as often as possible.

I’m talking about things like:

Like loving the unlovable. *ouch*

Hugging and blessing people that treat us badly. *yuck*

Not stealing office supplies from work. *who does that?*

Want more examples? You got it! They gotta see us being kind to our husbands – behind closed doors. Loving the neighbor that won’t speak to you. I’ve got one of those. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was take muffins to her [I’m sure is racist] after her father passed. Ugh. But, God gave me the strength to do it. He even made me “want” to bless her. She still doesn’t speak to me, but I will keep smiling, waving, and showing Christ’s love because she needs to know He loves and cares for hers and so do I.

The image of Christianity really could use a makeover. You and I can be part of that by living Christ examples instead of cuckoo (the third time I’ve used that word) spiritual snobs.

We can be the “change” people need to see in order to want to know Christ and represent who He is.

I know I’m going to work toward it. How about you?

Christianity is unpopular

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