Christian legacy

our Christian legacy

Recently, my church hosted a women’s retreat to refresh and enrich the lives of the moms, daughters, and sisters. That time together seared the value of Christian legacy into my heart and my spirit.

I was blessed to have my cousin, Karen Mills Robinson, as the keynote speaker. She was AMAZING!

It was a blessing to see her again and hear her minister in real life. She’s so anointed.

The richest blessing, though, was a sort of “realization” I had while spending some one-on-one time. It was something I don’t think much about – our Christian legacy.

See, Karen and I come from a long legacy of ministry. Before we were even born- before our parents were born that legacy was forming.

In our family, the concept of a Christian legacy is a guiding principle that shapes our values, actions, and relationships. It goes beyond mere religious affiliation; it’s a commitment to embodying the teachings of Christ in our daily lives.

About Christian Legacy

This legacy instills a sense of purpose, encouraging us to prioritize love, compassion, and forgiveness in our interactions. Family prayer and discussions about faith serve as cornerstones, fostering spiritual growth and unity. We strive to pass down a legacy of faith that transcends generations, equipping our children with a moral compass rooted in biblical principles.

This Christian legacy is not just a set of beliefs but a living testament to the transformative power of Christ’s teachings in shaping our family’s character, resilience, and enduring bond. It’s a legacy that extends beyond our individual lives, creating a ripple effect of positive influence for the generations to come.

Little do many know my great-grandmother was a pastor and evangelist.

There is no doubt that the Christian legacy continued because Karen and I are the offspring of pastors, an evangelist, and faithful church members.

To be clear, Karen is the offspring – me. I was influenced not only by her dad but also by my grandparents.

Neither of us has lived perfect lives ourselves, but we have always had an awareness of our spiritual heritage.

The evening I was to introduce Karen to the women at the retreat, my spirit was so full. I was so grateful to be serving the Lord as part of the legacy my grandparents and great-grandparents cultivated.

As I gazed over at Karen, I thought of Rev. Solomon Mills and Sister Ethel Mills (grandparents).

I thought of the prayers of Karen’s late father, Rev. Charles Mills – my FAVORITE uncle. He sowed into my life so intentionally. It was his sermon that led me to make a decision for Christ. Not long after, he blessed me with my first “real” Bible. I was 17 years old.

My cup runneth over.

In childish exuberance, I asked my Heavenly Father, if at all possible, if He would allow Grandpa, Grandma, and uncle Charlie to see their babies ministering in Christian service.

I know that may shake the theology of some, but I’m not concerned about that.

I am just so excited about what God is doing and has done in our lives.

As I serve as a senior pastor’s wife, I thank Him for the prayers of those who have gone on and the valuable lessons they taught us. I know it’s on their “spiritual” shoulders, I stand.

May we be just as faithful to those coming behind us. May we model Christ’s love and power in our daily lives.

May we diligently sow into their lives faith, power, and the knowledge of the Most High God.

Then, as we are in our Savior’s care, they can continue the legacy of serving Jesus Christ.

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