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When my (spiritual) brother showed me this video of what his church in Portland is doing, I just HAD to share it with all the Godsy Girls out there.

When you think anything is too hard for God, please watch this video!

When you question if God can change your life, please watch this video!

What an example of Jesus, what an example of ministry, what an example of a life changed by the power of Jesus Christ! We send you love, Larry! And we also send love and prayers to the entire the Community of Adsideo!

3 thoughts on “Can God change me – Community of Adsideo”

  1. what a powerful testimony!! no one is out of HIS reach!!! I still find myself saying that if God can take a broken vessel like me and make it useful, beautiful even, He can do it for ANYONE….amazing grace…..and I thank Him that He doesn’t leave us how He finds us, but He picks us up out of the muck and myre, cleans us up, restores us, and we become useful tools in His hands…..thank you for sharing this story!!!

  2. Amen, LadyBug. “Water under the bridge”! I love that. Romans 8:1


  3. This video truly is an inspiration. There are times when I question God’s mercy- question whether or not forgiveness will be granted for the up tenth time. Larry’s story shows that no crime, act of hatred or any deed is unforgivable. Once you go to God in prayer with an open heart and a willingness to do right, all else becomes “water under the bridge” (so to speak). It is a constant battle, one that God guarantees we will not fight alone.

    Thank you for sharing Larry’s story with Godsy Girl!

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