Calling All Pastors Wives

pastors' wives in ministry marriages

Oh yeah, pastors wives, do I have your “number!”

When I first wrote this post on, I hadn’t been married to a pastor for very long. I was one of those pastors wives who was just clueless.

So much has changed since I first started this blog!

That’s why I often refresh, update, and add other resources. I endeavor to be a blessing and to provide the “voice” I wish I had when I was younger.

I deleted much of what I wrote because it now seems light-years from where I am.

I’m still talking “real talk” about the challenges Christian women face, but my perspective has changed quite a bit since I was a newlywed writing these blog posts and Christian lifestyle articles.

I have found my pastor’s wife’s rhythm!

Now, I consider myself something of a pastor’s wife “veteran,” and I love my life! 

A pastor’s wife is an important person in a church community. She supports her spouse, the pastor, and helps with various tasks. The role of a pastor’s wife includes offering emotional and practical assistance to her husband, joining in church activities, and promoting a sense of unity among the congregation.

One of the crucial aspects of being a pastor’s wife is being a source of encouragement and strength to her husband. Pastoral work can be demanding, and having a supportive partner by their side can greatly enhance a pastor’s effectiveness in ministry. The pastor’s wife often acts as a trusted confidante, offering advice, listening attentively, and providing a nurturing presence.

In addition to supporting her husband, a pastor’s wife often becomes involved in various aspects of church life. This may include leading or participating in women’s ministries, organizing social events, or providing pastoral care to members of the congregation. By actively engaging with the church community, she helps foster a sense of unity, growth, and spiritual well-being among the members.

While the role of a pastor’s wife can be rewarding, it also comes with its own set of challenges. She may face expectations from the congregation and be under scrutiny in terms of her behavior, dress, or involvement in church affairs. Striking a balance between personal aspirations and the demands of the role can sometimes be a delicate task.

In conclusion, the role of a pastor’s wife is multifaceted and varies from one context to another. She serves as a partner, supporter, and active member of the church community, contributing to the overall spiritual growth and well-being of the congregation.

I’ve found my place in my husband’s call as we follow the Lord together.

The pastors wife (I’m leaving out the apostrophe for SEO reasons) role is full of “ups” and “downs”, but isn’t everything in life? Of course, it is.

Other women married to a pastor can relate. We have our struggles Just as everyone else does.

In fact, sometimes, I think we feel them deeper than most would expect.

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That’s why I blog about our experiences in ministry marriages at

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I also talk about things like living life in a “fish bowl” with everyone in your business and even watching what you wear as a pastor’s wife.

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I think a lot about the legacy I will leave. I blog about that here:

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What will be your legacy, pastor’s wife?

Girl, I even talk about how sneaky little gossip finds pastors’ wives in ministry marriages.
Yep, we can fall into gossip and sometimes now even know it!

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I also explore the whole issue of pastors’ wives working. Is it ok? Is it not? You already know my take is not typical.

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  1. Oh yes, being married to a pastor brings about many troubles, yet this is when we must lean on the Lord and pray especially hard for our husbands who are called to preach the word of God. I am still learning this myself. God bless you my friend. Thanks for the post.

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