Bible story woman with issue of blood

Bible story woman with issue of blood

Today, I read about the woman in the Bible who had the bleeding problem. I believe the King James says she had “an issue of blood.” The Bible story woman with issue of blood wasn’t named in the Bible, but she was so meaningful and noteworthy – at least to me. I’ll tell you why later. First, let me tell you I’m wirting the phrase “Bible story woman with issue of blood” because of search engine reasons.

As you read this, please ignore the clunky grammar and MENTALLY insert the word “the” where you need to. 🙂


Let’s get at it.

The story of the woman with the issue of blood is found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

Today, I was reading the version in Luke. Luke is a doctor who is straight to the point—my kind of guy!

Do you know the Bible story woman with issue of blood?

According to the Bible, this woman had been suffering from a bleeding condition for twelve years.

That’s a long time.

Seems she had spent all her money on doctors and treatments, yet her condition only worsened.

Look, I love doctors, but they can do that.

I know the doctors don’t mean to cause problems, but some conditions are just difficult to pinpoint.

Anyway, the Bible story woman with issue of blood was at her wit’s end.

She was desperate.

In her desperation, the woman with the issue of blood believed with all her heart that if she could just touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, she would be healed.

Her faith was rewarded when she touched His cloak and was immediately healed!

Here is my favorite part – allow me to bold some parts that stand out:

“Jesus, sensing that power had gone out from Him, turned and acknowledged her, saying,” Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering” (Mark 5:34, NIV).”

Oh, I love that story and I love my Jesus!!!!

Wait. You need context.

Bible story woman with issue of blood

Let me share the whole story,
in case you’re unfamiliar with it.

If you’d like to read it in NASB, as I did this morning, click here.

Press to Him Bible story woman with issue of blood

What was wrong with the lady in the Bible story
woman with issue of blood?

While the Bible does not specify the exact nature of her condition, many scholars believe she may have been suffering from a chronic menstrual disorder or uterine hemorrhage.

This would have caused continuous bleeding.

This condition would not only have been physically debilitating.

Worse than that, it would have been socially and religiously isolating, as she would have been considered ceremonially unclean according to Levitical law (Leviticus 15:25-27).

Her story radiates the uplifting impact of faith and the boundless compassion of Jesus.

He healed her physically and restored her dignity and her place as a good citizen in her community.

God is a Restorer, isn’t He?

Has He ever restored something in your life?

I know He has in mine.

Bible story woman with issue of blood

In the Bible story woman with issue of blood you find so many implications for Christian living.

This morning the Holy Spirit pointed out a few I hadn’t even thought of!

I’m going to invite you into my personal Bible study now. 🙂

The Bible is so fantastic!

It still amazes me how after all these years, the Word of God can reveal new revelations to us.

It is the living Word of God.

It has a heartbeat.

It conforms, expands, and constricts as God needs it to.

Reaching to Jesus like the Bible story woman with issue of blood

The first thing that came to my mind today about the Bible story woman with issue of blood was that she knew where to go for help.

Who knows how she knew where to go.

Maybe friends told her about Jesus.

Maybe she just heard the banter in the marketplace. Actually, I doubt that because she was unclean because of her condition.

I’d like to think someone who loved her must have told her about Jesus and his ability to help her.

Either way, she knew precisely where to go.

Jesus meets us like Bible story woman with issue of blood

So often, we don’t know where to go for help.

We turn to the wrong things. But, she knew.

You know, I’m currently writing a book for single women.

I’m sharing the details of my life in hopes of helping young Christian women make better dating choices.

Just last night, I wrote about how shame can keep us from going to church. I share my own experience in the book.

The beautiful thing about the Bible story woman with issue of blood is that she she knew where to go for healing and for help.

Think about it: she had lots of reasons to feel ashamed, but she did not allow her shame to prevent her from going to where help was.

Christian Woman's lifestyle blog Bible story woman with issue of blood

When you are spiritually or even physically infirmed, go where Jesus is.

Don’t hide in shame or cower in the shadows of your life.

Find Him.

Search for Him.

Don’t let the notion of people being better than you keep you from pressing your way to Him.

Bible story woman with issue of blood Christian woman's blog

Remember, she was considered unclean. Despite that, she didn’t let it hinder her!

She likely saw all the pretty women there in the crowd.

Clothes all pressed, and smelling good.

She could have easily said,” This is no place for me,” and left in hopelessness.

I’m so glad she didn’t do that.

Had she done it, we would not have her powerful story, and I would not have found my own failings and faith in it.

Reaching out Bible story woman with issue of blood

As a young woman, I felt like her.

I saw all the “shiny” women in the church on Sundays and assumed they were perfect.

I thought they made all the right decisions and since I hadn’t, I shouldn’t be there.

What a monumental lie from the enemy of our souls.

Run to where Jesus is.

Again, that is the church—His house.

Have courage like the Bible story woman with issue of blood!

The enemy is going to plan all sorts of reasons why you should NOT go. If you listen to him, you’re nothing like the woman with the issue of blood.

You’re a coward.

Let NOTHING come between you and your Jesus, Christian Sister.

Bible story woman with issue of blood

You may not know this about me, but I’m a runner.

No, I am not talking about an athletic person.

I’m talking about being a person when the going gets tough, I used to jet.

Do you remember Peter from The Cosby Show?

He was that cute little, chubby-faced boy who knew when trouble came, he wanted to be somewhere else.

That was me.

Frankly, I carried some of that into my adult life.

When relationships with guys got hard, I was done. Bye.

“In fact, when dating, my husband called me a”flight risk.” haha

He was right.

My nerves were tighter than a cat in a rocking chair factory, and if you dared to step on them, I was ready to toss you out faster than yesterday’s leftovers.

Funny, this was only true with the men in my life. I didn’t leave my relationships with my friends as quickly.

Hmm…makes you think.

Bible story woman with issue of blood

At any rate, had I been the Bible story woman with the issue of blood, the very minute Jesus said, “Who is the one who touched Me?” in verse 45, I would have run so fast the wind would whistle in my ears.

Not her.

When she saw that Jesus knew, she came to him super scared.

The NASB said she was”trembling” in verse 47.

She then publicly admitted why she did it and explained how it brought her healing and wholeness.

I just love her.

She didn’t run.

“She confessed, which makes her a “stand-up” girl—the kind of woman I want to be and the kind of woman I want as a friend.

That had to take an enormous amount of courage and integrity.

Do you ‘fess up’ when you make a mistake or do you hide from it? ‘

JESUS AND Bible story woman with issue of blood

Have you ever done the wrong thing because you were out of options?

You were likely desperate.

So was she.

She had tried the doctors.

Poor thing lost every penny she had.

Now she was anguished.

It’s understandable that we sometimes make decisions we would normally avoid in moments of desperation or intense need.

The urgent need for immediate relief or solutions can sometimes cloud a person’s judgment, leading to hasty decisions rather than wise ones.

Bible story woman with issue of blood

For example, someone facing severe financial distress might resort to unethical means of obtaining money, such as stealing or engaging in fraudulent activities.

Similarly, emotional desperation, such as the fear of loneliness or rejection, might compel a person to compromise their values or enter into ungodly relationships.

While understandable in the context of their desperation, these choices often have long-term negative consequences that exacerbate the very issues they were meant to resolve.

In other words, we mess up because we’re”tore up.”

Bible story woman with the issue of blood

The Bible offers many examples and warnings about acting out of desperation.

One poignant example is King Saul, who, in his desperation to win a battle and without waiting for the prophet Samuel, unlawfully performed a sacrificial offering (1 Samuel 13:8-14).

His impatience and need for immediate action ultimately led to God’s heated anger and the eventual loss of his kingdom.

Desperation can cost us everything!

Instead of being desperate to the point of danger, we have to trust in God’s timing and seek His guidance – especially when life’s pressures are burning hot.

Bible story woman with issue of blood

The Bible story woman with issue of blood was desperate – but in a good way.

She was desperate for Jesus to move and made Him the object of her desperation.

But we don’t always do that. I know I don.t.

Accept this as a warning for a sister who loves you so much. Do not point your desperation at the wrong source.

It won’t bring you what you need.

Instead, rely on your faith in Jesus and maintain your integrity—this can help you navigate tough circumstances more wisely, Christian Sister.

Confession to the Lord

Biblical confession, the heartfelt act of laying bare one’s wrongdoings before the Almighty and fervently seeking His boundless forgiveness is so important.

I’m taking a bit of left here but bear with me.

She confessed her ‘wrongdoing’ when challenged.

I think confessing what we did wrong requires honest self-reflection and the willingness to confront our failures.

Think about it. She did something she wasn’t “supposed” to do and she was where she wasn’t “supposed” to be.

Bible story woman with issue of blood

In fact, Jesus was on His way somewhere else.

He was going to heal an important man’s daughter – who eventually died – until Jesus raised her from the dead.

Do you see the Bible story of the woman with issue of blood demonstrating her as being incredibly courageous? She derailed Jesus from helping an important official and touched Him when she shouldn’t have even been in a public place.

I keep harping on that because it blows my mind! I so wish I could have coffee with her and talk this thing through.

Anyway, she was honest, and she confessed.

LUKE 8 Bible story woman with issue of blood

Confession restores our relationship with God, bringing peace and reconciliation.

As 1 John 1:9 (NIV) states, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” Just as Jesus forgave her and purified her from her uncleanness.

Confessing what you do wrong is also an act of humility that not only cleanses your conscience but also strengthens your character.

I really believe integrity is nothing more than demonstrating a commitment to truth and righteousness.

Admitting our mistakes and seeking redemption takes courage, but through this process, we embody the integrity that God desires in our lives, allowing His grace to transform and guide us.

Isn’t that wonderful?

I’m so grateful the Holy Spirit led me to that scripture this morning.

Being a woman of integrity is so important to me. I am by no means perfect, but I strive for perfection every day.

I’ll bet you are, too.

Drawing from the woman with the issue of blood, let me say to be Godly women of integrity and strength, we have to press to Jesus for what we need. Even if we are not in our best emotional and spiritual states.

We still have to press.

We have to press to Him if we are involved in an ungodly relationship.

If we harbor a secret sin and don’t want to let it go, we must press our way to Him.

We have to press our way to Him when our personal failings taunt us with things like lying, lustfulness, jealousy, anger, arrogance, meanness, self-righteousness, laziness, insecurity, or ________________________ [insert yours].

Bible story woman with issue of blood

We also have to be willing to be honest about our situations, like the Bible story woman with issue of blood.

Along with facing the fact that we are sick, we have to be sincere when we fall short.

This means apologizing when we want to ignore what happened.

“We have to say, “Yes, I did it,” even if we are not sorry we did it.

We need to repent, we should repent. When we need to apologize, we have to apologize.

Simple as that.

Here is my prayer is based on the Bible story woman with issue of blood.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your Word, which reveals to me how to live my life on this earth. Lord, as I read the Bible story about Bible story woman with issue of blood I see her courage, integrity, and boldness.

But I also see areas of my life where I can do better with each of these.

Lord, please help me to have the courage to press past people” and their expectations and come straight to You.

Lord, as I seek you, or even as I worship you, please help me to not care about what they may think or perceive of me.

Help me to, instead, chase after you and reach out to You with the same vigor as the woman with the issue of blood.

Lord please help me to have the courage to press – push- past “people” and their expectations of me and get straight to You.

Also, Father, please help me to own up to my messes and mistakes.

I recognize that just as Jesus knew who had touched Him, you know everything about me.

Please forgive me for my failings and please cleanse me from my wickedness.

Give me a spirit to confess my sins in humility and seek your forgiveness daily as part of my lifestyle.

God, I love you so much. I want to be pleasing on your site. Please give me ears to hear your Word and apply it to every part of my life.

In Jesus name,


Christian Sister, I hope you enjoyed my in-depth study about the Bible story woman with issue of blood.

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