Benny Hinn Divorce…hmm

Benny Hinn Divorcing

Note: I wrote this post years ago when Pastor Hinn divorced.

James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

Today while doing some housework, I listened to one of my favorite pastors on television (it wasn’t Pastor Hinn).

It was one of those days I was still piddling around the house when my fav show went off and popular television evangelist Benny Hinn came on.

I must be honest, although I offer no criticism for his ministry, I don’t listen to or watch him on television. Theologically, we are not aligned. 

I’m intentionally careful how I phrase this statement because too many Christians judge, criticize and speak ill of one another.

I’m at the point in my life that I will not bicker of our differences.

For me, as long as you believe Jesus is God and the Son that walked the earth in heavenly form while in an earthly body, was crucified for the sins of the world and raised in bodily form from the dead – we’re cool. The rest is “academic” to me.

We may not agree on particulars, but we can still enjoy a burger together whether or not you believe in tongues or other disputable matters.

I really don’t care about that stuff.

But if you are an unbeliever, do know, I’m coming after ya with a big “E” for evangelism on my chest. I want you to be saved and whole. 

However, if you’re a Christian, I will not attack you or your ministry because you are my brother/sister in the end.

Christians must get over that stuff.

Theologians defend the faith and I trust them to make statements and criticize other preachers based on their theological knowledge.

Me, as an everyday parishioner, I leave that alone to keep my heart clean before God.

As for television preachers, I “vote with my remote” (or feet) when I know something doesn’t align with the word of God. Simple as that.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Benny Hinn.

Well, he began to announce his divorce in mind-blowing detail.

I didn’t know Benny Hinn was divorcing, so I sat down to listen. He went on to say infidelity was not part of the failure.

Nevertheless, I was jarred by what [he said] was.

Basically, he admitted that he “traveled the world serving Jesus” while putting his family second to ministry.

He said he always believed ministry took precedence over his family and hauntingly said during today’s telecast “I was wrong”. A lot of families will be saved by that.

As I edit this post years later, we now know he was covering his wife with such kindness. Such integrity.  So many of those who criticize him can learn a lot from him about true Christianity.

My intention here is not to bring conviction on anyone in ministry, that is the job of the Holy Spirit.

More importantly, I am not communicating any personal feelings about my personal life in this post.

As you may know, I am married to a busy and productive pastor doing amazing things in my city.

As he would say, “you betta hear me now” when I say I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT MY LIFE OR MY DEAR HUSBAND IN THIS POST. I simply want you to see what I saw and learned from that Benny Hinn broadcast and even hear your thoughts.

I digress again.

Hinn’s conversation brought me to tears because he humbled himself in a most sincere and authentic way.

Before the eyes of an entire world (literally), he spoke incredibly candidly about a very personal issue. He humbled himself to admit his mistakes so that others would not fall victim of the same.

He mentioned that tabloids are telling falsehoods and he wanted to set the record straight for the Christians that have invested in him over the years. He spoke highly of his wife and even alluded that he may be praying for God to turn the situation around. Who knows. Maybe God will.

Seemed Legit
Those who know me well, say I am quite discerning.

I am and I believe with my entire heart that his intentions were noble.

Even if he wasn’t, my job is to pray for him and offer the same grace God gives me when I’m a mess.

I’ll do that by keeping my comments to myself and my big mouth shut about this fellow Christian.

I wonder would I- could I- have done what he did.

Many of us won’t even humble ourselves to apologize to a co-worker, child or spouse when we know we’ve wronged them.

Or, even if we haven’t wronged them, there have are times when God commands us to simply make peace – regardless of what happened. Have you ever apologized for something you didn’t do in order to make peace and bring comfort to someone else? It’s tough, isn’t it?

Judge a person by their life...not their errors. Share on X

An Example of God’s Humble Woman
Not along ago, someone I love very much called me in tears. She apologized for doing something. She never quite said what. In a humbly tear-ridden voice she said “God knows my heart and I’m sorry”.

To this day, I don’t know what she had done or felt toward me. In reality, I don’t care.

I love her so much and if she needed my support and forgiveness, my only responsibility was to let her know my sincere Christian devotion toward her and reassure her that nothing has changed between us. Her humility taught me so much about true Christian, pride-less living. I’ll forever respect her and esteem her as an example because of that phone call that day.

Don’t Forget
Again, please understand the purpose of this post.

It is to challenge you and me to look past our own needs for esteem, praise, power and pride- oh yes, and our desire to “win” – to be obedient to the Holy Spirit.

Today, in my quiet time with the Lord, I was studying this scripture. It all makes sense today about what God is trying to teach me during our time together.

We have nothing to prove to people and when our hearts are on Jesus, it’s easy to “hide” our own selfish needs, wants and beliefs in Christ.

Check this out:

Colossians 3: “1Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. 2Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. 3For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.


Update on Benny Hinn:

Benny Hinn Re-married his wife in 2013!
Yes! Those are the updates I like to give!
You may not agree with theology, but you can trust someone's life.

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2 thoughts on “Benny Hinn Divorce…hmm”

  1. Thank you for your support, Sara. I get so many emails “yelling” at me for one reason or another – most are from people who don’t even believe in God. I guess, it’s good they read, huh?

    Anyhoo, thanks for your support. Contrary to what many believe (and email me) Christianity “ain’t” for chumps! 🙂

  2. Wow Teri, there is so much packed into this post. First, a big AMEN to not tearing each other down because of the small differences of faith. It’s funny to me, because when I was in seminary, I saw people of faith who professed to be liberal and open, but were completely judgmental of those who thought differently than them. As Christians, we are tearing ourselves, and our faith, apart with our petty differences. We need to commit ourselves to Christ and work on building the kingdom of God, not our denominations.

    Second, sincere humility is so powerful, and it does take guts to live that way. For such a small word, sorry can be so hard to say.

    Finally, you’re so right about not needing to prove ourselves to people. I get too caught up in that, wanting to please, wanting to be “the best” at whatever I’m doing, wanting affirmation or praise. However, the only affirmation or praise I should be seeking is that which comes from God. At the end, when I’m kneeling before his throne, it is his voice I want to hear saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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