Being Real Before a Real God

Not long ago, my 3-year-old made a horrible mess. When I asked him who did it, he looked up with those big, dewy, brown eyes, and innocently responded “Jesus.” Trying to hide my giggle, I explained to Him it was wrong to lie and especially to lie about  Jesus. It made me think about how hard it is to be real when we mess up.

“It makes Him sad” I explained. He looked down and said, hen, I won’t tell Him.”

That’s the way a lot of people are. They try to hide their misdeeds from the eyes of an all-knowing, all-seeing God. How foolish we humans are. God sees those secret pains you try to hide from public “eyes”. He sees what goes on in the privacy of homes.

He knows when you’re angry at Him because you lost that marriage, loved one, goal,or special relationship. He can handle your disappointment; He can even handle your anger.

Many things I am guilty of, but fake is not one of them. I’d rather show all my shortcomings, failures and pain to the entire world than to pretend to be (or feel) something I am not. Worse, I will not cover the sins and misdeeds of others-EVER. Authenticity is what God demands from us all. We must get to a place where our personal lives (at home) and our public lives are congruent.

Otherwise, what is the point?

A God that Sees

The Holy Spirit sees your pains, as well as, your weaknesses and is willing to love you through them all. He will wash you in the power of His love to enable you to walk in authenticity before a world hungry for true righteousness. The Lord loves you so much and will heal your spiritual wounds and turmoil.

He will bind up your broken heart and set you free from all that holds you captive…only be real and run to the throne for help, grace and mercy in your time of need. He sees you, dear Sister, invite Him into the storm. Only He can make it still.

Practical Ways to be Real:

1. Pray. Set aside the time with you and your Father. Empty your heart to Him. Remember, He knows it all anyway. He sees those that mistreat you in private or in public. Allow Him to fight your battle. Trust Him to be your vindicator.

2. Keep silent when the Holy Spirit tells you. Our first inclination is to fight our battles with “flesh and blood” (or people). Don’t do it. Never fight a battle that’s not yours or act ungodly. Love and be kind. Trust Him to wrestle with the wickedness behind the behaviors causing you pain.

3. Worship. Sometimes, Christian woman, you have to “squeeeeze” out worship when you’re hurting. It’s counter-intuitive but do your best. God deserves praise regardless of what is going on in your life. Put on some praise music and “make yourself” acknowledge the greatness of your God. Praise Him at all times because He’s still God and He sees all.

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2 thoughts on “Being Real Before a Real God”

  1. Well said ! Mangiabella. He uses everything. Love that. No pain, test or trial wasted. Heading over to your blog. Haven’tbeen blog-hopping much lately. 🙂

  2. LOVED this post, especially the part about worship – sometimes we have to squeeeeeze it out as you say – when life is overwhelming sometimes all I can do is say these three words that my wise friend Zena reminded me of, even if I can’t pray in my usual, but I just continue to say these three words over and over (I PRAISE YOU) because He is worthy…and He will see me through, and He uses EVERYTHING to bring us into His sweet sweet presence…EVERYTHING!

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