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Join me for my latest and newest online workshop called Living the Good (God) Life! I've also included a free ladies Bible study at the end of this post. 

Woohoo! I’m hosting my first free ladies Bible study!

Join me for my latest and newest online workshop called Living the Good (God) Life! I’ve also included a free ladies Bible study at the end of this post.

A lifestyle of obedience is key to enjoying peace and victory everyday.

Benefits of an Obedient Christian Woman

Disobedience ushers the opposite in to our lives: guilt, spiritual bondage and defeat.

God created you. He had a plan in mind from the very beginning. He planned you to live life to the fullest.

He knew certain behaviors and things are not productive to us physically, emotionally and spiritually.
That’s why He created a plan to deviate us from those things.

I call this plan check marks. As I try to check mark them off in my daily existence. I don’t want to miss the mark. That’s sin.

I want His way of living to be my identity as I navigate through this crazy thing called life.

Don’t try to understand it, I am just different. Gloriously different. Ha ha!

Your gloriously different too. However, you still have to follow His plans and check mark obedient behaviors in your life.

Some people call these marks of His plan “laws”, others call them commandments.

Sometimes, His marks are simply doing what He tells you in the moment.

“Don’t go there”

“Don’t say that”

“Go talk to her”

Obedience is key to a successful Christian life. As a Christian woman, you can’t afford to live any other way.

If you are spiritually bound, it might be because you’re not living A lifestyle of obedience. It could be.

Don’t laugh but I call this spiritual constipation. Something about a lifestyle of obedience brings a sort of liberty.


How does obedience to God bring liberty?

You begin to see all that God can do through you. Seeing this time and time again brings confidence. You gain confidence in the Lord, you gain confidence in your spiritual ability to hear Him. This is the good life!

Guess what! I’ve created an online workshop to equip you to adapt an obedience lifestyle. How does God speak? When? How can we be sure it’s Him? Let’s explore!

Join me November 3 and let’s discuss!

During the free, online ladies Bible study, we will explore the purpose for obeying God, the benefits of doing so and some of the things that trip us up or hinder us along the way.

Registration is required, but it’s also easy!

Join me for this FREE online workshop and let’s learn from one another!

Plan to attend this online ladies Bible study session on:

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Registration is required.  The registration details are:

Please register for Living the Good (God) Life on Saturday, November 3, 2018 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM CDT at:

We will only be fulfilled as we live in relationship with the Lord.

This free, interactive online session explores the dynamics of living a lifestyle of obedience to God. Through understanding the benefits, barriers and expectations of obedience, we equip ourselves to enjoy the victory of serving Jesus Christ.

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God bless you and I look forward to our time together!

Ladies Bible Study Handout

You may also download the reflection handout here.

I did my first YouTube Live!!!!

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