Being a Christian every day

Check your heart so you're ready in any situation.

Today was an amazing morning of Bible study at my church. Usually, my hubby teaches some thought-provoking and challenging lessons, but today one of the associate ministers taught the lesson and it empowered me to be ready for any situation life throws at me.

I respond best to deep-rooted teachings that expand my spiritual perspective. Boring Bible teachers inspire me to snore-dom. Thankfully, I hardly ever am bored to tears at my church. Sure, I’m biased (because I’m married to the senior pastor).

If you haven’t found a terrific church, you simply must. Don’t quit until you are part of a church family. Good leadership trains you to check your heart and keep your intentions in line with God’s word. It really does make a difference.

Anyway, I’m going to share how a simple Bible study lesson helped me.

Good News: We are accepted in Jesus!

Well, after the Bible Study, I left church feeling reinvigorated with fresh revelation from Colossians. It was good stuff. *sigh*

I especially loved the reminder that in Christ we are blameless because of the wonderful work of Jesus Christ on the cross. We can never hear that too much, right?

God’s active in our lives

At one point during the lesson, we chatted in small groups about where we would like to see God’s presence in daily experiences.

Of course, one of the subjects was traffic; there were others, but I can’t remember them.

My group giggled as we talked about typical life troubles and how much we need God to help us manage our responses to those “tricky” [i.e. HARD] situations.

Bad News: What’s a lesson without a TEST? Check your heart and keep bitterness at bay.

On the way home, I called one of our elderly members. Just wanted to check on her and let her know I loved her.

See, on my usual route home, my phone often “drops” calls, so I decided to go home another way to make sure I could talk to her without losing her.

Christian Woman, why in the world did I do that? No sooner after I said “goodbye and ended the call,” did I hear the dreaded squeal of a police siren. I mistakenly thought he was headed somewhere else, so I pulled over so he could easily pass me.

Hmmm… but he gestured for me to go COMPLETELY to the right.

Yup, I pulled over to the right. Another car prevented me from getting all the way over to the right shoulder.

The officer pointed more aggressively for me to keep going to the right until I was at the entrance to the zoo. Then, it hit me. HE WAS AFTER ME!

WOW! I really didn’t think I was speeding.

You talk about chaos. I’m confused as to why I’m being pulled over and my kid is crying in the backseat. He was so scared.

I was too. In my community, the police can be bullies. So, I said a silent prayer.

The officer hopped off his bike and I could tell he was frustrated.

Ugh…what should I do or say?

Believe me. I honestly was NOT being obstinate by not instantly pulling all the way over.

It’s just I didn’t know I was speeding and I NEVER get tickets…because I don’t usually speed.

The last thing I needed or wanted was to receive a traffic ticket and I MENTALLY questioned whether I deserved one or not.

I battled anger because I knew I couldn’t have been any more than five miles above the limit, if at all. The moment reminded me of the “tricky” situations we discussed in my Bible study small group.

You have to check your heart.

Long story short, after Pastor Sheffield’s lesson today, I was inspired to keep my heart pure, my disposition pleasant and endure my punishment for [possibly] speeding.

Remember, fear was also a factor. I took a moment to pray God would protect me and I invited God’s presence into the entire interaction.

The result was a fairly pleasant encounter.

In fact, before I pulled off, I prayed God would bless and protect the officer.

Thank God, for His presence that brings peace to any kind of chaos. Also, although I am blameless in His sight, I guess I need to slow down in my car.