Angels are for real

I’ve discovered an interesting book by Judith MacNutt. It’s called “Angels are for Real.” Recently, I saw her interview on a Christian television show. Her expansive knowledge of angels in the Bible and beautiful spirit drew me into the program. She’s also a psychotherapist; pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, no doubt, her book on angels is controversial at best. The book, “Angels Are for Real” is said to share how God uses these heavenly servants to protect and instruct us in our earthly journey.

Now, I’m cautious reading books on spiritual beings because the New Age doctrine has suckered plenty of naive Christians with their masked philosophies on angels and “friendly” spirits.  In fact, their version of angels is usually those of the fallen variety (you know what I mean.) So be very careful.

Angels are a pretty fascinating group of creative beings.

According to the Bible, they’re spiritual beings created by God to serve as messengers and protectors. You can find numerous references to angels throughout the Bible, and they often play crucial roles in various events.

In the Old Testament, angels show up to deliver important messages. One classic example is in Genesis 18, when three angels visit Abraham and Sarah to announce the birth of their son, Isaac. I know you remember that one.

Another famous angelic visitation is in the book of Daniel, where the angel Gabriel pops in to give Daniel some serious insights (see Daniel 9:21-22).

Then, in the New Testament, angels make a big entrance, especially in the Gospels.

You’ve got the angel Gabriel visiting Mary to break the news about her pregnancy (Luke 1:26-38), and angels show up to shepherds in the field to announce the birth of Jesus (Luke 2:8-14).

There are a whole lot more angel references in the Bible, but these are some cool highlights.

So, in a nutshell, the Bible has plenty to say about angels, so we need not be confused about their intended purpose.

Remember, they’re like God’s heavenly messengers and helpers, making appearances throughout the story who always [ALWAYS] align with God’s words and ways.

Beware of the New Age movement.

The New Age movement represents all kinds of spiritual and metaphysical worldviews.

The New Age movement encompasses a wide array of beliefs, practices, and ideologies that place emphasis on oneself. The power it references is usually inside the person. It also doesn’t reference Jesus or Christian texts. That’s because it is a counterfeit. It’s an evil misrepresentation or distortion of God and His ways.

They push meditation, astrology, crystal usage, and alternative healing methods, all in pursuit of a deeper understanding of the self and the universe. Christians are not interested much in the universe but are interested in the ONE who created it.

Angels are for real

Angels are for real and here is the “angel litmus test”…

On the other hand, God’s angelic beings:

1. Will always point toward Jesus.

2. Will never direct you to behave or act contrary to God’s Word.

3. Will never allow you to worship them.  Remember, the angel forbade John to worship him?

4. Will act in congruence to their Biblical purposes (instruction (ex. Hagar), revealing (ex. Mary), protecting (think about Michael), etc.)

Also, I firmly believe the Bible interprets itself. 

We must never interpret scripture based on popular opinions, feelings, or past experiences. The Bible is the Bible. It is the ultimate truth. Couldn’t care less what Shirley McClain thinks about angels (or how she spells her name), for that matter. God’s instruction is all that counts.

I’ll continue reading as long as MacNutt continues using firm Biblical references. So far, very interesting and enlightening.

Do you believe angels are active in your life? I’m talking about the angels in the Bible.

If you want to check out this book, Angels Are for Real, click below.

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  1. Judith MacNutt is a key contributor and proponent of soul healing. I’ve seen some of her videos on forgiveness and the Holy Spirit. She is very solid and well respected in the Christian community.

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