Just allow God to use you..and “it”

allow God to use you

Have you ever considered why there is so much pain and struggle on earth? I think, perhaps, everyone has pondered this at one time or another. No Bible devotional can answer that question completely. Neither can any one, single book. Oh well. I’m no genius, but I’ve been thinking about it and here is my take. When you allow God to use you in horrible times, it is a more potent testimony than if life were a journey of tiptoeing through the tulips with not one problem.

Life can be hard…allow God to use you in it and after it.

Life’s challenges, wounds, and stresses often make you question your very existence in Christ. You can lose yourself in painful seasons.

However, in my opinion, the answer is in embracing the struggle through the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord knows I can’t embrace it on my own. I need Him to help me. Somehow, deep down, I know my struggle is helping me and will help me later down the road. Part of embracing it is endeavoring to allow God to use you.

In fact, sometimes, struggle propels you toward your life purpose or greatness!

allow God to use you in the sun
Sunflowers move to face the sun…Click here for proof!

I think it was/is/shall be part of your purpose…

Think of it this way. In God’s sovereignty, everything that happens in your life, through your life, and because of your life is filtered through His love and purpose for you. Nothing is by mistake. Nothing is wasted.

So, each pain, rejection, sickness, and strain is likely part of His plan. Sure, we can live carnally and escort despair into our world, but that’s an entirely different circumstance than what I’m referring to here.

I’m talking about viewing the pains of life that just….come as opportunities to allow God to use you.

You know the struggles I am referring to.

Those you had nothing to do with.

Those troubles you didn’t ask for and Lord knows you can’t seem to stop.

Sunflowers were thought to heal chest pain.

When that stuff comes out of the “blue.”

All that mess is likely all part of His plan to conform you to His image and into the person He created you to become. Just trust Him and allow God to use you in and through it all. Know it has a purpose – a reason.

Think of Joseph (Gen. 37-50).

As a young [silly] boy, God gave him a glimpse of his purpose. It was a fantastic purpose of leadership and becoming head of many things – including his family.

But what did Joseph do?

He went and told his brothers all about it. #Dummy

Well, needless to say, they didn’t care much for his dream of leadership and power over them.

He spoke too soon, and the result was catastrophic! I’m talking years and years of suffering. Poor kid.

God had a purpose…He allowed it all.

You know, I think (note: my opinion) God had to humble Joseph through life’s adversity so he would know what hunger felt like, what rejection felt like, and what forgiveness felt like.

Only then could God use him for a greater purpose and destiny.

If Joseph had never suffered his trials, do you think he would have governed Egypt with the wisdom and compassion in which he did? Lean into God and face Him. He’s your strength and your help.

He allowed God to use Him!

Further, do you think he would have shown grace to his hungry brothers had he not known hunger at one time in his own life? He allowed God to use him after the struggle and in it!

Did you know that he offered to help the cupbearer and the head baker in jail? Read Genesis 40! He interprets dreams because he “notices” they are sad. He let God use him…even in his lowest state of being.

Just like sunflowers follow the sun, we should follow the “SON” and allow Him to use every part of our lives.

Back to you and me. 

Could your struggle be part of God’s plan for you now and in the future?

Maybe your struggle with your health, marriage, job, dating life, ministry, addiction, habits, rejection, etc., is a strategic part of God’s plan to propel you into your purpose.

See, my poem wasn’t in vain. 🙂

Allow God to use the good, the bad and the "ugly" of your Christian woman experience. 

It's all for a purpose.