Just allow God to use you in your struggle

Allow God to use you in the hard times.

It’s a thought that has likely crossed all our minds at some point— the question of why the world is so often shrouded in pain and struggle. Or, closer still, why are our own lives so hard sometimes? As Christian women, we know why. We are not confused. After all, Jesus told us we would experience tribulations in this world, but we should not freak out because He has overcome the world and all the foolishness it brings into our lives. It is an imminent fact – we will suffer. We will have hard times. You know it’s coming, and we really need to allow God to use you in the middle of it all.

” In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world”

John 16:33

Marital problems – part of our tribulations.

Wayward children – another part of our tribulations.

A break up with a boyfriend. Ugh. Heartbroken tribulations.

Sickness – also counted among the tribulations.

Grief and loss are among the tribulations on the list. Ask me how I know. 🙁

Tough jobs and unkind managers can be HUGE problems.

Shady family members – they can make each day a tribulation. Lord have mercy!

Depression and anxiety can also be part of the tribulation you experience and endure.

Mean, judgemental church members – well, by now, you know what I will say. They are definitely tribulation-bringers. Is that a word?

Either way, my list could go on.

What if it’s all part of the plan?

Recently, I’ve started to think that when things are really tough, if we stay hopeful and hold to our faith in Jesus, we show a lot of Christian courage.

We should be resolute that we are brave enough to live by faith and not by how we feel at any given moment. I’ve never considered getting through a trial as bravery, but it is.

It takes courage to endure when life is hard.

This hits home for anyone who’s been through the wringer or felt like they were drowning in tough times.

You know, Christian Woman, courage doesn’t always roar like a boisterous lion.

Sometimes, the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit whispers, ‘ You can try again tomorrow.’ The courage emerges when you do try again.

I also think courage is the mark of the Holy Spirit inside you that manifests as your resilience, urging you to stand up one more time after you’ve been knocked down.

Courage is also found in the small acts of persevering day by day despite all odds.

Life’s difficulties are inevitable, but the bravery to persist through them is a choice we make every day. Soemtimes, every moment.

This kind of courage is both humbling and empowering.

It keeps us moving forward to the mark of our high calling in Jesus.

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Phillippians 3:14

Sister, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt these trials of pain, grief, sorrow, and struggle shape our character and our destiny.

It may not be apparent right away. Thinking back a few years ago, I know when I had holes cut into my throat because the doctor saw what could be a tumor, I had to stand in God’s truth and trust Him beyond logic.

In my mind’s eye, knew the testimony I wanted to have at the other end of it.

That tribulation built my faith in ways I cannot articulate, even though I was scared to pieces every step of the way. Each day waiting for the results took courage. It took faith to go to work.

I say this because you may not see the benefit of the pain while you’re floundering through it, but hard times give us a giant chance to grow and show the world what we’re made of in a way that easy times just don’t.

More importantly, it shows them what GOD IS MADE OF!

It’s as simple as that.

The question becomes how to allow God to use us in those times.

Life can be tricky…allow God to use you in it and after it.

When life throws us into the stormiest seas, it’s natural to feel like we’re lost at sea, battling waves with no end in sight.

But here’s the secret sauce: we’ve got to lean into our faith, grab hold of God’s promises, and muster up the courage to face the tempest head-on.

No matter what is going on, go ahead and trust God and His transformational power to turn even the hardest times into something beautiful.

Take Romans 8:28, for example: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (NIV).

Listen. I’m talking to myself, too.

Personally speaking, all of this I am telling you means the pain of my mom’s illness is going to work for the good. It also means the gaping whole her passing away from earth has left in my life is will work out for the good.

Let me keep going.

My dream job being eliminated is going to work for the good.

The other challenges, too personal to mention, will work for the good.

Even so, I am going to muster my faith and courage to trust God even while everything feels like it has been shaken.

But I am not shaken.

“I have set the Lord continually before me;
Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

Psalm 18:8

It reminds us that even when life seems to be falling apart brick by brick, God is still working on redemption and restoration.

He’s the ultimate master of turning messes into miracles and pain into purpose.

So, when the going gets tough, take heart.

Decide to allow God to use you, and remember you might just be on the brink of a breakthrough you never saw coming.

allow God to use you in the sun
DID YOU KNOW: Sunflowers move to face the sun…Click here for proof!

He is still in TOTAL control.

Think of it this way.

In God’s sovereignty, everything that happens in your life, through your life, and because of your life is filtered through His love and purpose for you.

Nothing is by mistake. Nothing is wasted.

This truth is so meaningful to me that I schedule it to appear on my calendar every month. See the graphic below.

You’ll also see that I have the scripture above to show up for every day.

God’s word is powerful and alive. Keep it part of your daily walk – in good times and bad.

So, each pain, rejection, sickness, and strain is likely part of His plan.

Sure, we can live carnally and escort despair into our world, but that’s an entirely different circumstance than what I’m referring to here.

I’m talking about viewing the rudimentary pains of life as opportunities for God to use you in powerful ways to show the world He is HERE! HE IS POWERFUL!

Those life “pains” you had nothing to do with are part of His plan to strengthen you and conform you to His image.

They are like spiritual sandpaper rubbing off the callouses and rough edges of your Christian walk.

Sunflowers were thought to heal chest pain.

I have an example that will inspire you to allow God to use you in your life challenges!

Think of Joseph (Gen. 37-50).

When he was a young [silly] boy, God gave him a glimpse of his purpose. It was a fantastic purpose of leadership and becoming head of many things – including his family.

But what did Joseph do?

He went and told his brothers all about it. Sometimes, I talk too much, too.

Oh well.

Anyhoo, needless to say, they didn’t care much for his dream of leadership and, ultimately, his power over them.

He spoke too soon about God’s plan, and the result was catastrophic! I’m talking years and years of suffering—poor kid.

God had a purpose…He allowed it all.

You know, I think (note: my opinion) God had to humble Joseph through life’s adversity so he would know what hunger, rejection, and forgiveness felt like.

Only then could God use him for a greater purpose and destiny.

If Joseph had never suffered his trials, do you think he would have governed Egypt with the wisdom and compassion that he did?

I wonder.

Did you know he offered to help two other prisoners when he was also in jail?

Read Genesis 40! He interpreted dreams for them because he “noticed” they were sad.

By using the word “notice,” he seemed to be looking for a way to allow God to use him even when he was in his lowest state.

Just like sunflowers follow the sun, we should follow the “SON”
and allow Him to use every part of our lives.

Consider these questions in your pain.

Could your struggle be part of God’s plan for you?

Are you watching and listening for ways to help others despite your pain or difficult time?

Are you embracing courage on your journey right now? Take a moment to jot down three bold steps you’re taking. Keep them close as your personal pep talk, reminding yourself of the fearless warrior within!

Ways to allow God to use you in life's hard times.

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