Christian Encouragement

Christian Encouragement

Imagine a ship on the sea that begins to slow down because the wind has grown too weak to propel it. You’ve seen it in old movies, one lonely ship rocking to and fro in the vast blue-gray ocean – not totally stagnant, but not progressing either. That’s the way life can make us feel at times. We can feel like we’re just floating. Just going through the motions. That is when Christian encouragement helps so much. It can breathe fresh life into us when we feel deflated and empty.

What causes us to feel that way and need Christian encouragement?

So many things. It could be the repeated sucker punches from the enemy, the spiritual attacks, and the dumb mistakes we make on our own. They make us feel powerless, stalled – like that ship not moving forward or backward. No fun.

I’d be totally lying if I said I never felt that way. Troubles, hindrances, and hard times plague us all – it’s part of the journey. Read my post on scriptures for the hard times we all experience that cause us to need Christian encouragement from time to time.

But God, in His glorious compassion, always meets us where we are and sends armed forces to rescue us.

It may come from the personal insight you get from scripture.

Or your pastor will deliver a fresh, “right now” word for just you.

Other times, it comes fresh from a fellow Christian soldier – another Christian right in the trenches of life with you.

Sometimes, a perfect stranger says something I really need to hear.

That is how healing and encouragement have come to me lately, and I’m so grateful.

Christian encouragement can be just being there.

The Power of Christian Encouragement in my life.

Not long ago, at Bible Study, a dynamic, young Christian brother walked up to me, looked me in the eye, and simply said, “The race is not given to the swift or the strong, but he who endures to the end, Sister Tee”. Wow!

What a word of encouragement, right?

It was as though God breathed a steady, continuous breath of air into my soul. I felt energized to run on! Just from that one simple encounter, I felt strengthened.

See, you never know how your encouragement will impact someone’s day or even their life for that matter.

As you might suspect, the following week brought new challenges and fresh disappointments.

Strangely, I felt ready for them. I felt “encouraged.”

Another word of encouragement was waiting for me!

Believe it or not, it happened again! I bumped into one of my favorite sisters in Christ while visiting another church.

In between services, I had a chance to chat with her. She shared that Godsy has blessed and encouraged her. Go figure!!! I was beaming from ear to ear.

Then, it happened again, WHOOSH!!!

I got another gust of air in my spiritual sail!

Who knew my little “hobby” blog could bless anyone? After all, I’m no one special, and I’m not even sure what I’m doing most of the time on this thing! 🙂

 To be honest, writing is more about getting stuff out of my head and spirit. It’s awesome it encourages others!

He comforts us every time we have trouble so that when others have trouble, we can comfort them with the same comfort God gives us. We share in the many sufferings of Christ. In the same way, much comfort comes to us through Christ.

2 Corinthians 1:4-6 ERV

Pastors need encouragement too!

In his lowest moments, my husband often speaks of how Christian encouragement helps him, too. He can feel burdened, overwhelmed, or just plain tired; then, someone will “breathe” life into his spirit with a few words of encouragement. It matters, y’all! It really does.

Remember, no one is exempt from life’s pains and struggles.

It touches us all. I must yell “Praise God” for the “Barnabuses” wise and kind enough to encourage the Body of Christ with their gracious words in due season. Praise God for His people!

No matter what you are going through, Christian woman, your heavenly Father sees you and will give you exactly what you need when you need it and how you need it. He supplies.

How… you may ask?

Christian encouragement and strength

Encouragement is important for Christians. It helps us strengthen our faith, especially when we face challenges and difficulties in our spiritual journey. Encouragement can lift our spirits, give us hope, and strengthen us to keep going…especially when we feel like that ship that is sailing without any purpose of stamina.

Encouragement reminds us that we are not alone in our faith.

As believers, we are part of a community bound together by the love of Christ. When others encourage us, it reminds us that we are supported and valued. This sense of belonging strengthens us and helps us face challenges with courage.

Furthermore, when we receive encouragement from other Christians, it helps us redirect our focus on God’s promises to us. Sometimes, life can become overwhelming, and we may start to doubt or fear. However, with the help of encouragement, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness, how He always provides for us, and His constant, unwavering love for us. This reminder renews our trust in Him and reinforces our belief that He is by our side, guiding us through every step of our journey.

In addition, encouragement strengthens our resolve to be a source of hope and inspiration for others. Just as we benefit from the encouragement we receive, we have the opportunity to uplift and strengthen our fellow believers. Through our own words of affirmation, acts of kindness, and prayers, we can offer support and encouragement to those in need. In doing so, we become vessels of God’s love, spreading His light and positively impacting the lives of those around us.

Christian encouragement can be a hug

How to provide Christian encouragement to others

Encouraging fellow Christians is a wonderful way to be a blessing to them. Just as we need to receive Christian encouragement, we also need to give it freely. Here are five ways to encourage other Christians:

  1. Prayer Support:
  • Offer to pray for and with them. Share your own prayer requests and ask about theirs. Knowing that someone is interceding for them can provide comfort and strength.
  1. Acts of Kindness:
  • Show kindness through small gestures. Acts of service, such as helping with chores, providing a meal during a challenging time, or offering a helping hand, can speak volumes about your care and support.
  1. Scripture Sharing:
  • Share relevant and uplifting Bible verses. Sometimes, a timely and encouraging scripture can provide comfort and guidance. Consider sending a daily or weekly verse to remind them of God’s promises.
  1. Attend Church Activities Together:
  • Participate in church events or activities together. Whether it’s a Bible study, fellowship group, or community service project, engaging in shared activities fosters a sense of belonging and connection.
  1. Listen and Offer a Non-Judgmental Ear:
  • Sometimes, people just need someone to listen. Be a compassionate listener without passing judgment. Allow them to share their thoughts, feelings, and struggles, and offer support without immediately trying to provide solutions. Be the arms that hold them and give them comfort.

Remember that encouragement can come in various forms, and the key is to be genuine, compassionate, and understanding of the unique needs and challenges that others may be facing.

Christian encouragement comes through reading your Bible, through listening to and participating in worship, and maybe through the person-to-person Christian encouragement of other Christians.

How to know what to do when someone is hurting

Supporting someone going through a difficult time requires understanding, care, and offering help. But sometimes you do not know what to do to help. Here is what helps me. I appreciate people who:

  1. Listen Actively:
  • Allow the person to share their thoughts and feelings without interruption. Active listening involves giving your full attention, making eye contact, and providing verbal and non-verbal cues to show that you are engaged.
  1. Ask for Specific Needs:
  • Inquire about specific ways you can assist. Sometimes, people may be hesitant to ask for help directly. By offering specific forms of support, you show that you genuinely want to be of assistance.
  1. Provide Emotional Support:
  • Offer emotional support by expressing empathy and understanding. Let them know that you are there for them and that their feelings are valid. Sometimes, a comforting presence is more valuable than any specific action.
  1. Help with Practical Tasks:
  • If practical tasks need attention, such as running errands, preparing meals, or taking care of responsibilities, offer your assistance. This can alleviate some of the stress they may be experiencing.
  1. Respect Their Wishes:
  • Respect the person’s autonomy and decision-making process. While offering help is important, respecting their wishes and boundaries is equally crucial. Not everyone may be comfortable accepting certain forms of assistance.
  1. Educate Yourself:
  • If the trial is legal in nature, take the time to educate yourself about the process. This can help you better understand what the person is going through and allow you to provide more informed support.
  1. Be Available:
  • Make yourself available for conversations or activities. Sometimes, individuals going through a trial may need a friend to talk to or a distraction from their stress.
  1. Encourage Professional Support:
  • Encourage them to seek professional help if needed. This could include counseling, legal advice, or other forms of professional assistance, depending on the nature of the trial.

Remember that everyone is unique, and each person has their own preferences and needs when it comes to seeking support. So, it’s crucial to have open communication, show respect for their boundaries, and provide assistance that is tailored specifically to the individual going through a challenging time.

That way, your Christian encouragement can be meaningful and not bothersome.

The Power of Christian Encouragement is there for you to give and to receive. Whatever side of it you are on is easy to miss, so look for it. Expect it.

I love you, Christian Lady! ᕕ༼✪ل͜✪༽ᕗ

Christian encouragement

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