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I’m so glad you visited GodsyGirl.com! Being a Christian woman blogger has been part of my passion for several years. Writing gives me energy and training gives me life!  I’m working on my proofreading skills, but the typos are part of my ‘charm’. Not really, but I’m working on them. 😉 

A little about me. I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal relationship at age seventeen. You can read my full testimony here.

About women from Christian woman blogger

The term “GodsyGirl” came to me then because I wanted to associate myself with a term other than what most of my peers called me – nerd.

GodsyGirl sounded better.

Now, as a pseudo-grownup, I am married to a senior pastor and work as a small business consultant. My hubby-bubby and I have one boy and one young man.

I was born into a family of four boys. I came last. Being a Christian gave me what my parents couldn’t – sisters. GodsyGirl.Com is a means for meeting new ones and connecting with those I already know. It’s an expression of my faith walk and my creativity. I hope it blesses you!

Blog for Christian women

Professionally speaking, I am very fascinated with building teams, personal awareness, and the role personalities play in each.

I also blog about my life as a pastor’s wife at Married to a Pastor.com. Being a pastor’s wife brings many adventures. But, it has also brought some struggles. Fortunately the good far outweighs the “bad.” 


 It has taught me to:

Trust God’s approval over people’s approval. He’s the most important one anyway.

To cling to my identity in the Lord. He’s the most important one anyway.

To “John 15” Him every day and every minute. As I abide in Him, I get stronger. He’s the most important one anyway.

Life is grand and God is faithful.

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