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A long time ago, back when I started, I did so with the intent of creating a Christian women’s blog for women who thought like me. Back then, I was a stay-at-home mom, pastor’s wife with a cute little baby, and a busy teenager. Well, that baby is now taller than me and the “teen” is a happily married man. Wow! Time flies, doesn’t it? Growth is a good thing. We should never fight it. Along the same lines, so should my blog, right? From a devotional to a Christian women’s blog- that’s my transformation and I want you to come along with me.

Christian women blog written by pastors wife and ordinary chick.
My life when my Christian women blog started.

It all started because I’m so “different” and I wanted to represent women like me.

I’ve never been the “traditional” Christian. Nope.

Even when I attended a very traditional church with lots of rules and regulations, I stood out (and not in a good way). It just didn’t work out for me and that denomination.

The best way to describe me is that person who wears purple when everyone else wears yellow.

Actually, I’ve always been that way.

I’ve never been one to just “fit in” with the status quo. It used to bother me, but then I learned God made me with a little more hot sauce than others and that’s okay!

No one was blogging for me!

As an online reader, I could never quite find a Christian women’s blog that really spoke to me. Do ya know what I mean?

In the first place, Christian women bloggers seemed so “perfect” with their flowery-themed colors and gentle, sweet words.

A beautiful room. My room is more raggedy.
Normal Christian woman bloggers… (see mine below).

That’s not me all the time.

That’s not me most of the time actually. My blog posts were more like “SHUT UP AND ACT RIGHT!”

Yeah, so I wanted my Christian women’s blog to be more “tomboyish”, free-flowing, DIRECT, and fun. I knew I could relate better to that myself and more ladies likely could too.

Didn’t find one. So, I created one.

Me being silly and talking about my Christian women blog
My personal “blogger” style. YAY-YUH!

I gave birth to GodsyGirl so I could explore contemporary Christian issues we all face.

It also was designed to honestly discuss how [we] modern women walk out our Christian faith on the daily. Simple as that.

A perfect example – my kid’s
wedding reception.

Modern-day Christian women have a completely different experience than my grandma had and that’s okay.

For instance, the below video will offend some, and that’s okay too.

Honey, this video explains who I am better than any words ever could.

Before you watch, let me give you some context. My quiet, reserved boy and I opted to do a traditional Mother/Son dance with a GodsyGirl “spin.”

Chile, he didn’t even see it coming! LOL

Seriously, as I mentioned, I cannot stand legalism, rules, and “appearances” of holiness. I tried that, but again, it doesn’t work for me.

So, I’m free!

I want everyone to feel free too.

I want my Christian women’s blog to help people be free!

In my mind, GodsyGirl is a platform to share my journey through everything from my spiritual growth, to my favorite makeup products.

Not sure what happened though. It went sideways through the years.

It became like all the others (minus the flowers).

While GodsyGirl is still “poppin” – and in spite of the fact you all won’t talk to me in comments – it still gets hundreds of hits a day. Cool, right?

At the same time, something is changing!

Girrrrl, I thank God for this season of “slow down”

I don’t thank God for the reason we are halted, but I’m thankful for the time it has freed in my life. Time to think. I’m terribly grateful for it.

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18

It’s a great time to reevaluate and reassess your interests, your work, and how you spend your time. Have you been doing that too? I sure have.

My Christian women’s blog needed this time, love, and attention!

Girl! I’m the typo Champion of all time! No congratulations needed.

Now that I have the time, I’m editing old blog posts and sprucing things up a little.

It’s amazing how quickly I hit “publish” on my Christian woman’s blog! I had to ask myself: “did I ever proofread anything?”

Boy, oh boy, have I found lots of typos!

Some of the posts look as though I was writing in Latin, Spanish, and Italian – all at the same time… and typing with my feet!

Ugh! It’s terrible.

Anyway, proofreading is something I’ll be working on in the future.

I’ll slow my pat-tootie down. Proofread each piece and proof it again…and again.

Christian woman blogger
I want my blog to be fun!

All this to say…I’m shifting to a Christian lifestyle blog.

GodsyGirl may not, at this moment, be what I intended it to be. Not by a longshot really.

Still, I’m not disheartened. Just as easily as I change my hair color (and I do that often), I’m changing the way I write my future blog posts! I’m focusing on areas of my life that could be helpful or serve others. Areas like the food I cook and eat as well as fun things like makeup, hair relationships, and even what is going on in the popular culture. Real talk from a Christian perspective that’s what I want to do. That’s what I think a Christian lifestyle blog should be about. Don’t you?

Yeah, it changes a lot. Good thing I’m not a criminal. They’d never find me! Ha!

Don’t worry, if you’ve been a subscriber for a while, I still plan on writing women’s ministry blog posts, Christian living posts, and definitely blog posts featuring Bible scriptures. But, I want to talk more about the Christian lifestyle blog stuff too! In my opinion, Christian lifestyle blogs are so fun and cover so much more ground than just what I’ve been doing. After all, you’re so much more than just a Christian woman.

You’re a woman with interests, curiosities, and thoughts. I want to hit on all that here!

Christian woman blogger
Oh yeah! Maybe I’ll talk about my wig addiction. Huh? Huh?

What what I see going on with this whole Christian lifestyle blog transformation…”

Hey, from time to time, you’re gonna see yummy, easy recipes I’ve tried. I’ll post my “hits” and my “misses” alike. If a recipe rocks, I’ll share it, but I’ll also share when it fails so you can know what NOT to do!

Makeup! I LOVE MAKEUP! So, I’ll share some snazzy makeup looks. I’m a lifestyle blogger over 50, so I’ll talk a lot about that! My skin is different than it was when I was 25 and I approach makeup a little differently than I did then. With that, I’ll share products I think really work well on my skin type and those in my age group as well.

I’m even going to post cute outfits I’m sporting. Along with makeup, I love clothes and creating outfits! I’ll post some of my cute ones on here in hopes of inspiring you and giving your some fresh ideas

Oh yeah! FOOD! I am a foodie so I wanna talk food!

Eating good food ... that's always a good topic
I loooove to eat!

Hang in there with me and let’s embrace this ENTIRE Christian woman journey… together!

Maybe I’ll be “crafty” too!

“What had happened was” is a common term in
the Black community. It usually means ‘I tried to
do one thing, but something completely different happened.’

Perfect example: when I tried to dye my own black hair blonde and came out looking like one of those red-headed troll dolls. Yeah, that really happened.

Similarly, my craft projects often bomb. I think it’s because I rarely follow instructions. It’s my personality I think. Yeah, we’ll call it that. Even with recipes, following directions simply don’t work for me. Are you similar?

Anyhoo, this time my heart was in the right place with my crafting. 🙂 I wanted to bless my mom with a craft that would keep her safe. See, she called to say she was heading over to my house for a quick porch visit (it was at the height of the shutdown).

Naturally, I decided to pull out my sewing machine, search Youtube and make her a quickie face mask by the time she arrived – which was about 15 minutes.

*What in the world was I thinking?*

It was an utter fiasco! I tried and tried but each version of the mask looked weirder and weirder. I recorded a video but had to take it down. because of a man making me very uncomfortable with his comments. So sorry.

Nothing like a mother’s love, right?

Below is how it turned out. It looked ridiculous! However, just like a mom, she said it was a great first try. She said she loved it. I think she looks like a cowboy villain in one of those old western movies. “Stick ’em up!” Oh well. I tried.

Christian lifestyle blogger made a homemade mask.
She didn’t want to tie all 4 straps. Not
following instructions is hereditary.

That’s what a Christian women’s blog should be about in my opinion – the wins and the losses.

Here are some of my “oldie” favorite Christian woman blog posts…

In this blog post, “Share your testimony, Girl” I discuss hiding our “pasts” because we are ashamed. When we do that, God does not get the glory and our pain was in vain.

Date published: 9/2009

blog for Christian women

Here is an excerpt below:

Air it by dealing with it. Journal about it or talk it out with a friend or counselor. Doing that will facilitate healing. It will get “air” to it and help you gain some perspective too.

Psych Central.Com admonishes us to “express the pain”.  Not “cover” it; not hide it. A testimony will never emerge if you do. Sometimes, after something painful, we can blame ourselves unfairly. “If only I could have known…”we might think.

Definitely, another opinion or wise person will help you assess the painful situation so you can heal your scar and handle useless feelings like guilt. Keeping it inside will just inhibit healing or progression.  

A word of warning: before you “air” your wound, make sure you select a person you can trust. Not one who gossips or spreads tales. Find a noble person of integrity … with a long track record of being such. Healing is possible. Healing can happen. Only if you don’t hide your story. Hiding facilitates bitterness; not healing nor recovery.Read the posts about sharing your testimony

2. “The Complacent Christian”

Have you ever felt your Christian walk was just “dry” in your spirit? Check out my blog post about complacent Christian women.

Title: “The Complacent Christian”
Date published: 12/2009

Christian life style blog for women

Diamonds may be forever; Bandages are not!

As you know, scars are the result of previous injury, right?

Some scars are in plain view on the exterior of our bodies while others are hidden deep, deep inside on the interior of our hearts.  They are hidden, but still there.

Wounded, but functioning. Have you noticed how difficult it is to discuss hurtful incidents immediately after they occur? No one expects you to share your testimony then.

You can’t! It’s no wonder. Those injuries are still too fresh. The wound they left remains painful. It’s sensitive. Your natural inclination is not to spotlight it, but to cover it so you can protect it. Sharing it comes later.

Kids. Whatta ya gonna do? It’s like when my little boy falls or hurts himself. Right after, he runs to me holding or nurturing his little injured elbow, leg or finger. Just as any mommy would do, I cover it to ward off any infection or impurity. Isn’t it funny how much little kids love bandaids? Mine wears his like a badge of honor or something. So cute.

I really loved this part because it’s so true!

As I type this, I’m soon approaching my twenty-second year of following Jesus Christ! I’ve enjoyed the amazing highs of living the Christian life. But do know; I have also endured plummeting depths of pain, sorry and rejection along my journey as a Christian woman. In my opinion, as with any relationship, your relationship with the Lord will be full of soaring high peaks and some very low valleys. I had been through a lot. I know who I am in the Lord and who He is to me; still, I need revival in my soul. Read More

3. Ok. Now for my all-time Favorite Post!

Have you ever felt just “blah” and tired in your spirit? I have. I wrote about it too.
Title: Two Kinds of Tired…One Kind of Rest
Date published: 9/2009

Here is my excerpt from this post:

I was mentally and spiritually exhausted from life I had a tired moment just a few nights ago.

After I had done all I needed to do for the evening, I snuck upstairs to my bedroom and closed the door. Fortunately, my husband and the guys were downstairs.

I was blissfully alone. There’s something about time alone with Him. It’s wonderful! Yes, the solace was rejuvenating. The quietness slowed my heartbeat and I just thought about the goodness of the Lord and His love for me. I am so glad I didn’t run to the phone to call a friend to lament.

Friends can do nothing for that kind of “tired”. Instead, I sat on the floor to bow my body and spirit and just inhaled and exhaled before a loving and living God. My heavenly Father.” Read my post on being spiritually tired.

Well, that’s it.
Expect changes, BIG changes ahead.

Remember, as I write each post, I want to learn from you and share a bit of my life. I hope it blesses you!

Free free to share!

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  1. Awww, thanks Tona! I appreciate those encouraging words. Thanks for taking the time. 🙂

  2. Great post about how you started and how you intend to keep moving forward eventhough it may change a little bit along the way.

  3. Thanks, Sis. I certainly hope so. 🙂 I’ll do my level best! Right now, I’m eating Butterfingers and candy bars… and I can’t stop. Maybe I’ll find a way to make that a blog post. LOL

    Anyhoo, thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

  4. Looking forward to moving forward with you!I’m sure if will be a interesting journey.

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