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Feed your spirit during lunch

The 60-90 minute lunch break is one of the most neglected times in our lives. You can accomplish so much during your lunch break: drop off dry cleaning, get your nails done, eat and giggle with friends – the list is endless.  I want to advocate for being intentional to use this precious nugget of time to feed your spirit and connect with the Lord.  Sure, you can do the errands and other stuff, but why not reserve a day or two to study your Bible and feed your spirit on your lunch break? Here’s a list of 10 things you can do during your lunch break to re-charge your battery and fuel your spirit.

1. Steel away in your car to have some quiet prayer time with the Lord.

2. Read your Bible in your workplace’s cafeteria, break room or at our desk or in your car.

3. Read a good Christian book like Beth Moore’s “Believing God” or something.

4. Organize a quickie Bible study with a colleague or a few co-workers.

5. Read your Bible online at BibleGateway.Com, the Online Parallel Bible.  You can’t lose with an online bible study app like YouVersion.

6. Listen to a great podcast like Joyce Meyer,  Ben Courson, Nate Holcomb or Chip Ingram.

7. Read a good Christian website like Kyria.Com, Spirit-led Woman, or Christian Women Online.

8. Hit up TBN or Daystar on your table or cell for some online Christian programming.

9. Journal for 10 straight minutes about what you are thankful for in your life.

10. Find a park in your area just sit in your car quietly. Just sit.

Study your Bible and feed your spirit on your lunch break. Check out these 10 things you can do!

What’s missing? What else can you do to study your Bible and feed your spirit on your lunch break?

I think my favorite is prayer. Everything hinges on it for us.


Thanks for photo:  Carly Jayne on Unsplash

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