Online Women’s Ministry Activities

virtual or online women's ministry activities

So, are you looking for virtual or online women’s ministry activities for your Christian Women’s Group? In this new world – in which we find ourselves – it’s tough to figure out how to manage women’s fellowship and women’s ministry events online. Yeah, it’s time for a women’s ministry moment on But don’t leave if you’re not involved in ministry – these are great for online get-togethers with friends and family too!

Back to the ministry “thang”. If you are asking yourself what to do, here’s my short answer:

Online women’s ministry activities connect women, create fun reasons to talk and share and help women build a lasting rapport.

That’s it.

The first thing you should do when creating virtual or online women’s ministry activities:

I think it helps first to have a goal for the women’s fellowship and secondly, think backward from that goal. If you figure these two concepts out, you will be on the road to having an awesome online experience for your women’s ministry group.

Let’s begin right there – with the goal of your event. You can utilize a common tool in adult learning to help you think about your goal. It’s called the ABCD approach.

First, you’ll think about the audience for your women’s ministry event. It could be pastors wives, Single moms or it could be just women in your congregation. So determined who is the audience. This is representative of the “A” in the approach.

A = Audience

Secondly, think of the B in your goal. Do you want the women to fellowship? Do you want the women to learn something? If so what is it that you want them to learn? Do you want the women to pray together? Whatever the behavior is write that down. What will they “do”? What is the verb? Whatever it is, that is your “B” element.

B – Behavior

Next is, of course, the “C”. The C represents the conditions.  This means what conditions will the fellowship or online women’s ministry event happen or occur to make possible the learning?

Here are some examples:

“given a Bible, women will be able to find…”

“among the women in the online session, the ladies will be able to name at least two special things about two other women.”

Think of the conditions as the tools, resources, or circumstances the ladies will use. 

It’s important that you know the condition(s) is not a required part of your goal, but it may clarify some things as you’re planning your virtual or online women’s ministry activities.

C = Condition

Finally, is the D part of the goal writing.

The D represents the degree of proficiency. This is another one that may or may not be useful. If you’re teaching Sunday school class this is useful. However, if you’re just having a fellowship you don’t need to define that degree of proficiency. Nonetheless, so you’ll understand it, I’ll create a few examples:

“recite all of the books of the Bible”

“State three characteristics about Deborah”

“Outline 2 reasons Hannah was crying”

D = Degree of proficiency or mastery.

That’s how it can flow. Do you see this coming together now? Why don’t I create a goal so you can see it come into play?

“The women in the Sisters Ministry will be able to share 3 characteristics of a Godly wife and recite them by memory at least 3 times

The audience is in purple.

Behavior is in pink.

The condition is Green.

The Degree is in Orange.

Set yourself up for success by choosing the right words.

With the above, you can easily know whether or not you were successful in your event, online Sunday school, or class for Christian ladies. You can assess it with a test, or just by asking women to do it after your women’s ministry event. 

If learning is involved, your goals for your online women’s ministry event should be observable. This means you should be able to see or hear that you were successful.

Again, if it’s just fellowship, it is not quite as important. 

Aside from the heavy stuff I’m talking about here relative to classes and such, fellowship can really work well in an online setting. You can do games or even crafts all at the same time.

Some great examples to get you thinking about women’s ministry fun.

Planning an online christian women's event or activity

Let me list out a few ideas of things you can do.

  1. Take an excerpt or page from a book and have the group just discuss that little section. I did that with my ministers’ wives recently. I took a screenshot of an interesting part of “The Sacred Slow” and we just talked about it. No, need to really read it, I just asked them to relate it to their own life and their own experience. I did give a little bit of context since I had read the book. But I did that after we discussed it. Super easy, right?

  2. Do a fun origami activity together. If you want you can relate it to life experiences. For example, you could ask “share a time when you felt all twisted up in your life and how did you survive it?” Have each woman share as they’re doing the activity.

  3. How about self-portraits? Have each woman blindfold herself and draw a self-portrait. Then have them share and let the giggles begin. Then you could talk about how we sometimes have faulty impressions of ourselves. And then discuss ways in which you can have a proper perspective of who you are as a Christian woman. The word of God is definitely key in this element. We need the word of God to define us and give us an idea of who we are.

  4. Sometimes it’s OK to get trivial. One of the funnest games (yeah, I said “funnest”) I like online and women’s ministry is a trivia game. You can Google and find Bible questions, pop culture questions, or even pull from a real board game you may own. Then have everyone take turns answering the questions. You could even divide people into groups or teams and keep score!

  5. You can also use a simple PowerPoint game like PowerPoint Jeopardy. This is a game designed for PowerPoint and it looks a lot like the real Jeopardy game. There are a lot of them out there. You can probably find Family Feud and lots of other games. Then, you can share your screen and let everybody have a blast. If you’re not familiar with PPT, just practice prior to the event. Easy-peasy!

  6. Let’s have dinner together! This is another thing I did recently with some of my Christian sisters. My husband and I bought dinner for about six ladies; delivered it. Then we met up online and had dinner together. It was simple it was easy and we enjoyed the fellowship together.

  7. Just play with food! You can do a fun activity online like the Pringles Ring activity. The group simply makes a ring with chips altogether at the same time. I like the way this video below describes it. We did this at my job and it was so fun. Ok. Wait. I didn’t have my Pringles because I thought I’d eat them before the activity, but I watched them! Ha!

Things are just seven simple examples of things that you can do. I’ll maybe add more as time goes on.

But, I hope that somehow your curiosity is piqued and your creativity is stimulated. Think about what is fun to do in person and simply rethink it for an online women’s experience.

Virtual activities can work with family and friends too!

Again, if you’re not in women’s ministry, maybe gather a bunch of friends and do these activities with a bunch of your buddies. If there’s anything we need nowadays, it is connecting with one another and cultivating our relationships with other women.

Even if we have to do it online.

Don’t you agree? Listen to my conversation below about relationships and friendships among Black Christian Women.

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