Thank you for your friendship

Do you have a best friend? I do and she’s amazing! Her name is Cheryle. When I met her over twenty-five years ago, I had no clue she would be such an influential, essential, and significant part of my life. Every day I want to tell her thank you for your friendship.

We met at a job I can barely remember now. Wild, huh? The job was so trivial And boring to me, I really don’t remember much about it. All I can remember is they did “something” with training.

My position was to “hold done” the front office. As the receptionist, I spent the entire day doing menial dull tasks in a small, restricted little room with a massive glass window. I was so young and I didn’t really care. It really wasn’t all that bad.

It gave me a heightened sensitivity to how animals at the zoo must feel trapped behind glass windows with folks gawking at them from the other side (HA!)

Anyway, Cheryle was one of my ‘high points’ of working there. She was/is this bubbly, effervescent personality always “bobbin” around the office making everyone’s day a little brighter.

It was nothing to see her sauntering the halls smiling and saying “how ya doin'” to whomever she came in contact with. She has a way of making anyone in her presence – even if for a brief moment – feel special…valuable… and loved.

As a young woman in my early twenties, I admired her sweetness, style, confidence, and computer savvy. Being so young, I had no clue who I was yet, but I knew I wanted to be like her one day.

I still do in a lot of ways.

Cheryle, thank you for your friendship.

Sitting here, pondering the longest friendship in my life prompted me to write this blog post. I wanted to remind myself to be grateful for my sister/friend and to inventory all the ways I can ensure I don’t take her loyalty, kindness, and love for granted.

Maybe it will inspire you too.

Here are a few things I think we could say to our best friends to make certain they know exactly how we feel about them.

1. Girl, you’re a blessing. Thank you for your friendship

As you know, gratitude is an important part of living a life of meaning and fulfillment. In her article called “7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude” on, Amy Morin says gratitude yields a host of benefits including better physical health, mental health, and optimal relationships.

Expressly thank your friend for just being who she is to you. Think of all the ways she has supported you, encouraged you, helped you, and been there for you.

Whether you decide to write a heartfelt letter or tell her face-to-face, share with her why she is a blessing to you.

For me, I’m a gift person.

Giving gifts makes me so happy! If my friend even mentions something she might like or enjoy, I get so much joy buying it and having it sent to her home.

You see, back when I was a young, struggling divorced mom, she was always there for me. She helped me in all sorts of ways.

We went on a “girlfriend weekend” of shopping and fun!

I’m so glad I can bless her now. Plus, she once gave me something I’ve always wanted and could have never gotten myself. I’ve never forgotten that. So, blessing her with stuff is such fun for me. She does so much for so many. My personal job is to do something for her and say “thank you for your friendship” in whatever way I can.

Your idea or “blessing” needed not be costly though.

Maybe you can send your bestie a card expressing how much you appreciate, value, and love her.

Maybe you can do something quirky like send her a box of Clorox wipes with a note that says “thanks for being there to clean up the messes of my life”.

Oh wait! I’ve got another good one! How about “we’ve been through some yucky times together. Thanks for being there”.

Maybe you can send her a bag of Starburst candies and write “your friendship is one of the brightest points of my life. Thanks for being a super STAR friend.”

Other ways:

  • Pick up the lunch check.
  • Grab her a gift from her favorite store.
  • Buy her a candle.
  • Bake her something yummy.
  • Give her a gift card — you can email them now and have printed on them “thank you for your friendship”!
  • Buy her a manicure gift certificate.
  • Treat her to a spa day!
  • Buy her a box of chocolates.
  • Go the GodsyGirl store and get her a tee! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)
  • Make her a fruit basket.
  • Make a homemade (but pretty) coffee or tea basket.
  • Visit Amazon and get any of the following:

I’m an Amazon affiliate, so I can pick TONS of cute stuff from Amazon.

The point is…tell your friend how much you appreciate her and that you’re thankful for her.

thank you for your friendship

2. Girl, you’re always my friend; never my competition

Have you noticed how easily women fall into a cycle of being competitive with one another?

Women are often associated with being “catty” and envious to other women and I’m not quite sure why. What do you think!

Anyway, it’s important to not compete with your best friend. I think it’s even more important to let her know that!

One thing I love about my “bestie” is that she always supports me and never ever tried to compete with me or compromise my experiences or blessings. I feel the same about her.

When good things happen for her, it seems to inspire me and remind me how good God is.

Then, I am reminded that God can bless me just like He blessed her! He doesn’t run out of blessings. So, why would I ever be jealous of her or anybody else?

Subsequently, when your friend is blessed, tell her something like “That is so FANTASTIC! Your blessing really builds my faith and reminds me of how awesome Jesus is! I hope you enjoy it!”

Competition and jealousy are wasted energy. If you struggle with envy, work on it. You can’t be a true friend to anyone until you do. Besides, God isn’t a fan of envying.

3. Girl, you’re doing a good job.

I don’t have to tell you how much pressure we, as women, put on ourselves.

It’s not often an individuals tell us we’re doing a good job managing the challenges, demands and stresses of life. Who better to tell you this then your best friend?

Today, find a way to let your friend know how wonderful she is. Who knows? You may be the only person she hears it from.

For instance, Cheryle is an astounding daughter. I try to tell her often. I even try to treat my mom the way she treats hers. I learn so much from her about spending time with my aging mom and having a servant heart toward her.

4. Girl, I’ve learned these things from you!

If you have a smart and wise friend like I do, I’ll bet she’s taught you a lot.

Why not take a moment right now and think of at least three things you’ve learned from your friend? Really. Now.

For me, my friend has taught me:

– how to take care of myself

– how to be a good daughter

– how to put my best self forward, and

– how to pursue my dreams.

Be sure to let your friend know all the wonderful things that she’s done for you emotionally, spiritually, and even financially.

Again, when I was a young single mom and not quite as established as Cheryle, she would help me in so many ways. She was always there.

She modeled strength and courage. I learned a lot from that lady.

Cheryle with her other godson, my oldest boy.

5. Girl, thank you.

This really goes without saying, right? Again, not enough of us hear it from others or say it. “Thank you” is a powerful phrase. Sure, we may think about it. But, saying it is something completely different.

So, borrow a line from the timeless, esteemed wisdom of the “Golden Girls” and tell or text her “Thank you for being a friend”. You can always sing the song and say thank you for your friendship with music.

Well. I can’t because I sound like an injured mule when I try to sing. 🙂 Hey maybe that’s the point! Guaranteed to make her smile!

6. Girl, I’m praying for you.

This is probably the most important thing you can do for your friend. Pray. I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t say a quick prayer for mine.

I pray for her strength physically, I pray that God would bless and make every situation that concerns her work to her benefit. I also pray He would give her the desires of her heart.

Prayer bonds you in ways that are supernatural. That’s why it’s hard to stay angry with someone you consistently pray for. Prayer is POWERFUL!

Welp, those are my 6 things to say to your friend…

What do you think about this list? What would you add? Share your thoughts in the comment section. It would mean so much to me and help me learn to be a better friend.

Also, share this with your friend and type in the subject line “Yup”. 🙂

You could also paste it in social media and tag her. Whatever you do, “love on her” in some way today.

6 things every best friend should head
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