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Prayer Breakfast Agenda

Creating Sample Agendas for
Women’s Ministry Meetings

Planning a successful women’s ministry meeting requires preparation, organization, and strategic execution. Use my sample agenda template to get started quickly and easily and create the perfect meeting plan to engage attendees and meet all of your goals.

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Planning a womens prayer breakfast

Are you looking for a prayer
breakfast sample agenda or outline?

If not, save this article because you never know when you will.  

If you belong to a church, you may be appointed to serve on a committee responsible for planning an event or God may promote you to a ministry leader.  You really never know.

There are a million ways to plan a prayer breakfast. It can be formal, informal, casual, or a morning picnic.

Regardless of your format, several elements of the prayer breakfast are worth considering.  This sample prayer breakfast sample agenda will give you ideas and inspire your creativity.  I hope it blesses you.

I. Food Preparation (2.5 – 3 hours)

If you’re ordering food from an outside vendor, then you only need a fraction of this time to set up the food tables and make them pretty.

Be sure to keep your overall event theme in mind as you decorate the food and beverage tables!

Try to bring decorative elements from the centerpieces to these extra tables too.  So often folks spend time on their attendee tables and neglect the registration and food tables.  They can be pretty too, right?

Remember: you want your theme (and colors) consistent throughout every single part of the event.

Assign two people to set up and oversee the food table.

II. Pre-event Set-up/Decorations
(I like to allow at least 3 hours for this task)

Doing your decorations can be tricky.

It always seems something is forgotten or doesn’t look like planned.  

I think it’s a good idea to go ahead and do a mock, trial run of your decor PRIOR to the event. 

What I like to do is a sample centerpiece. Then the day of, me and my team know how things will look. 

Have everyone take a pic of the centerpiece on their phone so they know exactly how it should look on the day of the women’s prayer breakfast

This is the main reason the pre-event walk-through is so important.  Planning ahead saves so much trouble on the actual day of the event.

Divide the areas of the room into task zones (i.e. tables, registration table, walls, stage, etc.).

Prayer Breakfast Sample Agenda
Each zone needs two-three people to manage it.

Place two (maybe three) people on each task/zone, if possible. 

If not, make sure you pad more time into the process.

In my book, “Planning Amazing Women’s Prayer Breakfast”, I give you sample jobs, committees, and tasks to help you with this part of the process.

Again, trial runs are helpful and so is gaining access to the venue the night before the women’s prayer breakfast or women’s event. 

If you can get in there, set up as much of the decor as possible the night before. Also, ask if you can leave items in the kitchen and such. Trust me, Honey, it’s a lifesaver!

III. Welcome (3-5 minutes)

Now, it’s time for the fun!

Your event has started! Yaay! 

Don’t forget to have some sort of formal welcome for people as they enter.

It helps them mentally transition into the event milieu or mood. 

Did you know when people enter a new place, their brains are typically in the “fight or flight” mode? 

Entering a new space is something of a low-dose stress process that begins in the brain. Long story short, your welcome can alleviate the stress some people feel entering a room full of folks. Learn more here.

 IV. Prayer (2 minutes)

How can you really place a time limit on prayer?  A meeting should begin with participants introducing themselves and sharing a short prayer. This sets the tone for an uplifting and meaningful gathering, particularly when everyone’s shared intention for the meeting is declared through their words. For introductions, it can be helpful to create space for each person to introduce who they are and how they got involved with the ministry.


Yes, prayer is imperative, but it shouldn’t be equivalent to one’s own personal prayer time. This is public prayer and should be direct and succinct. Don’t you think?

I’m reminded of when I’m out to dinner with friends and a person asked to bless the food and pray for all the kids in China, the national debt and by the time they are finished praying, the dinner is cold!

Leave your “laundry prayer list” for your personal prayer time. *hahaha*

No need to hold people hostage by long, exhaustive prayers during the event.

The point of the event is to teach about prayer, right?

Note: I do envision women’s retreats as being more appropriate for long prayer times.

What do you think?

Anyway, use this particular prayer time (during the breakfast) to ask God’s covering, blessing, and anointing on the event.

Save praying for gun control, war, and global food shortages for your private prayer time.

V. Food (15 minutes and then keep it moving)

I like allowing maybe 15 minutes for people to get their food, sit down…exhale …and begin eating.

People eat at different paces. So, it could be a waste of time to designate an entire 60 minutes of “dead time” for only eating. 

Folks can eat and do something else!  Maybe you can have icebreakers at the table. This is totally up to you.

You’ll know the best mode of service (buffet, self-service, etc.) and designate enough time for dining.

To speed things up, have someone call tables to get their plates; this will avoid long lines. But, it does leave some tables idle and means some folks will be done eating while others are just beginning.

Still, everyone HATES long lines! But, I have an idea.

If you have lines, encourage people to chat [while in line] about what they want to get out of the women’s prayer breakfast.

Maybe broadcast specific “get to know you” questions periodically to pass the time. You could also have a soloist, giveaways, or something active happening to keep moods high and spirits lifted.

Prayer Breakfast Sample Agenda

 VI. Praise and Worship Moment (5-7 minutes)

You can choose to have a person/people lead corporate praise and worship (this is my favorite) or you can opt for something else.

I love praise and worship! Another option is a praise dance presentation. The purpose is to lift hearts from earth toward heaven. Again, I LOVE praise and worship of any kind, don’t you?

 VII. Speaker (30-45 minutes)

In a perfect world, people should be finished eating (for the most part) by the time the speaker begins.  I think it’s okay to be finishing their last bites, but you don’t want much clanking of silverware and stirring of coffee while the speaker is trying to impart. What do you think?

prayer breakfast for women
I love the colors in this plate. Your event can be beautiful too!

VIII. Thank yous, door prize(s) and acknowledgements (5-10 minutes)

Now is a good time to acknowledge the people who made the event possible.  Doing it toward the end is valuable, in my opinion, because people have seen their faces, and pointing them out is a bit more meaningful to everyone involved.  

Door prizes at the end are also a slight motivation for people to stick around and it ends the event on a very high note.

Along the same lines, if you have any special guests, point them out to the group (guests from other churches, first ladies, minister’s wives, etc.).  It’s not a bad idea to alert them of your acknowledgment prior…again, it will help them stay and it will ensure they aren’t picking their teeth when you announce them. OMG! I’m so silly. LOL

 IX. Clean-up (2 hours)

Ideally, your team has been cleaning up during the event.  

If not, you may need a full two hours to clear the tables, grab table cloths, pack items into boxes, load cars, wipe tables, sweep floors, etc. It’s not a bad idea to have husbands, friends, and families come after the event for the sole purpose of helping clean up! Don’t worry, they will love it and can get some of the leftover food!

What’s missing from this prayer breakfast sample agenda? What other ideas do you have?

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As you meet with your team to plan your women’s ministry event, please remember to have an agenda for those meetings as well.

Each meeting should include activities that are tailored to both the purpose of the gathering as well as your potential attendees’ interests. These can range from scheduled speakers and interactive prayers or praise sessions to fun icebreakers for the team or even simply time allotted to have meaningful conversations with each other. Planning meetings are more than the “work”. As your team engages with one another and has fun – creativity flows!

Consider including engaging activities that promote creativity, restful reflection, and spiritual growth among participants.

Women's Prayer Breakfast Agenda

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